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Jeon Jungkook: Korea’s most beloved pop star. Gains massive attention from around the world with his velvety voice and powerful stage presence. Light brown mop of hair with blond highlights in between, a sharp jawline, big eyes and thin pink lips. Jungkook has a great build, with toned muscles from his biceps to his thighs; he’s the perfect idol.


International playboy: cold, smug, egoistic douchebag, dates a lot of woman and then dumps them for no reason. He can be possessive with what he owns, just like his father, a chip of the old block: the international playboy does not like sharing.

“Good job, Kook.”

His manager, Min Yoongi, pats him on the back after another successful concert. It was almost midnight, and the loud cheering of the crowd that can still be heard from the waiting room only fueled Jungkook’s pride.

Having to debut at a young age, Jungkook’s popularity has been rising to the top in a time span of two years, making him one of the richest and youngest idol in the music industry. Min Yoongi, who’s actually a long-time family friend and one of Korea’s top producers, took Jungkook under his wing, and together they have ruled the charts.

Jungkook smiles at his black-haired manager. “To a long life and successful career, hyung,” he says with a glass of bubbly champagne in hand. When they toast, with Yoongi throwing in some encouraging words as well, Jungkook scanned around the room. Flowers, ranging from large bouquets, baskets to even single ones, are paired with chocolates, liquor, and perfumes; he receives a lot of gift from his fans on every single occasion.

When all of the staff has finally packed up all of Jungkook’s things, including the assortment of gifts, it’s time for him to head home. Walking out of the stadium wasn’t exactly quiet. Loyal fans still wait and cheer him on as he walks into the van, and he just loves the buzz of excitement coursing through him. He might be dubbed as the International Playboy because of his reputation with women, but his fans still adore him as much as he loves them.

So when Yoongi opens up his mouth about collaborating with another idol, the first thing that pops into Jungkook’s mind is:

What the hell?

“I hope you are willing to collaborate with this one, Kook. He’s as high as your standards,” said Yoongi. The light coming from his phone bounces off his glasses, making him look like he has small screens as lenses.

“Woah, woah.” Jungkook holds his palm up to his manager, amused, and looks him in the eye. “Jeon Jungkook does not work with others.”

Yoongi looks dead straight at his idol. “Park Jimin is a priceless gem, Kook. He’s the nation’s sweetheart.”

“Nation’s sweetheart my ass. More like international flirt,” Jungkook mutters under his breath, then scoffs in disgust, “or international boy toy .”

“Jungkook. . . “ Yoongi warns the younger.

“Hyung,” Jungkook pinches the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes in annoyance, brows knitted together. “I don’t fucking care if he’s the son of Zeus or some other shit, I work solo. And you know that.”

Park Jimin, another idol who is actually in Jungkook’s league and is also a sunbae to the famous idol. Topping the charts with high note ballads and wowing the world with sharp and tough choreography with his dancers, it was no wonder the multi-talented idol was given the title.

Innate cuteness and sexiness are Jimin’s main personality that the fans have picked up as he grew to be the idol he is today. His shy and humble side of him made both Korean and international fans love him even more thus he was known for having two sides when he’s on and off stage—a flirtatious and passionate Park Jimin in front of millions of fans, a sweet and adorable Jiminie behind closed doors.

Yoongi sighs at Jungkook’s rejection. He knows exactly why the younger behaves like so, and Yoongi just wanted him to open up, loosen up.

“Namjoon called up. He said he wanted to collaborate, so why not?” Yoongi tries to persuade Jungkook, and it looks like it’s working at the mention of Namjoon’s name.

Jungkook nods even though there was still a scowl on his face.

Kim Namjoon is an old comrade of Yoongi; they were like brothers to say the least. Starting from the bottom as underground rappers, both of them are now renowned producers of the music world and managers to respective idols. Jungkook has a lot of respect for the both of them.

And with that said, the only people that he actually has a soft spot for, other than his family, are those two. Jungkook sighs in defeat. “Fine,” Jungkook clears his throat as he sits back in his seat, hands untangling the wires of his earphones. “But I’m doing this just because of you and Namjoon hyung.”

Jungkook has a fair share of amount of times he’s seen Jimin performing on live television or from the waiting room on music shows. He has never meet Jimin in person yet, but he’s about to.

Right after Jungkook agreed on working with Jimin, Yoongi went ahead and called Namjoon up. Sure, there was a bit of brotherly swearing since it was almost one when Yoongi rang him, but it was all good when they were invited to Jimin’s concert today.

They’re nearing the final slot as Jimin performs his debut song, which includes a lot of sex appeal and even ab flashing. Both Jungkook and Yoongi are seated in the front rows, closest to the stage.

