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Call Me Tony

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Using long, solid strokes, Jethro Gibbs worked on his boat, smoothing it, shaping it between his sips of bourbon. One recent interview was stuck in his head. Nothing he did could shake it. After hours of interrogation, murder suspect Karl Callaway had given up his alibi. He had divulged that he had spent the night with Petty Officer Sam Headley, revealing that they were lovers.

Ever since that day, Gibbs had a hard time keeping his thoughts on anything else. The disclosure had stunned him. He had pushed hard and finally Karl had admitted to the relationship, but why? He could have said they’d been drinking together and he’d stayed over because he was in no shape to drive home. Instead, he had admitted that they were upstairs engaged in sexual activities. Together. Karl hadn’t offered details, but the image of the two handsome young men had been frolicking through salacious sexual scenes in Gibbs’ thoughts ever since.

Even now, alone in his basement, he couldn’t shake the thoughts. As he pushed his vintage planer across the wooden boat, he envisioned his hand trailing lightly over the taut skin of one of the muscular young sailors. Shaking his head failed to dislodge the image. Putting down his planer, he returned to his workbench, taking another sip of bourbon as he walked.

The giveaway newspaper he’d picked up a few hours earlier at a local bar held his attention. Focusing on the cover, he took another sip of bourbon. A music festival was scheduled for the weekend. Perhaps he should go there and try to meet someone? No, he needed something more discreet. He couldn’t risk anyone he knew seeing him soliciting young men out in the open.

Flipping through the pages in the back he hunted through the articles. He couldn’t risk even an anonymous encounter. What if the ad he answered had been placed by a sailor, a Marine, someone from any of a number of agencies he worked with on a regular basis? What he needed was a professional. Grasping the newspaper in one hand, he took one last shot of bourbon before reaching for the small plastic bag on the workbench.

He knew the calls weren’t free and didn’t want to risk them being traced to the cell phone he had through work. Nor did he want the calls traced to his land line. In preparation, he had gone out and purchased a pay as you go cell phone. He had paid cash for the phone, as well as the cards to load minutes.

Flipping it open, he dialed the number and chose the option to bill it to his phone, cursing when a monotone recording expressed it was unable to bill the cell phone. Next option. He had opened another credit card account, one he intended to use for no other purpose. If he was ever questioned about it, he would think of a way to dispute it. Somehow. Stolen identity, perhaps?

After his credit card was accepted, the line rang again, but was answered quickly.

“Hello, I’m so glad you called,” a sultry voice came across the line.

Closing his eyes, Gibbs savored the image of a handsome young man on the other end of the line, envisioning him shirtless with a hard, muscular body.

“Hello? Shy? This must be your first time calling. It’s okay. Everyone has a first time. We can take this as slow and easy as you want to. Look, my name is Tony. I want you to be comfortable. How about you tell me your name?”

Gibbs took a couple deep breaths as Tony waited patiently. “It’s, um, Jethro.”

“Okay, Jethro. You can call me Tony if you want. Or anything else. It’s your dime after all. What are you up to tonight?”

“I’m just sitting around my basement.”

“Alone on a Saturday night? I could think of a couple of more interesting things to do.”


“Well, if I were there with you, I could give you a massage. I give great massages. Or we could do anything else you’d like to do. What do you want to do, Jethro?”

“I’m not really sure. I’m not sure why I called.”

“You’re lonely. I get it. What are you wearing?”


“Really? I was hoping you were wearing a little less. What did you call for, Jethro? What’s on your mind? You can tell me anything.”

“I’m not really sure. I. At work. There was a guy.”

“You found yourself attracted to him?”

“Yeah, I guess. After he was telling me about his boyfriend, I got to wondering, you know, like what they did together.”

“Ah, you’ve never been with a man, have you?”


“That’s okay. It’s natural to be curious. Like I said, Jethro, we all had a first time. Why don’t you set the phone down for a minute so you can take your sweats off? I can wait.”

Gibbs snorted. Of course this Tony person could wait. Surely he was trained to stretch the calls out as long as possible. Putting the phone down, Gibbs noted that the call was at three minutes already. What was this costing him? Three dollars a minute? Nine bucks so far? He wasted no time in shedding his clothing and picking the phone up once more.

“Tony, I’m back.”

“Naked, I hope. Why don’t you tell me about yourself?”

