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Perfect Timing

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“You’re his vessel, you know. And when you say yes, the whole world is going to pay for it. But we don’t really care about that right now. You just gotta play your part, and we’ll make sure that your brother plays his. Michael will kill Lucifer, and we’ll all be happy. Except for you, of course. You’ll be dead. It’s too bad that Dean will have to watch himself kill his own brother. A pity really. Oh well. It’s not like he’ll get his body back, anyways. Michael’s been searching for a vessel for a very long time.”

“You can’t make me do anything!” Sammy growled. “I won’t let you hurt Dean like that, and I won’t hurt anyone else!”

“You’ve already hurt so many people,” the angel snapped. “Why not just a few more?” The angel disappeared without a trace, leaving Sam to his thoughts.

“They can’t make me hurt anyone if I’m dead,” he muttered, marching over to his bag to pull out a knife. It wasn’t the quickest way, but it would leave less of a mess than a gunshot.

He sat on the edge of the tub, silent tears trickling down his face. He knew that Dean wouldn’t take this well. Dean had told him before that he couldn’t live without Sammy, and that if he ever died, he would probably follow soon after. Sniffling, Sam pulled out his phone and called the number that he knew by heart.

It was Bobby who answered. “Hey kid, what’s up?”

“Bobby?” Sammy whispered, his voice cracking. “I need you to do me a favor.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Just…” Sammy sniffed, clearing his throat before continuing. “I need you to promise that you’ll take care of Dean.”

“I always do, now tell me what’s wrong.”

“I—Bobby I can’t. Just please, take care of Dean for me. Make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.”

“Sammy—“ Sam hung up the phone before Bobby could finish. He sobbed into his hands. Why did everything have to be so difficult for him? First Jess was murdered, and now this? He took a few deep breaths, and sniffed, willing himself to stop crying. Maybe grant him some dignity in his last moments.

He was glad that Dean was out at the bar, and would probably go to sleep in the apartment of whatever girl he managed to pick up there. He put the knife to his wrist, and then paused. Dean wouldn’t know why he had done this. He contemplated writing him a note, but then decided that it wasn’t worth it. He didn’t want his brother to know that he was the vessel. He would save him the pain.

The blade stung as he dragged it across his left wrist, deeper than he had ever done so before. The blood gushed out in rivers. He leaned against the shower wall, feeling lethargic as the blood poured out of his body. Then, there was a voice.

“Sammy! NO!” It was Gabriel. Sam had almost forgotten about him, and struggled to sit up to see him. “No Sammy,” Gabriel growled. “Let me heal you!”

“No,” Sammy said weakly. “No, you can’t.”

“Oh shut up you selfish ass! Now stop moving!”

Sammy felt cool fingers on his wrist, and then a warm, tingly sensation as the angel healed him.

“No Gabriel,” Sammy cried, feeling a bit stronger now that the blood wasn’t flowing. “You shouldn’t have done that!” The tears were streaming down his face again. “You don’t understand.”

“I understand well enough you ass! You found out that you were Lucifer’s vessel so you decided to kill yourself. Well boo-hoo Sammy, because you know what? This isn’t just about you. I love you Sammy. Don’t you see? You can’t kill yourself. I won’t let you!”

“Gabe, what?”

The next thing that Sammy could comprehend was Gabriel’s lips as they crashed down on his own. He found himself responding in kind, his tongue tangling with Gabriel’s. Gabriel slowly lifted him out of the tub and placed him on the counter, still keeping their lips locked. He tangled his hands in Sammy’s hair, and moaned into his mouth. Sammy responded in kind, wrapping his legs around Gabriel’s waist and grinding their hips together. They were both hard.

Gabriel pulled on Sammy’s hair, earning a deep groan from Sam. He grinded closer, panting at the delicious friction. He put his teeth around Sam’s earlobe, biting down softly. “You’re mine,” he growled. “And I won’t let you be hurt again, by you or anyone else.” Sammy whimpered.

“No talking,” Sammy said. “Please.”