Thick, wet blond hair, gorgeously striking blue contacts, a black shirt, and tight black pants accentuate his body in all the right places, and Jungkook’s eyes are sharp as an eagle as he keeps them glued on Jimin the whole time. His stage presence is no joke: moves precise, intense and swift, Jimin kept dancing, bending, flirting, and Jungkook won’t lie when his throat went a little dry after Jimin actually showed some air humping.

When the concert was finally over, cheers and screams from the crowd overpower everything else. As the colorful confetti flew around them, Jimin and all the dancers line up in one row on stage and give one final bow to the audiences.

And when Jimin suddenly stands upright, his eyes instantly land on Jungkook’s. It’s dark, but Jimin can see clearly how those big brown eyes stare intensely back at him. Like a lion’s eyes targeting on its prey from afar, the predatory look in Jungkook’s irises is already a warning sign.

“Okay, Kook. We’re gonna discuss more. You can go and see Jimin if you like. We still have time before going back. Go on, he’s in his room.” Namjoon gestures for the white door at the end of the hallway. He’s sitting with Yoongi in another waiting room as they go over some papers and laptops in the middle of the coffee table.

Jungkook, who was sitting on the dressing table, face scrunched in concentration on the game on his phone, said “No thanks” quite uninterestedly.

The moment Namjoon heard the bored tone in Jungkook’s voice, he knew that he shouldn’t push it. “Alright, just give us some time and we’ll be done soon.”

Jungkook replied in a meek “okay,” and although he feels bad for being rebellious, the urge of not wanting to talk tackled his whole being—not to mention that he actually has to go through with this collaboration shit.

But what he certainly doesn’t expect is for Park Jimin to come into the room, a giant sweater too unfitting for his big ass (note the sarcasm), gray baggy sweatpants and a maroon-colored beanie on his seemingly damp hair. His tiny fingers, hidden by humongous sleeves, come up to his thickly square-rimmed glasses as they slide down the bridge of his nose. This was definitely not the same Park Jimin that Jungkook had seen on the stage not too long ago.

“Are we ready to go home yet?” comes Jimin’s small and mellow voice. Jungkook presumes the idol is sleepy as the too sickeningly sweet scent of vanilla floods the air-conditioned room.

Both managers looks at Jimin with very fond smiles on their faces, though Jungkook’s s the exact opposite.

“Just a second, okay?” Namjoon softly says. Dimples appear on his manager’s face as he sees that Jimin is already yawning, rubbing at his eyes with the base of his palm.

It wasn’t until after Jimin closes the door that he realizes that Jungkook is in the room, minding his own business. Sensing immediate hostility, Jimin decides not to bother him and heads towards an empty seat next to Namjoon.

Jimin then positions his body sideways, taking off his beanie and gently laying his head on Namjoon’s lap. The latter doesn’t say a word; instead he ruffles Jimin’s bangs and continues talking Yoongi. They’re still discussing, and Jungkook’s still being a cold ass motherfucker. Jimin is too tired now to face him, so what better way to just sleep it out?

It feels so good when Namjoon caresses Jimin’s arm. He’s still half asleep when Namjoon tries to shake the younger awake. “Jiminie, wake up. We gotta go,” came Namjoon’s voice. It felt warm and distant at the same time.

Namjoon has trained Jimin since he was fifteen years old. Having been trained for almost six years, Namjoon shaped the younger himself. And Jimin is a fighter. He has undergone strict diets, always saying he wasn’t good enough, training hard to the point where he almost lost his life just because he was pushing himself to be the greatest. Namjoon was by his side the whole time which explains why he’s so attached to Jimin.

“Ahh, hyung...” Jimin whines sleepily. “Five more minutes.”

Both Namjoon and Yoongi sigh, shaking their heads because Jimin looks adorable and small when he curls himself up. However, everything becomes short lived when Jimin feels himself being pulled then pressed against what he assumes is a hard and broad back. He isn’t quite sure himself, fatigue taking over him like the grim reaper.

When they reach the van, Jimin is seated carefully and the safety belt is buckled over him. He’s out cold as soon as Namjoon takes off his glasses and drapes the blanket on him.

Namjoon then thanks both Yoongi and Jungkook for coming over and staying even though it was getting late. The discussion went great, and the three of them part ways with goodbyes and promises to see each other the next time.

“Why’d you carry him? I thought you didn’t like Jiminie,” Yoongi asks Jungkook as soon as they climbed into their own van.

