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Strawberries, Sun Gods, and Secrets

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Taehyung was lucky if Jin stopped by once a week. The food was a blessing but it was still bland. He missed Hoseok and Yoongi, he missed his strawberries, he missed... Jimin. God he still couldn't get over the other's soft smile no matter how much he had hurt him.

"Are you sure he's down here Jin?" An unfamiliar voice asked. Taehyung tensed slightly before scooting away from the bars. He moved further into the shadows, unaware of who was coming down the hall. He didn't trust strangers, whenever someone came that wasn't Jin he got hurt.

The people were cruel, Taehyung's hand ran over the soft, bruised skin as he remembered the beatings he got randomly. They were foreign to him, never understood the words they said.

"Jin I don't see how anyone could live down here," the voices were getting closer yet Taehyung relaxed as he heard his older friend speak up.

"He's barely living, it's awful Joonie," Jin's voice rang through the hall before two figures stopped in front of his cell.

"Oh my god."

Taehyung recognized the voice. He looked closely before realizing Namjoon stood in front of him. The other's uniform glimmering slightly in the dim light the torch provided for him.

"Taehyung, what happened to you?" Namjoon asked and Taehyung scooted back as the other knelt by his cell. who knows why he was here. There was no way Namjoon has also been sold. That didn't make sense.

"I told you they're cruel Joonie. You need to get Tae out before the war gets worse I can only do so much." Jin said softly and Taehyung glanced up at the taller boy. He looked between the two before moving closer cautiously.

"What's it like outside?" Taehyung asked softly, his voice cracking because of the lack of water. He watched as Namjoon carefully pulled a flask from his belt before offering it to Taehyung. He wasn't sure if it was because he was so thirsty or that he trust Namjoon but he quickly drank the liquid offered to him.

"It's been Cloudy, the sun hasn't shone in months." Namjoon explained and Taehyung frowned before looking at the floor.

"Hobi is upset.. He normally doesn't get that sad, are they doing ok? Is Yoongi looking after him?" Taehyung asked and all Namjoon did was laugh softly.

"Your gods are safe, their shrines are being protected.." Namjoon explained and sighed softly "I've been trying to get Jimin to work with them but he refuses to believe their real."

"You can see then too?" Taehyung asked and watched as the two older boys nodded.

"We always were able to ever since you arrived.." Jin explained and kneeled next to Namjoon. Both boys staring at Taehyung with such compassion and sorrow. Both boys looked older than they were and looked like they hadn't slept in forever.

"Did Jimin sell you too?" Taehyung asked softly while staring at Namjoon who shook his head.

"This is a secret, we snuck in the castle to get back prisoners of war," Namjoon explained quietly before wrapping his arm around Jin's shoulder "this genius here has been our way inside the whole time. He's been feeding us information." Namjoon added while Seokjin laughed softly.

"It was your plan," Seokjin explained softly and Taehyung watched as the other leaned comfortably into Namjoon. He had always known the two had more than just a servant to servant relationship yet it was weird to see in the dimly lit dungeon.

"I didn't plan for you to volunteer to do it, you're so brave Jinnie," Namjoon said and Taehyung couldn't help but smile softly. It was cute to see that love was able to blossom even during times of war.

"Hyung," another voice called out, bouncing through the walls of the hallway. Both boys stood up before a third figure entered. "We have to go, we've found everyone."

"We need to get Taehyung too, Jungkook." Namjoon explained and Taehyung noticed the younger boy's face in the lighting. He noticed the familiar scrawl and glare that Jungkook always have him.

"He's not important, let's leave now." Jungkook stated before turning on a heel and leaving.

"But Jimin wants him-"

"What Jimin wants and what Jimin needs is different. And Jimin doesn't need dead weight on him right now." Jungkook answered sharply.

Taehyung watched as the two boys glanced at each other before Namjoon followed Jungkook out.

"I'll keep you safe Taehyung, I promise." Jin said softly before following the rest out.