Gabriel captured his lips again, sliding his hands up Sam’s body to unbutton his shirt. He slid it off of his shoulders, then stepped back to pull his undershirt off as well. He leant over, licking his way up Sam’s body to his nipples. He then looked up at Sam lustfully before taking one into his mouth, worrying at it with his teeth, then licking away the sting. He repeated the process with the other one, and Sammy tangled his fingers in Gabriel’s hair, moaning obscenely. Gabriel made his way down Sammy’s arms, pausing to kiss every self-harm scar there, and spending an extra long time on the newest one, the one that couldn’t be avoided when he had healed him.

He got down to Sam’s fingers, and sucked two into his mouth.

“Bed, now,” Sammy panted.

Gabriel picked him up and walked him over to the bed, laying him on his back. He kissed him, crawling over him to grind their hips together. “Clothes,
off,” Sammy pleaded. Gabriel consented, pulling his shirt off, then his pants in one smooth motion. Sammy fumbled with the button on his own jeans, but eventually got them off.

Gabriel got back on top, kissing him deeply. He reached a hand down to take both of them into his hand, gliding his hand up and down both of their erections. Sammy threw his head back, groaning in pleasure. His hands knotted in the bed sheets. Gabriel stopped once he knew that Sammy was close.

“You ass,” Sammy groaned. “Please just let me come.”

“Not yet, Sammy, but I promise soon.”

Gabriel got off Sam, whose immediate reaction was to whimper and reach out for him. He flipped Sammy over, using a pillow to make him comfortable as his ass was propped up in the air. Gabriel licked his way down Sam’s back, nibbling as he went.

Sammy felt Gabriel’s tongue and teeth make a fiery trail down his back. He shivered with excitement, his cock painfully hard and rubbing torturously against the sheets below him. He moaned loudly as he felt hot breath against his inner thighs, then light kisses trailing up towards his balls.

Gabriel licked and kissed a trail from Sam’s balls to his hole, then began stretching him with his tongue. Sammy moaned and writhed beneath him, and Gabriel gently put his finger at Sam’s entrance, pushing in alongside his tongue. With the buildup of saliva, he was able to push a second finger in, and began scissoring his fingers, making Sammy moan louder. Gabriel smirked, kissing a trail back up Sam's body before licking at his neck.

Sam groaned, reaching behind him to grab Gabriel’s cock and guide it to his entrance. Gabriel teasingly smacked at his hand, reaching for the lube. He wanted his princess to be able to walk in the morning. He ran a slick hand down his length, then positioned himself in front of Sam’s pink hole. He pushed in slowly, groaning as his warmth encompassed him. He stayed still for a moment, waiting for Sam to adjust.

Sam was breathing heavily, unaccustomed to the intrusion. He wiggled around a bit, causing Gabriel to groan and himself to moan as Gabriel’s cock hit his prostate. Gabriel smiled sexily, pulling back and slamming back in to hit the spot again with more force. Sam’s eyes rolled back into his head, his mouth falling open in a moan as his cock jumped beneath him. He reached down to handle himself, only to be slapped away by Gabriel.

“No Sammy,” Gabriel growled breathlessly. “I want you to come from this and this alone.” He demonstrated what he meant by pulling back out and hitting Sam’s prostate again with force. Sam moaned, feeling a familiar coil of heat growing in his belly.

“Harder,” Sammy moaned.

Gabriel bit at his neck, then licked his way to Sammy’s ear. One of Sammy’s hands came up to tangle in Gabriel’s hair. He complied with Sam’s instructions, slamming into him harder and at a faster pace. Gabriel was close, and he could tell that Sam was, too.

“Come with me,” he growled into Sam’s ear. That was all it took for him to explode, seeing lights as he came. Gabriel came into Sam at the same time, filling him with his seed.

Gabriel pulled out of Sam, flopping down next to him in exhaustion. He turned to spoon him, nuzzling his neck. “I love you Sammy.” He kissed his collarbone. “Don’t you ever scare me like that again.”

Tears leaked out of Sam’s eyes. He couldn’t make that promise. He had been self-harming since Jess, and he couldn’t guarantee that Gabriel wouldn’t ever catch him doing it again. He would sure try his hardest to hide it.