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It's Peter's favorite time of year. Most people aren't a fan of the sometimes-dreary month of March, but Peter loves it. March is when Knotfest happens. All year, Peter and Talia plan the festival and finally it is upon them. This year, the festival is held at a campground in the woods for maximum privacy. Huge, circus-like tents have been erected, grand and regal-looking. Peter is impressed and tells Talia so. She just smiles and says, "Only the best."

"Much more elegant than that convention center we used last year," Peter says.

Talia shudders. "I'd like to forget that place exists," she says.

They're walking through the vendor tent, watching the booths being set up and the wares displayed. There's everything from high-end lube to inflatable knotting double-ended dildos.

"I need to remember to buy one of those for Cora," Peter says. "She's been hinting that she wants one for a while."

"Is she still helping you with the toy demonstration?" Talia asks.

"Yes, she and Laura both this afternoon," Peter says. Just thinking about it makes the front of his pants uncomfortably tight, but he's used to walking around the festival half-hard. It helps that he can smell Talia's sweet arousal as well. She winks at him as if she knows what he's thinking.

"I'm hoping to sit in on that one," Talia says.

"I look forward to it," Peter replies.

At 10:00 am, the festival opens and people pour into the tents. Some are alone, some are with a partner or partners. Some are werewolves, some aren't. Peter recognizes that faces of people who have come to past festivals, but some are new and smell nervous. The overwhelming scent of arousal soon fills the vendor tent, making Peter smirk.

Peter walks around for a bit before making his way back to the booth with the double-ended knotting dildo and purchases a purple one for Cora. He also sees an intriguing toy with two knotting dildos parallel to each other and connected at the base, meant to be used to knot someone vaginally and anally at the same time. Peter buys that for Cora, too. There's a reason Peter's her favorite uncle.

A little before 11:00, Peter makes his way to the second tent. This one is slightly smaller than the vendor tent and instead of booths, it's filled with chairs that all face a raised stage. Many of the seats are taken, even though the demonstration isn't set to start for another fifteen minutes. Peter finds an empty seat near the back, his werewolf vision making it easy to see where Derek is setting things up on the stage.

Derek has a small table with various lubes and flyers next to a large, deep couch that could easily fit eight people. There's also a cameraman sitting in the front so that when Derek is busy demonstrating, the video can be projected onto the huge screen behind him.

At exactly 11:00, Derek turns to face the room. The chatting dies down immediately.

"Thank you for coming. This demonstration is for safe vaginal knotting. If that's not what you're here for, feel free to leave," Derek says. No one moves. "Okay, good. I'll need a volunteer to help me with this demonstration."

Hands shoot up in the air, a few waving energetically while their owners shout lewd remarks. Derek ignores them and hops off the stage to hold his hand out to a pretty Asian girl who'd shyly raised her hand. The girl takes his hand and Derek leads her up to the stage.

"What's your name, sweetheart?" Derek asks.

"It's Kira," the girl asks.

Derek smiles at her gently and says, "Okay, Kira. I'm going to have you strip nude for me, all right?"

Peter expects Kira to back out, but she just nods eagerly and starts to undress. Peter wonders if she knows how rare it is that a Hale beds someone new and just how lucky she is. Laura had been scheduled to do this demonstration with Derek, but a last minute test at college had meant she would miss it by a mere hour.

"Have you ever been knotted before, Kira?" Derek asks.

"Once," Kira says. She's standing gloriously nude, flushed a bit, with her arms trembling at her side, like it's taking all her self-control not to cross them self-consciously over her body.

"Did you like it?" Derek asks.

"It wasn't bad," Kira says with a shrug, making her bare breasts sway. "I could tell it could be better and something I really like."

"Let's see if we can fix that," Derek says.

He leads her to the deep couch on the right side of the stage. Derek sits on her right and pulls her leg over his knee, spreading her wide for the audience to see. Her cute, pink cunt is already glistening, making Derek smile. "You want to make sure your partner is very wet," Derek tells the audience. "Don't skimp on the lube."

Derek trails a hand between Kira's thighs, dipping a finger between her folds. Kira gasps as his finger slides into her, pressing into his touch.

"She's very tight," Derek says. "You want your partner to be relaxed and open, ready to take your knot. Usually, it's good to make them come at least once to help them relax, and get at least four fingers inside of them. So that's what I'm going to do to her."

Kira shivers at his words. She keens as he adds another finger. It looks to Peter like a tight fit; Derek couldn't have picked a better person to assist with this. Keeping his fingers buried in her tight cunt, Derek moves to his knees between Kira's spread legs and leans down. Kira shrieks in pleasure at the first touch of Derek's tongue.

Peter's always loves watching Derek go down on people. He so obviously enjoys what he's doing and from his partners' reactions, he knows what he's doing as well. Kira's obviously enjoying herself, her head thrown back in ecstasy as Derek licks and nips at her. She lets out a loud moan as she comes on Derek's tongue, three of his fingers buried into her. He kisses her thigh before moving back onto the couch, his fingers still in her.

"And really, why stop at one?" Derek says.

Kira's eyes open wide and Derek rubs his thumb in gentle circles around her sensitive clit, never quite making contact but bringing her closer and closer. Just as her body goes taut and Peter's sure she's about to come again, Derek presses his fourth finger into her. Kira shouts in pleasure and comes and even from his place in the back, Peter can see how her sweet little cunt pulses around Derek's fingers.

