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Mystery ink.

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Scooby was the first friend shaggy had ever really had, if he was being honest. No one else had ever even really bothered with him. He was the son of a rich family. He was a coward, and lazy, and he was always eating. No one could really stand him. He'd been going to his new highschool for almost a year, and he still had no friends.


He met Daphne after school. Both of them were forced to attend these after school meetings that consisted mainly of the rich parents telling the school faculty exactly how to do their jobs. Mostly the faculty listened. Shaggy and Daphne hit it off almost right away, surprising many. Daphne was a member of almost six sports teams, and excelled in almost every extracurricular. She was everything that shaggy wasn't. They became great friends, Daphne fought off bullies, most of the time quite literally, and shaggy taught her history. It was the one thing he really excelled at. None of the things he knew were really part of the standard education, but he had a way of telling stories of the past that made them seem almost real. They continued on like this for months, hanging out and talking, and playing with their favorite dog.


Fred Jones was a born leader. That's what his dad always said. So naturally he had to be a part of every leadership building class, and every public speaking course available. He didn't really like it though. Fred didn't care for any of the schools classes all that much. What he did care about though, was adventure. He loved thrill seeking, he loved excitement and solving riddles, he loved mysteries.  He also loved engineering. Mechanics. He loved seeing how things worked, and building them again, newer and better. What had started as a hobby in his young self had grown into a full blown passion.  


Velma dinkly was smart. That's what she was. It was her label, and one she'd stuck too for quite some time. She always felt safe in the intellectual personification she built for herself. But as she'd grown, she began to realise she resented it. She realised what was once her safe space had began to feel like a box she had been forced to occupy. So she took stupid risks. She went thrill seeking and did out right dangerous things. She tried to feel something other than what she had been all her life.