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Fushigi Shorts

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To say that Miaka's mother was disappointed in her daughter's decision not to go to college would have been an incredible understatement. Mrs. Yuuki had taken a close look at her life after Miaka's birth and her husband's death and seen where she had gone wrong. She had married Yuuki Kenrou straight out of High School in a fit of delirious love and been a proper housewife to him while he made the money they lived on in the business world. She had never had cause to regret her life until he died and she found herself without the income she needed to make sure her children were taken care of.

She hadn't wanted Miaka to ever have to rely on a man for her life and she had pushed her daughter hard in that pursuit. She had never been willing to accept anything less than the absolute best from her daughter and Miaka had not disappointed her with her efforts, even if it was clear that she was not at all interested in academics the way her friend Yui was.

Then, all at once from her point of view, Keisuke and his friend Tetsuya had introduced their friend Sukunami Taka to the family. She knew that Keisuke and Miaka thought she hadn't seen it, but the shattered longing in the way Miaka and Taka looked at each other was a mirror image of the way she had felt about her husband when they had met for the first time. Everyone was amused by this except her and she did everything she could to slow down what she could already see coming.

Miaka went to Jounan High School with Yui and the two of them got really good grades there, but she knew that Miaka was only doing it because she wanted her to. She wasn't even considering the college entrance exams or what she would study in college, no matter how much pressure her mother put on her. Mrs. Yuuki was getting a bit desperate to make sure that her daughter never had to go through what she had.

To their credit, Taka and Miaka waited until the last semester of her senior year to announce their engagement. By then, Taka had graduated and built himself a successful business that he assured his soon to be mother-in-law would provide everything Miaka needed even if something happened to him. It didn't make her feel any better about her daughter's future when she graduated from High School, passed on a scholarship and married Taka in the space of two months. She told her daughter that it was hasty, ill-considered and generally a poor choice for the future. She wanted Miaka to have a career and good prospects for the future, to be happy.

Miaka, however, wasn't the child she had been. At some point while Mrs. Yuuki was working to support her two children and their prospects for the future, she had gone to work and left her daughter a child only to come back and find that she was a woman. So Miaka had smiled serenely at her mother, adjusted the western style wedding veil in her hair and told her that she was happy. She was her own person and all she wanted in the world was to be Taka's wife.

Then even though Mrs. Yuuki was disappointed in the way her daughter's life was going, she wasn't as disappointed as she could have been. Maybe it was the most important thing for Miaka to be happy, after all.