The tent is filled with the scent of arousal, and not just Kira and Derek's. Some people have their hands between their legs as they watch. One woman is even sitting on her boyfriend's lap and Peter would bet good money that her skirt is hiding his cock nestled inside her. A boy a few rows in front of Peter is staring with wide, brown eyes, his mouth slightly open. It's giving Peter ideas.

On the stage, Derek pulls his fingers out with a loud squelching noise. Kira moans sadly at their loss, but lets Derek spread her legs wide to show off her cunt. Whereas before she was tight and glistening, now she's positively soaked, her vulva swollen and red from Derek.

"See how easy it is to slip fingers into her now?" Derek asks, pressing a finger in easily, then two, three, and four. Kira's cunt is so relaxed and used that it swallows them up easily. "Okay, sweetheart, time to change positions."

Derek, still fully clothed, taking a moment to clinically strip and though he does it without a trace of flair, the arousal in the room still skyrockets as he stands fully nude. Derek sits back down and pulls Kira into his lap, her back to his front, and guides her down onto his thick, uncircumcised cock. Her thighs are spread wide over Derek's, her legs dangling uselessly to the sides. Kira groans and throws her head back onto Derek's shoulder as he thrusts up into her.

"This position allows you to easily transition to your sides once you're knotted," Derek says, barely winded as he fucks up into Kira. "Or you could just hold your partner this way as well. As long as the position is comfortable to both you, you'll be fine. Just make sure to think about the fact that you two will be stuck together for at least twenty minutes, so make sure your knees and back can take it."

Derek's fucking Kira in earnest now, she small little body being bounced on his lap. The camera zooms in on the space where their bodies meet, on the slight swell that signals the beginning of Derek's knot.

"Warn your partner when your knot is beginning to form," Derek says. "Before it's too big, make sure it's inside your partner. Don't pull out in panic if you aren't sure, that can cause damage. Rocking motions from here on out are best to keep from accidentally tearing anything."

To punctuate this, Derek grinds into Kira, dirty little rolls of his hips as his knot swells and swells, locking into her. The camera is tight on where they're locked together, where Kira's spread thin and wide. Peter's hard in his pants at the sight. Derek lets out a loud groan that Peter recognizes as he comes inside Kira, his knot firmly stuck inside her.

"This is when I recommend first timers use soft words of praise and encouragement and if you can, more orgasms. It helps your partner relax and enjoy the knot, and has the side effect of a fantastic rippling sensation around your knot," Derek says, then turns his attention back to Kira. "That's it, sweetheart, you're taking it so well, you're so good for me."

Kira whimpers but Peter can tell it's not from pain. Derek's prepared her too well for her to be in serious pain, but he doesn't doubt there's discomfort there. His nephew isn't small, after all. Derek reaches between her legs, teasing her clit with nimble fingers.

"That's it, you can come again for me," Derek encourages her.

He murmurs soft words to her, telling her how good she's taking him and how wonderful she feels around his knot. He's right, for beginners when it comes to knotting, rushing into calling your partner a dirty knotslut probably isn't the best course of action. Peter has a presentation about knotting and humiliation for later in the three day weekend anyway.

"D-Derek," Kira stutters, her legs shaking.

"Mmhmm," Derek hums, working her clit steadily. "Just let it come. Let yourself come. That's it, such a good girl."

Kira cries out softly as she comes again. Derek's eyes close as her pussy ripples and clenches around his knot. The audience is no longer being subtle about it; the woman next to Peter has her fingers buried in her cunt and moaning quietly. The brown-eyed boy's arm is working very fast. The couple from earlier is now fucking energetically, the man thrusting up into her girlfriend hard and fast.

"Enjoy the afterglow," Derek says breathlessly and Peter knows he's still coming deep in Kira. "Don't be tempted to pull out right away and hurt your partner. Enjoy it. And as always, there's the hands on tent next door if anyone feels the need to act on any urges or try anything they've learned after any demonstrations today."

A good deal of people stand and immediately leave for the tent next door, which Peter knows is filled with couches and cushions for people to be fuck on. Some stay, like the fucking couple and the woman next to Peter, eagerly watching as Derek carefully rolls them so he and Kira are lying on their sides, Kira's small body tucked up against Derek. The camera feed cuts out and the lights on the stage dim, giving Kira and Derek some privacy and signally that the demonstration is over. Peter walks up to the stage and clears his throat.

"The next demonstration will begin in an hour. You're welcome to stay here and wait or visit any of the other tents and exhibitions," Peter announces before pulling the curtains closed to the stage, keeping him on the same side as Derek and Kira.

"Thank you," Derek says.

"You're welcome," Peter says. He walks over to them and runs a hand down his nephew's side, scenting him, and smiling kindly at Kira, who looks fucked out and dazed. "Better than last time, little one?" he asks.

"Much," Kira says contentedly, shifting her hips and making both her and Derek moan.

"Any sharp pain or discomfort?" Peter asks.

"Nope," Kira says. She hikes her leg up and over Derek's hip, exposing where she and Derek are connected to Peter. "See?"

Peter reaches forward slowly, giving her a chance to tell him to stop, and runs a finger over her stretched hole, feeling to taut skin around Derek's thick knot. Derek and Kira both groan at the touch and Peter can feel Derek's knot jump under his touch.

"If you keep that up, we'll still be locked together when your anal knotting demonstration starts," Derek warns.

Peter gives Kira one last caress, making her whimper, before pulling back.

"That would be a true shame," Peter says.

"Who are you going to be demonstrating with?" Derek asks.

Peter thinks of the boy with brown eyes that had been watching Kira get knotted so avidly and says, "I have a candidate in mind."