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what Alice saw there

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The first thing Alice sees, once she steps into Wonderland proper, is a sea of green, and in the distance, the bright colors of the Flowers.
She makes her way through what seems to be a path that has long since grown over – the thought of how long the path has lain unused she quickly pushes aside. When she reaches the Flowers, they are all atwitter at the sight of her.

“Alice!” they cry.

So loud are their cries that she struggles to make herself heard among them. She stands there frustrated as they finally start to quiet down.

“Alice, you naughty girl, where have you been?” a Marigold says.
“Yes, yes, we've been waiting for ages.” a Daffodil cuts in.
“You knew I was coming?” Alice says, slightly baffled.
“Of course! After that girl came and asked about you -” a Poppy begins.
“Dinah!” Alice cries “when was this? Where did she go?”
At her words, the Flowers stop and exchange nervous glances. Alice's stomach clenches.
“Oh, that was years and years ago, my dear. She's long since gone.” a Lily says quietly.

All Alice can see is darkness.

Above, the bright eyes of the Cheshire Cat appear, along with the rest of Her body, Her trademark Grin twisted into a frightening scowl. The Flowers glance about, refusing to meet the Cheshire's eyes.“You foolish Flowers” the Cheshire says quietly, a hint of danger in Her voice. “You should have known better than to tell My Alice that.” The Flowers stiffen, but the Cheshire Cat is no longer paying attention to them. Her body solidifies, and she gently cradles Alice in her arms. She sings a soft lullaby to her lover as she carries her away from the Flowers.

In her lover's arms, Alice does not stir.

Together, they Disappear.