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Alexandra Hamilton!

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She would almost say she hated the hustle and bustle of the city. Almost.

Alexandra Hamilton made her way through the crow of people who claimed the New York sidewalks as the transportation. A mixed swarm of business men and women hurrying off to their jobs. Sometimes children would run by, eagerly chasing after a sibling with a worried parent not to far behind.

She takes solace in the fact that she blends in with the crowd. Pulling out earphones and putting her favorite song ahe gets lost in the music and before she knows it the crowd thins out and she stands infront of the biggest school she's ever seen.

She gaps in awe before shaking herself out of it. She turns and reads the sign engraved into what looks like gold. 'Washingtons New York school for boys'.


"For boys?". She exclaims. "The website didn't say anything about it being an all boys school!".

This ruined her whole plan. Now she'd have to find a new school to go to and buy an apartment.

'No. Stop that'. She told herself. 'Your getting all worked up over nothing'.

She started walking away from the building, desperately hoping for one of her famous ideas to spring up.

"It's an all boys school". She mumbled. "But I'm a girl".

A realization hit her.

"But I could be a boy, couldn't I? Just burp, act like an asshole and wear pant all the time instead of skirts".

"This is terrible idea". She says aloud.

"But it just might work".


"This is a terrible idea". Alexander's repeats the next day.

She bought new clothes from the store, boy stuff. Seriously why does boy deodorant have names like 'death fire' or 'skull crush'. She bought some padded clothes that were slightly thicker around the middle so she wouldn't look so skinny. And she purchased a binder online. Learning how to use that thing was nearly impossible but it'd all be worth it if she got in.

"Mr. Hamilton". A voice calls out over the loudspeaker. She dosen't realize it's her for a moment but she does and stands up quickly, grabbing her bag and making her way to the new student office.

"Mr. Hamilton?". The principal, Mr. Washington, questions.

She nods.

"So you want to go to this school? Why? What's so special about this place?".

She dosen't have to think before she answers, she's rethought this question a hundred times over but she takes a moment to recall how to change her voice so she actually sounded like a guy.

"Well. After my dad left, my mom started pouring her heart into her job. She wanted me to have a better chance then she did and I saved up the money to go here. When she passed away she told me that this is where she wanted me to go. This was her dream school. She said that during the tour back when they allowed girls that she wanted to live in room 44 and get an education. To do something with herself. I'm here to do that. Not just for my mom. But for me".

Washington nods, so she takes it she's doing well.

"What courses would you take?". He asks next.

"I'm very passionate about writing so definitely English Language Arts. And I've wanted to be a math or history teacher forever so I'd probably double or triple major those".

"That's a lot of work Mr. Hamilton. Are you up it?". Washington doubts her.

"Yes sir, but I'm a very hard worker. I've also worked hard to go the extra mile. Almost all my highscool papers went over the word limit and I was in just about every club. Debate is a favorite of mine so it could replace the math major I planned in doing. Lawyering is another dream of mine". How did she forget debate? It was her favorite at her old school and she was the best at it. She led her team to nationals.

"Is that so?".

It went on like that for an hour or so, him asking questions and her answering, until Mr. Washington glances at his watch. "I'm dreadfully sorry but I have another meeting to attend to. This was a very promising meeting and hopefully I'll see you at our school soon".

She bids him farewell and walks out of the office grinning.

She aced it! Totally nailed it!

This was the beginning of something amazing.