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Rating: T
Word Count: 1,400

Run Away With Me:

Summary: Mulan and Aurora knows that no one approve of their relationship, they decide to run away even if it means forgetting who they are.

6 months after Aurora and Mulan jumped into a portal into Storybrooke, they started having feelings for each other, they started becoming more intimate, per se. After most people started talking about them, a lesbian couple, a princess and a warrior. The princess was woken up by with true love's kiss, where does Mulan come in the picture? Many believed that they simply cannot be.

Of course, they received positive feedback about their love from Snow and Emma, along with their family. But criticism from other townsfolk.

The pressure was way too much for both women to handle. After a short three month relationship, both had broken it off. Both requested different apartments on different sides of the small town after living together.

Another four months have past, they rarely talk to each other wanting to push back their feelings towards each other. They miss each other dearly, wanting to talk to the other person. But how? How do they do it without making people think that they're just two friends talking? How do they make people believe that they just want to talk?

They can't. The world that they had gone to is a judgmental world. This world is cruel. But both of them know that there is nothing left for them back in their original world. Nearly everything is destroyed, the inhabitants had gone off to this world.

What kind of kingdom is there for Aurora to run without her people, without her prince. There is nothing left, so they ran away.

Of course, one night, they have to talk, don't they? And they did.

One night, at Granny's. Mulan was just grabbing something to go, something to eat for dinner while she watch a movie or something.

It just so happens that Ruby was the only person there behind the counter. Aurora was there too, drinking Granny's famous hot chocolate, she sat on a chair in front of the counter talking to Ruby.

The bell ran when Mulan opened the door, both eyes landed on Mulan. Mulan gave an awkward smile, Mulan walked over to the counter standing a few seats away from Aurora. "Can I get a cheeseburger to go with hot chocolate please?"

Ruby walked over to Mulan, near the cash register, "Sure thing, Mulan. It's gonna take a few minutes, I'm the only one here right now. $5.29, please" Ruby told Mulan, as Mulan took money out of her wallet, Ruby eyed Aurora.

Aurora stared straight into space trying to ignore that fact that Mulan is right there.

"I'll be back, I'm just gonna cook your burger" Ruby walked backwards sensing the powerful aura radiating out off Mulan and Aurora. The awkwardness made Ruby walk back more.

Ruby didn't mind their relationship at all, she had her lesbian moment with Belle, of course, the feelings are clearly not reciprocated because of Gold.

Mulan sat down a few seats away from Aurora and fondled with her fingers looking for something to do but there was simply nothing. Aurora looked straight but her peripheral vision could see Mulan, sitting awkwardly, looking down at her fingers.

Aurora saw Ruby mouthing something towards her. Ruby gestured to Aurora to go talk to Mulan. Aurora gestured 'okay' to Ruby in an annoying way.

Aurora started gathering up her courage, she finally looked at Mulan, who was staring at her because she saw Aurora making weird gestures. Aurora blushed because she technically just embarrassed herself.

Aurora took a deep breath out and stood up and sat on a chair next to Mulan. "Hey"

"Hi" Mulan replied.

"How are you?"

"I'm okay"

"I…" Aurora hesitated before saying what's truly in her mind. "I've been lonely… very lonely for the past few months, I miss you so much."

Mulan avoided looking at Aurora in the eye even thought she knows that Aurora is trying to capture her eyes. "Yeah" was all Mulan said.

"Is that all you're going to say?" Aurora said with a hint of annoyance in her voice. Aurora waited for Mulan's reply but no words came out of her mouth, no, she didn't even move. "Why don't you talk to me?"

"Now's not the time, Aurora" Mulan fidgeted with her fingers more, she tapped them on the counter now that Aurora was questioning her.

"Yes, it is the time, Mulan. You always say that whenever I want to talk to you, you keep pushing me away! I don't want that, I want things to go back to the way they were!" Aurora shouted. Mulan saw a head pop out from the kitchen, Ruby's head holding a paper bag and a cup.

Mulan stood up and Ruby brought over the bag and cup to Mulan. "I have to go" Mulan stormed out of the diner.

"Mulan!" Aurora said her goodbye to Ruby, she grabbed her jacket and ran towards Mulan.

Aurora followed Mulan all the way to her apartment. Mulan ignored Aurora's plead to talk to her. Mulan was about to close her door when Aurora stopped the door from fully closing with her foot. "I'm not leaving"

Mulan opened the door and finally let Aurora in. "I still love you… That's why I try to not talk to you. I'm going to do something stupid that we're both going to regret and it's just going to cause more heartache for both of us, okay?" Mulan's back faced Aurora.

Aurora walked towards Mulan and grabbed her hand from behind. Mulan finally looked at Aurora in the eyes with tears filling her eyes. Aurora hugged her friend.

"I caused you so much heartache" Aurora whispered, "I'm so sorry" Aurora pulled away. They both looked at each other, Aurora closed the gap between them by kissing Mulan.

Mulan would've tried to resist but… she doesn't want to. Aurora pulled Mulan into a more passionate kiss.

Mulan woke up in a naked state. Only a woman and blankets covering her. She saw Aurora already awake playing with her hair, "Good morning" Aurora smiled.

Mulan pushed Aurora off and sat up. Mulan placed her hands on her temples, this was going to cause more drama to their lives. "Mulan…"

"Aurora, we can't. We just can't" Mulan stood up to grab a huge shirt from her closet, she placed it on and looked away.

"Mulan… Sit down with me, I need to ask you something" Aurora kept Mulan's side of the bed open just for her. Mulan turned and saw Aurora still covered in blankets with a depressed face, hoping that she would come and talk.

Mulan walked over to sit down at the bed.

"I love you. I know it's hard on you having all of this stacked on top of you… I don't want any of this too." Aurora took hold of Mulan's hands, "Run away with me"

Mulan looked at Aurora, "Run away? Where are we to run away? Nearly everybody strictly told us not to cross the line leaving Storybrooke. We'll forget who we are, Aurora"

"Isn't this bad enough? I rather forget who Aurora is rather not being with you"

"We don't know what kind of effect what else it'll-"

"I'm willing, Mulan…"

Aurora grabbed Mulan's face leaning to it, Aurora kissed Mulan with as much as passion as she can give to persuade Mulan.

"Let's run away" Mulan replied.

"Are you sure?" Mulan stepped out of the driver's seat to look at the line, Aurora done the same on the passenger seat.

"I'm a hundred percent positive" Aurora smiled warmly at Mulan. Mulan smiled back and slid into the driver's seat again, placing her seatbelt on, Aurora done the same.

They gave nods to each other.

Mulan accelerated. They expected to forget who they are, expected to be in a car with a random stranger hoping to fall in love with each other.

They remember though, they know who they are, they're Mulan and Aurora.

A few feet after they accelerated away from the line, they smiled at each other.

"We're… still us" Aurora mentioned making sure she's in the right body. "The curse doesn't affect us… I guess because we're not part of the curse"

"I guess so…" Mulan sighed in relief already 1/4th of a mile away from Storybrooke. "Where to?"

"Hmm" Aurora pulled out a small map of America, "Don't look, just point… Any spot you pick"

Mulan kept her eyes on the road and pointed with one finger on the map then looked. "New York…"

"New York, it is"