Jungkook takes his seat and straps on the safety belt. He pulls out his phone from his coat’s pocket and immediately busies himself with the game he was playing before. He doesn’t look at Yoongi, voice nonchalant. “I just wanted to go home and sleep. He was being a nuisance for not waking up.”

The following week, both idols clear their schedules so they can meet and discuss about their collaboration alongside their managers. Namjoon invites them to Jimin’s place since it was his call to do the collaboration, and the fact that Namjoon owns a small recording studio makes it easier for everyone else. Not that Jungkook doesn’t have one, it’s just a small token of appreciation for Jungkook to agree on performing with Jimin.

Besides, Jimin’s home is more secluded than Jungkook’s, so the paparazzi can’t invade the idol’s privacy.

“Namjoon and I have already planned everything ahead. We just need your opinions on how it’s gonna be.” Yoongi scrolls down the notes that are on his laptop with his phone in hand. They’re in the studio, Jimin on the sofa and Namjoon on his swivel chair, Yoongi on the other.

“So either we do a slow song or a dance?” Jimin points out as he looks at Yoongi.

“Yep. Your call.”

Jungkook knits his brows together, thoughts running around his mind as he rethinks the plan. He still isn’t used to the whole idea, so he distances himself, pretending to not hear anything and let his body sag even more in the purple squishy bean bag.

“How about we do both?” Jimin suddenly pipes in. “We can write a song and practice in the studio. And for the finale we’ll dance! You know, new choreo, lots of dancers, fire and sparks… Ooh! Hoseokie hyung is gonna love this!” Jimin says enthusiastically.

Yoongi looks at Namjoon, and the other doesn’t need to hear what he has to say. “Good. That way it’ll be a little surprise to both you and Jimin’s fans. The media will go crazy,” Namjoon praises him then turns around to face Jungkook. “Could you write a song with Jiminie, Jungkook?”

Another thing about the collaboration is that it’s still to be kept away from the public’s attention so that they could buy time to prepare. And since Jimin’s tour is in two months time, they are trying their best to keep quiet and efficient at the same time.

Jungkook gives his attention to the three, but his eyes are somber and hollow as he focuses more on Jimin, who seemed hopeful. “I’ll write it myself.”

“Kook,” Yoongi suddenly feels his patience running thin, “you can’t just say that when the both of you are going to sing the song. What if Jimin doesn’t like—”

“Hyung...” Jimin suddenly stops Yoongi, giving him a small smile. “It’s alright. I’m sure Jungkook is going to write a great song.”


Jimin shakes his head, eyes turned into slits as he giggles at Yoongi. “Hyung, don’t worry.”

Jungkook doesn’t catch himself staring at the boy as he giggles until Jimin stops. They lock eyes, and Jimin gives him another smile. Jungkook’s heart jumps a little, and he turns away to ignore it. The game on his phone resumes as he hears Namjoon start talking.

“Alright, so if it’s alright with you guys, Jungkook could come over to compose? Or whatever works best.”

Jungkook is about to protest when Yoongi turns to look at him, giving him a glare that says “You better shut your mouth or so help me I’ll shoot you.” Jungkook ends up sighing in defeat.

“I thinks it’s best if we just come over. I don’t want the paparazzi to swarm our place if they know Jimin is to stay there,” Yoongi reasons.

Yoongi does have a point, and Jungkook sighs again because his manager is right. As much as he loves the attention and making headlines, he thinks it’s best to avoid the tabloids at the moment. Probably because Jungkook doesn’t want him and Jimin to be on the same page. He cringes at the thought of it.

“Nice. So you guys can come over whenever you want or as soon as your schedule is done,” Namjoon says. He’s already feeling excited but then says to Jungkook. “And you are welcome to stay for the night, Jungkook. Who knows, you might have some ideas already.”

Jimin nods in a heartbeat, agreeing to his hyung like a child whose hair bounces cutely. “He could sleep in the guest room.”

Jungkook is inches from opening his mouth to protest once more, but he’s too afraid—well, not that he’s afraid, but yeah, Yoongi can be intimidating sometimes.

“Alright, then that settles it. I’ll discuss this with Hoseok, and you can start with writing.” Namjoon taps on his phone in a blur, and Yoongi assumes that he’s texting the dancer right away.

“How’s Hoseok doing?” asks Yoongi.

Namjoon’s eyes are still trained to his phone. “He has the occasional mood swings. But he’s good. It’s just that his cravings can sometimes get out of hand,” he says, “and Taehyung just so happens to like to satisfy them.” Namjoon sighs as he looks at Yoongi. “The kid buys anything he wants. Bboong Bboong is gonna be chubby—”

Yoongi blew a raspberry. “They actually nicknamed their baby Bboong Bboong?” He was on the verge of laughing his ass off at the choice of name Taehyung gave to his unborn child.

