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Once Realized...

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Maura smiled brightly as she leaned against her desk, gripping the edges lightly with her hands. "...and I'd call it a stroke of luck but you and I both know it was your hard work that you actually found the Nedjem block statues. You know you really didn't have to let me see the exhibit before it opened but..." The smile turned into a slightly conspiratorial grin. "Well, it was fun now that the museum is getting more of a steady stream of visitors."

She regarded Josie for a moment, noting how relaxed she looked, how excited she had seemed earlier. It was more like the first time they had met than most of the times they had come into contact afterward, and Maura was again struck by her beauty and the way Josie seemed completely oblivious to it because there were so many other interesting things to think about, things Maura knew so little about by comparison. "It's good to see that the quartzite held up to the improper storage," she finished brightly.

The museum had once been an all too gloomy reminder of the loneliness Maura sometimes felt in Boston. And after the case, it was difficult not to see it with some sort of stigma around it. There was talk that it would close until it merely became absorbed by a larger group with the money to run it and the nature to capitalize on the things that had happened there. And yet Josephine had stayed, which Maura found curious until Josie had called her in, asking for her opinion a set of fossilized remains. It was an opinion that Maura could only partially give as a professional, but she had been glad to be asked, glad to connect with Josie again. And slowly, through the museum, she found herself seeking to spend a little more time with the brunette.

They had had conversations in draft exhibits, in the treasure filled basement, and even lingering in Josie's small office. And it only seemed natural that Maura found herself continuing one in her own office with Josie just then.

"I know, we really did get lucky with that. It's been amazing what all we've been able to recover now." Josie's enthusiasm was obvious. She smiled, her almost severe features softening as she did so. Dr. Isles's comfort with the technical and appreciation the beauty in detail had drawn Josie to her company. She had been the first person the young scientist had thought of when the new display had been finished, and she'd enjoyed sharing it with her.

Their visits had always been too short, though, and driven by purpose even when they chatted. It had been refreshing to just be able to talk to someone new—someone she could both trust and who would understand her. Maura wasn't someone she met every day, and her complexities and intellect had led to a quiet crush she wouldn't deny, though she really didn't expect the blonde to reciprocate. Still, there was no hurt in a little dreaming. Josie leaned forward just slightly, dark eyes glinting knowingly as she filled in words for Maura. "And you're welcome."

"And really, the lighting was perfect," Maura continued, cocking her head as she recalled the details. "Don't let anyone tell you that you don't have an eye for museum display; I know you're just getting started but..." She put her hand on Josie's arm for a brief moment. There were very few people Maura felt she could be warm with, but she knew a kindred spirit. "They're lucky to have you."

Josie blushed just slightly, "Thanks, really." She knew she should let Maura get back to her work but paused before turning to leave, "I don't know if you're busy, but would you like to get coffee sometime? This weekend?" It was an innocent enough overture, and Josie genuinely enjoyed Dr. Isle's company, no matter how simple.

"I'd love to," Maura replied without hesitation. The conversation promised to be interesting, and she so often found herself alone. But Maura did not think she was imagining interest beyond that, and such a pursuit, she told herself, might not be a waste. "Let me just make sure I'm not on call..." She turned to her computer, turning her back to Josie.

"Hey, Maura I had a thought on the Fenway case and..." Jane was already talking as she strode into the room. She'd been so caught up in her line of thought that the sight of Josephine stopped her short. She thought she could feel something in the air and glanced between the two women.

From the day she'd met her, Josephine made Jane uneasy. And even though the truth about her past had been brought to light, Jane couldn't completely shake it. Maybe it was her beauty or her quick mind, or maybe just the way she felt Maura could understand her in a way Jane couldn't, but it all resulted in the brunette crossing her arms defensively before continuing. "Oh, I didn't tall did you say the perp would have had to have been?" Her words were short, and even more direct than usual.

Maura straightened and pulled on her lab coat out of habit. She smiled apologetically to Josie as she directed her attention to Jane. The brunette's abrupt shift, the tightening of the muscles in her jaw did not escape Maura's notice. And she had seen it from Jane before with Josie. "How about Saturday afternoon?" she suggested before she nodded to Jane, acknowledging her. Maura rummaged through the files on her desk, not willing to give Jane the detail with someone else there. When she found it, she flipped it open, murmuring, "Ah, yes..." before handing it to Jane.

Josie smiled quietly, sensing it was time to make her exit. "That sounds perfect." She took a step back toward the door, "I'll…give you a call." Josie turned to Rizzoli quickly. "Good to see you again, Detective." She nodded before making a somewhat hasty exit.

"Yeah, you too," Jane muttered, reaching for the file as Josie slipped out. She knew if she wanted, Maura would just tell her what their visit had been about, but Jane almost didn't want to hear the answer. "Thanks, I'll bring this back later." Usually she'd sit and read it in Maura's office, usually she'd be the one asking about coffee, but for some reason Jane just wanted to leave. She tucked the papers under her arm. "We still have the autopsy tomorrow at nine? I should tell Frost to hold off on breakfast?"

"And the coffee," Maura replied. She cocked her head slightly, trying to gauge what she could of Jane's hurry. The brunette had seemed poised to follow one of their simple routines, and obviously Josephine's presence had disrupted that. What's more, Maura was entirely sure if she could put her finger on why Jane's mood seemed to persist past Josie's exit. Obvious answers seemed too obvious, and as things had been somewhat less awkward—admittedly due to a spike in how busy their schedules had been—since their last intimate encounter, Maura was reluctant to guess that some sort of jealousy had something to do with it. Jane bristled at Josie, she had seen that much before. "But you can bring me a cup," she added, flashing a smile.

"Oh, yeah of course." Jane smiled quickly. "See you then." She turned on her heel, stomach sinking at how badly she was behaving, but not knowing what to do about it. She couldn't tell Maura not to talk to Josie. She didn't have any reason to think she could. And Josie was just one of those people who never had to try to catch people's eye. What's more, when she and Maura were together, Jane needed both a dictionary and a thesaurus to keep up. It was no great surprise really that they'd get closer- it made sense. Without another word, Jane closed the door behind her. There was a stack of reports already on her desk she was ready to bury herself in for the night.

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