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Once Upon A Time In Neverland

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«Thanks again.» Charming said with a small smile as he sat down opposite of Hook in front of the small fire.

“Sure thing, mate.” Hook replied as he continued throwing small sticks into the fire. His mind was elsewhere at the moment. More accurately, on the information Pan had just given him about Bae.

“This place, I know you hate it, but…” Charming stopped there as he fiddled with the leather gloves he was holding in his hands.

“What? Spit it out, not like you to hold anything back.” Hook said, finally looking up from the fire and trying to study the other man instead.
“It sort of brings out another side of you, now, don’t get me wrong here, I still don’t want you anywhere near my daughter, but it’s good.” Charming said, offering the other man a
serious look mixed in with a small smile.

Hook hid his grin from the protective father. “Aye.” Was all he replied a he glanced over to where the women were peacefully sleeping.

“You should have told her you know.” He said, nodding his heads towards them “Both of them.”

Charming sighed “You sound like a broken record, Hook.”

Hook laughed “They would have had my other hand if I’d come back without you.”

“Oh please, Mary Margaret would have had your head.” Charming replied “I should have guessed this was about your own well being.”

Hook sat up straight and raised one of his eyebrows “And here I was, thinking we were having a moment, you wound me, Dave.”

Charming snorted “Don’t kid yourself, pirate.”

“A man can dream, can’t he?”

Charming looked thoughtfully around him, gazing over the stars and trees surrounding them “I guess this place wouldn’t be here if he couldn’t.”

“This place is not run on dreams, mate.” Hook answered in all seriousness “This isn’t like your world; there ain’t no hope for any fairytales or happy endings here.”

“There’s always hope.” Charming replied at once, like it was a reflex.

Hook didn’t replied, he just gazed over Charming’s face, trying to read his expression before shaking his head slightly and smiling to himself “Well, let’s hope there is, for all of our sakes.”

“You seem distant, something you wanna share?”

“A walk across the mountain and you think you know me?” Hook asked, tilting his head slightly, in the same manner Emma often did.

“I know you better than I did yesterday.” Charming said and tossed the gloves on the ground and started rubbing his hands together. “You thinking about your brother?”

Actually he hadn’t been, up until the man had brought it up again. It seemed so long ago, like a distant dream that hadn’t really happened, except it had, and the second he’d seen the black poison making it’s way through Dave’s body and towards his heart, the memories had come rushing back.

“There’s nothing to tell.”

“But that’s why you knew that I couldn’t leave the island, isn’t it?” Charming asked carefully, and Hook understood that he was curious, but he still wouldn’t want to push, the two things never seemed to mix well.

“Aye.” Hook said “That’s how I learned how all magic-“

“Comes with a price, yeah, I know.” Charming sighed. “I’m sorry.”

“Why?” Hook asked without thinking and Charming looked at him with a puzzling look. “I’ll try to get a few hours of sleep now, I’ll see you in the morning.”

“You sure there’s nothing else you’d like to tell me?”

Hook shrugged his shoulders “Nothing that can’t wait till morning, I reckon.”

“All right then, night.”

Hook got up from where had been sitting on the log and then stopped, thinking again of his brother. “I’m glad you’re okay, Dave.”

Charming looked confused for a second before smiling up at him “Yeah, me too.”