Namjoon laughs all of a sudden as he starts to defend the couple. “What? It’s cute! Hoseok’s five months in, and he has all these weird cravings for random snacks and food. He really loves the nickname. They said it reminded them of you.”

Yoongi shakes his head in disbelief, nevertheless, he is still happy to know that two other of his closest friends are having their first child together. Taehyung was Jimin’s vocal coach before he met Hoseok, whom Yoongi actually introduced him to. “I haven’t seen him since, well, the two announced they were pregnant. Can he still dance in his condition?” the older asks, suddenly feeling worried for Hoseok.

“He won’t join the dance practices though; he’s just gonna lay it out and let his assistant help. Hoseok is Jimin’s performance director, but I don’t think he’ll like it if I left him out.”

And while the two producers are busy walking down memory lane, Jimin heads out to refill the jug of orange juice.

“You’re from Busan too, huh?” the thick satoori coming out of Jungkook’s mouth suddenly makes Jimin jump and brings goosebumps to his nape. He didn’t even realize Jungkook actually followed him out.

Jimin composes himself and puts the jug on the kitchen counter then heads back to the refrigerator to take out an apple. He bites on the juicy fruit before answering the guy who every girl wanted who is standing in front him.

“Hmm..being a Seoullite, I thought you had forgotten your roots,” says Jimin in an equally thick Busan accent, munching on another bite of the apple.

“Oh, so you did a background check on me,” Jungkook says. “Didn’t think you were that curious.”

The blond admits it, nodding his head as he jutted out his bottom lip, biting another piece.

“I actually caught onto your accent a while ago.” His finger wipes the drop of fluid that was running down his chin from the apple and casually pops it into his mouth. He leans on the huge double door fridge. “I’m surprsied you didn’t catch on to mine,” Jimin says teasingly, even batting his lashes at the idol.

Jungkook smirks as he walks closer to where Jimin is standing. Jimin isn't even as tall as Jungkook and has to tilt his head in order to see Jungkook better which makes him feel like he has some sort of control. And he likes it. “You know. . . . I really don’t like working with others. They—” Jungkook pauses as he brings his hand to Jimin’s shoulder, brushing of imaginary lint and straightening Jimin’s sweater that was drooping off one of the shoulders before continuing, “—can be backstabbers.

Before Jimin can say a word, Jungkook turns around and grabs the jug full of orange juice and heads back down to the studio.

Jimin is left shocked and dumbfounded.


Curiosity is holding onto Jimin like a vice as he remembers the actual pain in Jungkook’s eyes when he had stated about not liking to work with “backstabbers”. And Jimin being Jimin, he wants to know more as to why Jungkook was so adamant of not wanting to work with him.

It was currently 11:00pm. Namjoon had been out with Yoongi for drinks for about two hours, so Jimin thinks he should check on Jungkook just in case he was asleep or something. He quickly jumps out of bed, grabs his phone and slips on his robe letting it sit off his shoulder since he didn’t bother tying the sash right.

Jimin then heads out to the studio that was down in the basement. Carefully he tiptoes, trying to keep quiet in order for Jungkook to not realize he was coming down to spy on him. When he reaches the studio, he can see the lights are still on from a small slit of the door.

He slowly opens the door and sees a bunch of crumpled up papers littering around in the coffee table. Jimin walks in, and as he does this Jungkook’s back comes into view, hunched and tense. Jimin could see the pencil in Jungkook’s mouth as he chews on it. The black-covered notebook he held was wide open in his hand, but the white papers are blank.

“Is everything okay?”

Jimin regrets it the moment the words come out of his mouth.

Jungkook turns around, eyes round and dilated, and the scowl on his face makes Jimin retreat.

“What do you want?” his voice is deep and gruff, laced with both annoyance and anger.

“I—” suddenly Jimin feels tongue-tied. His palms are starting to sweat, so his hands travel towards his back as he links his fingers together. Jimin feels small under Jungkook’s scrutinized stare. “I just wanted to c-check on you.”

Jungkook throws the notebook on the table letting it smack the glass top. He stands up, then walks towards Jimin. “Go away. I don’t need you to check on me like I’m some child.”

“I was just trying to be nice.” Jimin suddenly feels angry at the way Jungkook was acting. His rude actions are going overboard, and on top of that, they are in Jimin’s home.

Jungkook glares at Jimin, not wanting to say more and heads out.