“No. Why don’t you tell me about yourself?”

“Okay. I’m six-foot-two, green eyes. I majored in physical education and keep myself in shape by running.”

“What do you do on the weekends? When you’re not working, I mean.”

“I like to go to clubs with dancing and music or maybe play a little football or basketball with friends. Sometimes I enjoy a nice Italian meal with wine or a nice thick steak with beer.”

“I like steak and beer.”


“Not so much. I’m building a boat.”

“Really? Is that what you do for a living?”

Gibbs hesitated for a moment. “Yeah, sure. I’m a boat builder. I enjoy working with hand tools.”

“I relish working with my hands, too. If I were with you now, I’d have my hands all over you,” Tony said smoothly.

Gibbs felt his cock harden at the suggestion. “Yeah?”

“Tell me about your cock. Are you hard right now?”

“Um, yeah.”

“If I were there, I would run my finger along your length, and then I’d kneel down before you, grasping the base as I suck your cock into my mouth. I’d swirl my tongue around the tip and taste your pre-cum.”

Gibbs found himself moaning involuntarily as he wrapped his fingers around his cock, giving it a slight squeeze. Closing his eyes, he imagined Tony on his knees before him looking up at him, his eyes asking for permission to take Gibbs’ full length into his mouth.

“That’s it,” urged Tony softly. “It’s okay to stroke yourself. I’d deep throat you, take you down fully. I’d keep you going, right on the brink for a while. I’d use my hand, too. I’d start slow, then I would start pumping you so fast and hard while I sucked you into my hot, wet mouth.”

“Ooh, ooh, fuck.”

“Did you come, Jethro?”

“Yes,” Gibbs admitted as he glanced around, searching for a rag or towel.

“Good. I’d swallow and then lick your shaft clean from the base to the tip. Maybe we would go further after a while.”

“I’ve got to go.”

“Okay, Jethro. I’ve enjoyed our time together. Call me back sometime. I’d like to talk to you again. I think we could have a lot of fun together. Jethro? Next time you call, ask for Tony. I will make it good for you. Every time. I promise.”

“Yeah, okay.” Gibbs hung up quickly. Thirteen minutes. It had taken only thirty-nine dollars to get himself off. That had to be cheaper than a good hooker.

After he cleaned up, he wondered more about Tony. He figured ‘Tony’ may not even be the man’s real name. It wasn’t likely that ‘Tony’ was a physically fit guy. If he were, why did he have a job on a sex hotline? Wouldn’t he do something more active?

Gibbs chuckled as he wondered how many times Tony jacked himself off each night that he worked and wondered what his shift was. If he called back and Tony wasn’t there, would he get a refund? Thirty-nine dollars was cheaper than dinner for two at a decent restaurant or a night out drinking and dancing at one of the clubs Tony was likely to hang out at. Gibbs speculated about how old he was, or rather, how young. He was curious as to how Tony wound up with a job as a phone sex operator.

When the following night rolled around, Gibbs’ eyes fell to his phone often. Every few minutes he thought about Tony and wondered whether he was working. If he called, would Tony answer? More bourbon and more work on the boat helped pass the time. Working with the wood calmed his mind, but thinking of Tony only wound him up again.

Finally reaching a point when he could resist no further, Gibbs grabbed for his second phone and dialed the number. “Is Tony available?” he asked after entering his credit card information once more. The voice that had answered the phone was definitely not Tony’s.

“Sure, man. Hold on.”

A moment later, Tony’s voice came across the line. “Hey, it’s Tony. I’m glad you called back.”

“How did you know it was me?”

“Jethro? When someone asks for me by name, it’s most likely that I’ve spoken to them before. How are you doing tonight? Please tell me you’re not hanging out in your basement wearing sweats again.”

Gibbs laughed easily. There was something he really liked about Tony. He was easy to talk to. There was something so friendly and relaxing about his voice. “Yeah, I am.”

“Well, what are you waiting for? Shed that stuff. Let’s get down to business!”

Forward and direct. Two of the many things he already liked about Tony. “Okay,” he said, thinking he should have considered taking care of this first. “I’m back.”

“All naked?”


“Excellent. If I were there, I’d oil you down, get you all slicked up and ready for sex.”

“What about you? Do you work naked?”

“Sure. Sometimes. There are days I wear skimpy underwear. It depends on how I’m feeling, if you know what I mean.”

