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The Courtship of Belle and Gaston

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Belle walks through the village that morning. She buys bread and her favorite book along the way. She sits on the stone fountain that is in the middle of the village square and reads her book.

“Good morning, Belle!” Gaston greets, smiling warmly at Belle.

Belle looks up from her book, a little startled. “Good morning, Gaston! Sorry, I hadn’t seen you come over here,” She replies.

He chuckles. “Lost in your book as usual, I see,” He says matter-of-factly and without malice like the other villagers do. “These are for you, Belle,” Gaston tells her, holding out a bouquet of flowers to her.

Belle laughs a little, too. “Yes, I am. Oh, thank you, Gaston! They’re lovely! That was very thoughtful of you,” She answers, taking the bouquet and smiling at Gaston.

“May I court you, Belle?” He asks politely.

Belle smiles warmly at him. “Yes, you may court me,” She acquiesces, standing up from her sitting position on the fountain.

“We should tell your father,” Gaston suggests, holding out his arm for Belle to take.

“That is a good idea, Gaston,” Belle replies, linking arms with Gaston. The couple walk to Belle’s home together, making a sweet sight of them with a bouquet of flowers between them.