Jimin sighs out loud—so much for a first impression. But, he is not going to let some minor setback bring him down. He just wanted to be on the same page as Jungkook, it’s fine if Jungkook wants to hates him or something along those lines, however, it’s still for their own good to make amends.

So when Jungkook finds a cup of steaming hot chocolate among the clutter of paper and his other stuff with a note saying “ you can do it” when he got back, the guilt starts to bubble up in the pit of his belly. However, he was still true to himself by not giving in to Park Jimin’s little sweet charms.

A week later Jungkook is still struggling to create something, anything, and he is on the verge of pulling his hair bald. His pencil is getting shorter; he had been writing all right but nothing seemed to stay and all of them ended up either in the bin or getting crumpled.

Jungkook rarely sleeps in his room. The studio has been his sleeping space from the moment he started composing, and it was also the same time Jimin covers him up with the blanket every night when he checks on him.

Tonight is no different than the others, or so Jimin thinks.

It is half past two. The idea had been for Jimin to just drape the blanket over Jungkook and turn off the dimmed lights, but as he was doing it, a hand on his wrist stopped him, pulling him down until he was a few inches from Jungkook’s face. Jimin practically freezes as soon as he sees Jungkook’s eyes which are heavy with sleep. He might scold Jimin by the looks of it, but Jungkook’s lazy, scratchy voice reaches his ears and instead says softly, “You should be sleeping.”

Jimin is a little skeptical to say the least. He is shocked from how Jungkook sounded so concerned at the time but maybe he was just tired and has no other reason to not be nice.

“I-I just woke up and I just wanted to see if you w-were asleep,” Jimin stutters really badly probably because Jungkook still has a strong grip on him and probably because Jungkook smells nice even though he should have bad breath right now.

Jungkook nods sleepily then lets go of Jimin’s wrist and scoots back on the sofa. Jimin is confused at first, but his eyes grow big as saucers as Jungkook pats the empty space before him.

“It’s almost three, and both of us have schedules tomorrow. You need some rest.”

Jimin grows red. Flustered, his hands fly up, and his head shakes in protest. “No no no no no. There’s no need to! I could just, err, go back to my room.” He chuckles nervously. “It’s not a big deal, I’ll just—”

But Jungkook is persistent and he ends up pulling Jimin towards him. It is a tight squeeze, but Jimin seems to fit perfectly against Jungkook’s body. His head tucks nicely under Jungkook’s chin, and he could swear Jungkook’s long arms are drapped over his torso when he pulls the blanket out for Jimin as well. It is no use running away now.

Jimin can feel himself tensing, but when Jungkook pulls him even closer, burying his nose in his hair, the warmth spreads throughout his whole body. Jimin feels oddly relaxed and in time his eyelids grow heavy as he feels the steady rhythm of Jungkook’s heartbeat.

The next morning Jimin can feel someone poking at his cheek. He is very much annoyed as he pulls the blanket over his face.

“Hey, wake up.”

He is poked again, and this time he is not amused.

“Poke me one more time and—”

“And what?”

Jimin is wide awake as soon as he sees Jungkook’s amused face right in front him. His hair is still tousled from sleep, but the minty smell is an indication that Jungkook has already washed up.


“A good morning would be nice.”

For the first time in almost the month since they had met, Jungkook gives him the smallest but sweetest smile.

Jimin sits upright instantly, his legs coming to fold in on himself.

“Oh, yeah. Hey, morning.”

“Morning,” Jungkook replies. He sits on the opposite side where he left his notebook before and started to write in a hurry.

Jimin gazes at Jungkook, his oversized white t-shirt, tousled brown hair, gleaming dark brown eyes. Jimin can't seem to stop staring. But he does.

“Stop staring,” Jungkook says, his eyes still glued to the notebook, pencil moving in fast scribbles.

“I’m not.” Jimin shies away, tearing his eyes away from Jungkook and instead changes the subject.

“What time is it now?”

Jungkook pulls his phone from under him and checks the time.

“Half past six.”

“What?!” Jimin yells. He didn’t think that Jungkook would wake up so early, not when he knows that his schedule only starts at noon.

“Why are you up so early? And writing?” Jimin gestures to Jungkook who is still writing.

Jungkook shrugs. “I got inspired,” is his simple answer.

“Oh okay,” is Jimin’s attempt to sound peachy since his sleep was disrupted. “I’m going back to sleep.”

Jimin is about to lay back down and pull the blanket over him when Jungkook suddenly throws a ball of paper at him.

“No, don’t. Just stay like that.”

“Huh? Look, I know you’re inspired but it's still too early and I wanna go back to sleep,” whines Jimin whose eyes are starting to close. “Besides, why don’t you let me sleep? It's not like I’m—”

Jungkook really loves to butt in when people are talking, and he’s loving how Jimin is starting to grow on him.

