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Rating: K+
Word Count: 1,320


Summary: Mulan and Aurora takes their daughter to her first day of  Kindergarten

Little Rose entered the small building holding both of her mother's hands. Both ladies lifted Rose up to make her smile as they held their little girl's hand.

Upon entering, Rose stopped walking and hugged Aurora's leg. "Hey, it's okay" Mulan crouched down to her little girl straightening her little girl's hair. Rose watched all the people surrounding the area, kids her age along with their parents.

Aurora look down at the mother-daughter duo. Aurora patted her daughter's head and smiled down at her, "It's going to be okay, mommy?"

"Mhmm" Aurora smiled wide and crouched down next to her wife and daughter.

"I'll be right back, I'm going to sign in" Mulan kissed her daughter's head and gave her wife a small nod.

"Are you going to leave me?" Rose asked hugging her mother once again.

Aurora didn't want to give a straight no answer, "We'll be back, I promise. While we're gone, you get to learn, you get to make friends, and a lot of fun stuff"

"No, I don't want you and mama to leave me" Aurora felt Rose's tears swelling on her outfit. "Don't leave me, mommy" Rose's hug on her mother was getting tighter but Aurora only manages to smile knowing that she felt wanted.

"Shhh" Aurora ran a hand up and down her little girl's back, "We promise, we'll back for you. You won't even notice we're gone because you're having so much fun with your new friends"

"It won't be the same without you"

Aurora smiled, she made Rose look at her mother right in the eyes, "How about this… How about when your mama and I pick you up later, we go grab your favorite ice cream? If you stop crying"

"With toppings?" Rose asked as Aurora wiped both of Rose's teary eyes.

"Of course"

"Hey, what are we talking about?" Mulan came up behind Aurora. Aurora stood up and faced her wife.

"We're taking little Rose to ice cream later, right?" Aurora nodded towards Mulan, Mulan stood a little confused but caught up when she saw the red puffiness her little girl had. "When we pick her up later"

"Of course" Mulan went down to Rose, "Anything for my little Rose" Mulan's nose and Rose's nose touched and they smiled at each other.

"C'mon, class starts in five minutes" Aurora offered both hands, one for Rose and the other for Mulan. "We don't want to be late"

Aurora and Mulan held their hands tight and smiled at each other. Aurora looked forwards and saw a couple staring at them. Aurora's smile dropped causing Mulan to look at what made Aurora's smile disappear.

A couple whispering to each other as they stared at the two lesbian mothers. When they realized that Mulan and Aurora were staring at them, they looked away in disgust.

Mulan held Aurora's hand tighter, to control her temper. "Ignore them" Mulan whispered, but she whispered a little too close.

They reached Rose's classroom and dropped her off. "We'll be back later, okay?" Aurora and Mulan dropped down to her height and kissed their little angel's forehead.

"Bye mommy, bye mama" Rose tackled both of them into a big hug. "I love you"

Aurora and Mulan stared at each other and smiled widely. "We love you too" Mulan replied, soothing her daughter's hair.

Rose pulled away and went inside the classroom carrying her small backpack with simple supplies and her packed lunch made by Aurora.

"That wasn't so hard" Mulan pulled both of their bodies up into a standing position and started walking with her hand around Aurora. Mulan kissed Aurora in her temple, "What do you want to do today?"

Aurora shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know… Let's just stay home and have a movie marathon. How does that sound?"

"Perfect" Mulan gave Aurora a chaste kiss upon exiting the building walking over to their car.

"Excuse us, you shouldn't kiss in public just like that. There are kids all around" A man said, it was the same man that looked at them in disgust. "We shouldn't show kids this kind of foolishness"

Mulan and Aurora stared at the man along with his wife. "What's so wrong? It was just a chaste kiss" Mulan replied holding Aurora's hand tight.

"For one, two women kissing is not normal, it gives kids ideas that it's okay" The man replied but the wife kept silent behind him.

"You're questioning our sexuality?" Aurora replied stepping forward, "Oh, it's okay if two straight people kiss but it's a sin if two gay women kiss, even if it's just a second" Aurora was standing up to the man's level but Mulan pushed Aurora back.

"Aurora, stop, let's just go" Mulan pulled Aurora towards the car. Aurora pulled her middle finger up to the man while she was walking backwards. "You didn't have to do that" Mulan scolded as she opened the car, both getting in their respective seats.

"Yeah, well, that guy was was a major asshole" Aurora cosset her arms staring straight.

"Don't let people like them get in your head. There will always be people like that but know that there are people who support our rights" Mulan placed a hand on Aurora's left knee and looked at her directly hoping she would look too.

Aurora looked down at her knee and up at Mulan's eyes. Aurora smiled and leaned in towards Mulan, they kissed, longer than just a chaste one. "You're right"

The lovely couple sat down at the waiting area inside the kindergarten. They talked, just usual stuff, bills, plans over the weekend. The usual talk.

They saw the couple they got into a fight with walk inside, they sat far away from Mulan and Aurora.

Once the clock hit two, the small children went outside the door, the teacher yelling at them to not run. Nothing can stop them from running though, they missed their parents dearly throughout the day.

Rose waved goodbye to several kids as they parted ways. Rose immediately saw her parents and smiled. "I made new friends mommy"

"Really? Can you point them out?"

Rose pointed them one by one and said their names. "Can we grab ice cream now?"

"Of course" Mulan picked her little girl up and nuzzled her cheek. "Anything for you, especially since you've been so good today, right?"

"Mama!" Rose giggled as Mulan continued to tickled her around the cheek area with her face.

Aurora and Mulan let Rose choose her favorite soft serve ice cream in a cup and choose her favorite toppings to satisfy her sweet tooth. Mulan and Aurora shared a cup having a mix of delectable sweets and fruits together.

"Mama, mommy. How come I don't have a daddy?" The trio walked out of the shop making their way to the car when Rose asked holding her cup tightly. Rose took a spoonful and ate some causing some chocolate to drip around her mouth.

Mulan and Aurora looked at each other, once they're at the car, Aurora dropped down to Rose's height and took out a small handkerchief, "You don't need a daddy" Aurora said in a nice way hoping Rose wouldn't get offended.

"Why not? My friends have daddies" Rose let her mother wipe off the chocolate drippings on her mouth off.

"Well, cause we're both. We act as your mommy and daddy" Mulan crouched down to Rose's height also.

"Are you disappointed you don't have a daddy?" Aurora asked pushing Rose's hair back away from the ice cream and her face.

"No, cause I have you. I love you" Rose hugged each parent one by one then kissed them on the cheek.

"Oh, you sticky" Mulan wiped off the excess chocolate in Rose's mouth as the small family laughed.