Gibbs smiled, but did not answer.

“So have you thought about doing more? Do you think you’d like to have actual sex with a man one day?”


“You could go to a store and pick up a vibrator or dildo to practice with. Don’t forget the condoms and lube. You’ll want to keep things clean and safe.”

“Do you practice with dildos and vibrators, Tony?”

“Toys can be a lot of fun, Jethro. I’m an open minded guy. I’m willing to try just about anything once. More if I like it. I have some toys here. Would you like me to use them while we’re talking? I would do that for you. Your voice, by the way, is definitely sexy. I’m getting hot just talking to you over the phone and that’s the truth.”

“Do you ever meet any of your clients in person?”

“Jethro, have you taken that much of a shine to me already? I’m flattered.”

“I just,” Gibbs began, then paused. “I was wondering. Curious. I might want to try something with another man one day. I don’t know where people like that would hang out.”

“People like that? Gay guys tend to hang out in gay clubs.”

“Where do you hang out, Tony?”

There was a brief hesitation on the line. “When I do go out, I tend to go to Spartans. It’s a gay dance club. Lots of hot bodies. Of course, I do tend to work a lot of nights and weekends. What sort of club are you looking for?”

“What other kinds of clubs are there?”

Tony laughed easily. “Lots of them. There are fetish and kink clubs if you’re into that sort of thing.”

“No, not really. Just looking to try something new. Discreetly.”

“If you’re looking for a discreet hook-up, why not browse the want ads?”

“I meet a lot of people in my line of work. Important people. I’m not sure this is the right thing for me to do, but I’d like to investigate the possibilities. I wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea.”

“Hmmm, lots of important people get boats built? I guess I can see that.”

“Do you have a boat?”

“Me, no. I have connections though. I could probably get my hands on a loaner if I wanted to. What about your boat, Jethro? Do you want to take me out on your boat one day?”

Gibbs chuckled as he glanced at his half built boat. “Still working on it. It’s not quite ready to hit the water just yet.”

“Sail boat?”


“Maybe we could rent a sail boat one day. As a boat builder, you must have some connections. We could go out in the sunshine, slather oil all over each other and have a whole lot of fun. Maybe find a nice secluded place where we could do a little hand to hand exploration. How does that sound?”

He’d done it again. That sultry voice Tony could turn him on whenever he wanted to, bringing Gibbs to the brink. Feeling his cock hardening again, he reached down to stroke it. “Good. It sounds very good.”

“You could tell me what you want, what you like. I’m told I give wonderful hand jobs and blow jobs.”

“Ever let another man fuck you, Tony?” Gibbs asked softly, nearly at a whisper.

Again there was hesitation on the line. “Yeah, I have been with men before. I must confess, there were many drunken nights in college. I bet I could tell you some stories that would have you blushing, Jethro.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

Gibbs could almost hear the smile on Tony’s face. “No. I don’t seem to have the time. I work a lot.”

“Twenty-four seven?”

“Feels like it sometimes. Hey, we’re sponsoring a party at Spartans Friday night. You might want to check it out. Maybe you will meet a nice guy for a little experimentation.”

“Are you going to be there?”

“Depends on my schedule. I might drop by if the lines aren’t too busy that night.”

“How would I know which one is you?”

“Ask the bartenders. They know everyone there.”

“And you’re the only Tony who hangs out there?”

“The only six-foot-two, green-eyed Tony. They can point me out. If I’m there. They pretty much know everything going on in the place. They’re the ones to ask about whatever you’re looking for.”

“What am I looking for?”

“That’s something you’re going to have to figure out for yourself.”

A couple more strokes had Jethro ejaculating as he listened to Tony’s voice. He made a mental note to start bringing a hand towel down to the basement with him. “I have to go.”

“Okay, Jethro. I enjoy talking to you. Maybe I’ll see you around the club sometime.”


“I’m looking forward to hearing your voice again, next time you call.”

“Sure. Bye.”

Gibbs checked his phone. Twenty-two minutes? Sixty-six dollars. He’s spent over hundred dollars in two nights! Oh, but it felt good. Closing his eyes, he replayed Tony’s voice over in his head. Maybe the memory would be enough. It would have to be for a few nights anyway. He couldn’t afford to keep calling every night. Phoning Tony could turn out to be an expensive hobby.