“You’re my muse.”

That takes Jimin by surprise. Is he hearing things?

“Right. . . this is all a dream. I’m in my room sleeping, and you’re just a figure of my imagination, right, imaginary Jungkook? All right, I get it. Ha-ha very funny, dream god, but you’re not gonna get me this time.”

The blanket he has on his lap is moments away from being thrown over his head, however, the ‘imaginary Jungkook’ grabs both his wrist, pulls them down and what Jimin doesn’t expect next is a sweet but short peck on the crown of his head.

“I think the dream god wasn’t messing with you.”

Another week passes by in a flash, and they are nearing Jimin’s tour date. Thank goodness the dancing part for the whole thing was already finalized and all that’s left for them is to practice. The only thing that concerns Namjoon is the song that Jungkook was suppose to finish.

“Hyung, I think he’s finally going to finish it. We pulled a few all-nighters in the past few days.”

“We?” Yoongi asks out loud. They are in the middle of breakfast, and Jungkook is quietly drinking his orange juice when Yoongi is no doubt looking at him.

“Yeah, we,” Jimin presses on, smiling. The peanut butter seems to smudge his top lip, and Namjoon has to wipe it off for him. Jungkook definitely does not feel jealous, at all. Nope, he certainly isn't thinking of burning Namjoon’s thumb off.

“Well, that’s good,” Yoongi says. “This is a good start for the both of you. So, if you don’t mind, I would like to hear what you guys have so far.”

They never agree to actually move in, but that was what it was. Yoongi thought Jungkook was so busy with the song writing that he eventually packed up some of their stuff and lived with the both of them for the time being. And Namjoon was more than happy to welcome them.

After both of their schedules are over, both take their own van of course to prevent skeptical eyes. It is ten, and Jungkook is the first one to arrive home and goes straight to the studio after taking his shower.

It was when he hears the door creak that he notices Jimin is in the room as well. The smell of vanilla washes over him like a tidal wave. He turns around from the sofa to greet the Jimin.


“Hi,” Jimin softly says as he took his seat opposite of Jungkook with a glass of hot chocolate in hand. And as Jungkook kept writing, he has the urge to look up and was met with a small Jimin, fat chipmunk cheeks filled with air as he blow onto his hot beverage. His unstyled blond hair flops flawlessly over his brown eyes that was hidden behind prescription glasses and Jimin would still look good.

“Is that?” Jungkook points out the apparel Jimin was currently wearing—a green bomber jacket with gray hoodie. He didn’t notice it the first time Jimin walked in.

“Oh! Oh yeah, uhm. . . I found it in the dryer. I’m sorry?” Jimin says cutely, bringing the mug to his mouth and blowing air on it.

Jungkook never felt so fond of someone whom he had just known for a very short time.

“It’s fine,” Jungkook says, grinning as he continues on writing.

They are minding their own stuff when Jungkook starts to get fidgety, restless even. His brows are morphed together, worrying his lip between his teeth. Jimin notices it and tries to pitch in.

“You okay?”

“Huh? Yeah, its uhm. . . the last verse.” He can’t believe Jimin is actually making him nervous.

“Lemme see,” Jimin says as he moves to sit next to Jungkook. He then leans his head in close enough for Jungkook to have a whiff of Jimin which makes him lightheaded. “I like this,” Jimin says as reads the lyrics. “Do you have the tune already?”

Jungkook nods.

“Try sing the last verse you wrote, I could probably think of something.”

Love is so painful
Goodbyes are even more painful
I can’t go on if you’re not here
Love me, love me
Come back to my arms

Jungkook’s eyes sparkle as he listens to Jimin sing and when he stops, Jungkook’s heart yearns for more.

“Does that sound good?”

“It was perfect,” Jungkook answers fast enough, earning a breathtaking smile from Jimin.

After pulling himself together, Jungkook finally finishes the song and puts his notebook and pencil away, throwing the papers in the dustbin as well.

“Why do you hate working with others?”

His hot chocolate now gone, Jimin tries starting a new conversation when the atmosphere begins to grow silent. Jimin pulls the sleeves further towards his fingers when Jungkook looks at him.

Jungkook is quiet for a moment, closes his eyes, and opens them up again. “The first time I actually worked with someone. . . I fell in love.”

Jimin holds his breath when Jungkook gives him a tight smile.

“We dated for quite a while. She was beautiful, a sweet and happy-go-lucky girl, but looks can be deceiving. We were writing a new song for her new album, and I was blindly doing all the work for her. I worked hard on it, from the lyrics to composing I did it alone.” Jungkook scoots closer, thankful Jimin doesn’t move away.

