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“Come on, Ty; don’t make me do it alone,” the blond begged him.

Tyler arched an eyebrow, looking from Reid to the edge of the cliff. He wasn’t scared of heights, that wasn’t what was stopping him. What was stopping him was the fact that he was thirteen and he wasn’t sure if he trusted his new powers to prevent him from falling to his death. He wasn’t entirely sure if he trusted Reid’s power either. Which wasn’t to say that he didn’t trust Reid, but. He’d had a whole year to mess around with his power.

“Come oooon, Ty,” Reid whined.

Tyler sighed, trying to burrow deeper into his winter coat. “If I do, will you let me go back inside where it’s warm?”

Reid perked up instantly. With the way Tyler was acting, you’d think he was trying to get the kid to do something awful instead of jumping off of a cliff. They were warlocks; they had unimaginable power. What was the fun of having it if they didn’t use it? Though he had to agree that it was freezing out. In the middle of January, right by the ocean, probably wasn’t the best time or place for this. But Tyler had finally gotten his powers the previous month and Reid had been waiting a whole year to be able to do shit like this with him.

“You’re going to love it, really,” Reid said. He kissed Tyler on the cheek, lips icy cold against his skin.

Then he took the boy by the hand, his eyes burning from blue to black. Tyler took a deep breath, following suit, and Reid gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. The younger boy smiled a little. Reid wasn’t worried about this; he must’ve done it a hundred times by now. Which was why he didn’t wait any longer; he stepped over the edge of the cliff, pulling Tyler with him. Tyler let out a startled squeak, but Reid just grinned.

Yeah, this was awesome.