“So when the album was released, I bought it. Simply ‘cause I was being a supporting boyfriend and I was curious as to what happened to the song I wrote for her.” Jungkook chuckles, hurt evident in his voice. “It’s not like I wanted to have all the fame, but she could at least acknowldged the work that I did so hard for her. Instead of my name, the credits go to her and some other composer.”

Jungkook snickers. “I confronted her, but she just. . . pretended like she didn’t know me. I never spoke to her ever since. I guess I was a little traumatized to work with other people now.”

Jimin nods solemnly, now finally understanding why they were on not so good terms before. “But what does this have anything to do with you and other woman?”

“Simple. No strings attached.” He snickers. “Most of them wanted sex, so I give them sex, and some of them wanted money, so I give them money.”

“So that title is actually true?”

“I’m a guy who is actually loyal,” Jungkook admits, his hand busy fumbling with a piece of balled up paper. “If that person is loyal to me. So when every girl left me after they get what they want, I kinda just roll with it ‘cause I don’t really care, not when they don’t care either. Then the international playboy was born, baby,” he finishes with a scoff.

Jimin looks at the man next to him. He is young, wild, and free spirited. Being misjudged just because of his outer shell was just not fair and Jimin feels a pang of hurt deep down in his heart. And what he did next definitely surprises himself.

“What are you doing?” Jungkook says calmly as he feels Jimin’s weight shift above him. He is surprised by the sudden action, but Jungkook was never one to complain. Certainly not when Park Jimin is literally straddling him in a small recording studio in Jimin’s own home.

Eventually, Jimin let his lips do the talking as he dives right in Jungkook’s own and the reaction is instant. Jungkook kisses him hard, hands roaming on every part of their bodies as Jimin bites on Jungkook’s lower lip. The kiss is urgent; it is like an exploding chemical reaction, and the sparks fly everywhere, uncontrollably. Jimin’s glasses keep sliding down and Jungkook ends up taking them off, throwing it somewhere on the floor.

When Jungkook slips his tongue in, Jimin moans at the softness and Jungkook’s fingers that are tugging at the roots of thick blond hair aren’t really helping at all. They part.


It is Jungkook who grunts then. Jimin, being the naughty one, grinds his crotch right on top of Jungkook’s. The heat in the pit of his belly is becoming unbearable, even more so when Jimin started to grind even harder and rougher.

Jimin gazes at Jungkook under hooded eyelids as Jungkook catches Jimin’s finger and puts it in his mouth, sucking the digit gently until he reaches the knuckle. “I thought you were—” Jimin lets out a strangled moan when Jungkook hollows his cheeks. His satoori can be heard even though he is starting to get breathless and he continues, “—you were into girls.”

Jungkook pulls out tantalizingly slow, saliva coating Jimin’s finger. “I could be gay just for you,” he jokes, smirking at the blond.

“Could you?” Jimin asks intrigued as he keeps a steady pace at bouncing on top of Jungkook. As much as you could say Jimin is straight, he’s as bent as a horseshoe, so who is he to complain?

Jungkook holds onto Jimin’s waist, a sign to slow the older down. “I’ll definitely come if you keep doing that,” are Jungkook’s words, his gold-winning smirk making an appearance when Jimin giggles. His teeth come to Jimin’s neck, biting and sucking on each patch of skin as the older throws his head back, baring everything for Jungkook.

But Jimin is definitely living up to his name as an international flirt when he comes up to look at Jungkook, eyes filled with lust as he starts to grind on Jungkook’s crotch once more. Jungkook grunts from the jolt, and he only tightens his hold on Jimin’s waist.

“Careful, I could really take you right here, right now Jiminie.”

Jimin smiles then detaches from Jungkook, goes to the door, and locks it. He then goes back in the middle of the room, gesturing Jungkook to come forward.

“Then do it,” Jimin provokes, and Jungkook doesn’t need to be told twice because he is already surging forward and pinning Jimin to the wall. The dim light from the studio only makes Jungkook look twice as hot as light only shone on half of his profile.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” Jungkook rasps, immediately attaching his lips to Jimin’s neck again, his knee coming down to apply light pressure on Jimin’s crotch. Moan after moan slips out of Jimin as he arches into Jungkook, and it only feeds his inner alpha even more.

“Should I take you here, on the wall?”

“Fuck, yes please.”

Well, this escalated fast.

Jungkook takes off his bomber, letting it fall to the floor. As much as he likes seeing Jimin in his clothes he couldn’t help but want to taste Jimin more. Then he literally rips Jimin’s pyjamas off, the buttons flying at random places in the studio. The cool air from the air conditioner is no match to the hotness that was travelling all over Jimin’s body as he keeps bouncing on Jungkook’s muscular thighs. Jimin’s eyes are fully closed from the high amount of pleasure he was feeling that he doesn’t realize he was already forming a wet patch on both his pants and Jungkook’s.

“God damn.” Jungkook is starting to get breathless as he sees how Jimin’s body moves like liquid. “You’re so hot.”

Jimin opens his eyes softly, a tug at the end of his lip showing how he loves the praise. He stops bouncing then, pulls Jungkook to the side, and pins the younger by his chest.

“Let me suck you,” he says coyly and drops to the floor, leveling his head right in front of Jungkook’s crotch. The outline of his hard dick is clearly showing, and it was no wonder all those woman want to get in his pants. Jungkook was huge .

Jimin pulls down the apparel, letting Jungkook’s dick free from its confinement. And with one swift move, Jimin takes it all one. Like Jungkook is really big, and Jimin is obviously smaller than Jungkook, but sometimes big things come in small packages, and does Park Jimin has one hell of a mouth.

Jungkook’s hands fly to the blond’s hair, tugging hard every time Jimin hollowed his cheeks as both of them never break eye contact.


Jimin pulls away, and Jungkook swallows the frustrated grunt down due to the loss of Jimin’s hot mouth.

“Too soon?” the blond huffs, smeared spit forming at the corner of his mouth that Jungkook wipes with his thumb, pulling Jimin along to his feet. Jungkook stares at Jimin who is still panting, but moments later a smile creeps up his face and Jimin instantly mirrored the other. And for that very moment, Jungkook had never seen a smile so genuine, so pure and gentle.

Jungkook cups Jimin’s cheek and gives him a chaste kiss on the forehead. “I could seriously, seriously be gay for you,” he says after a long silence.

Jimin gives him another smile, takes Jungkook’s hand and guides it to his back past the band of his pants.  He lets Jungkook’s forefinger stay right above his ass crack.

“I’d want nothing more than for you to be my first.”

Jungkook’s eyes promptly widen. “You’re a virgin?” he asks softly, surprised that Jimin seems to have tons of experience of blowing people.

The small nod Jimin gives him is enough for Jungkook to kiss Jimin hard. His inner alpha finally makes an appearance as he bites on Jimin’s lower lip, drawing blood.

“Fuck,” Jungkook rasps, tasting the metal like flavor. “I’ll make you mine, and nobody can have you. I’ll kill whoever touches what is mine.”

Jungkook’s gruff voice goes straight to Jimin’s own dick. He grips so tight at the back of Jungkook’s t-shirt that his knuckles are turning white, knees starting to buckle.

“Do whatever you want.”

The whole situation is the opposite of what Jimin would have figured since Jungkook drew blood, however, it proves him wrong when Jungkook is actually patient and gentle on him. There was no communication—their bodies are the only ones doing the talking.

And as Jimin lays with Jungkook on the soft sofa with not a single thread of clothes their warm bodies, he decides to take the black ink pen that was on the coffee table and draws little scribbles right where Jungkook’s heart is thumping steadily.

Jimin draws a small, simple heart on Jungkook’s bruised skin and in that heart he writes, “Love, Jimin.”

“Jungkook-ssi! How was working with the Nation’s darling?”

The flashes and shutters from the dozens of cameras go off in front of him and Jimin, but he is content nonetheless. After the concert ended, paparazzi crowded the venue in record time, and both artists had to be escorted with more than ten bodyguards since both Namjoon and Yoongi didn’t want to talk until they released an official press conference.

Jungkook looks to his side with a bright smile on his face, the small hand gripping his own tightens. Jimin dyed his hair to a soft pink this time, and his bangs fall softly framing his now smaller face. It’s not really the usual color that Jimin would go for, but it actually works on him and Jungkook seems to love it even more.

“Working with him was sometimes a hassle since he’s a perfectionist.” The room fills with laughter and murmuring. “But he’s a hardworking, strong and is a consistent performer. So, I guess working with him was never a regret for me.”

Jungkook looks to his side one more time, and he can see why Jimin had earn such a title. Park Jimin had showed him what was it like to be down to earth, to love and to care for someone.  He guided Jungkook on how to be true to oneself. Though they got together in a short period of time, now they a have a whole future ahead of them and all the time they need.

Park Jimin is the Nation’s Sweetheart, and Jungkook finally has the honor of being Jimin’s own little sweetheart.