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Dragon Pox-Relapse

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-~-~- Dragon Pox - Relapse -~-~-

-~-~- Chapter 6 -~-~-

-~-~-by StillWatersAreDeep-~-~-


Sunday 6th October 1996


“ Everything alright, Harry?” Ron asked when he returned from the bathroom and saw his best friend sitting on his bed and looking worriedly at a small piece of parchment.


“Yeah, it's nothing,” Harry answered, hastily stuffing the parchment into his trouser pocket.


Ron shrugged his shoulders before they both made their way down the stairs into the common room. “By they way, you still did not tell me where you vanished to last Tuesday ,” the read-head stated.


“I was wandering around the castle before I ended up spending some time in the Room of Requirement,” Harry answered, omitting that he had purposefully walked towards the room to meet with Draco, where they spent the whole rainy afternoon talking and playing Dragon Reserve. It had been an enjoyable afternoon for both boys.


“Did anything happen?” Ron asked, worried. He and Hermione noticed that something was different with Harry. Since Wednesday morning something seemed to be off with their best friend. Thus, they assumed that something must have happened when Harry vanished on Tuesday.


“Nothing,” the brunet answered with a slight shake of his head before both boys greeted Hermione and walked downstairs to the Great Hall for breakfast. But opposed to his statement, something did happen, just not Tuesday afternoon. What plagued Harry w as the dream he had Tuesday night.


Ever since his Dragon Pox Immunisation the stars of his sexual dreams had more and more often been male rather than female, sometimes even changing their sex in the middle of a dream. Especially one dream where he was shaking a faceless blond had played repeatedly in front of his eyes during his sleeping hours. That that light shade of blond was exactly the colour of Draco's hair did not cross Harry's mind until Tuesday night when he had the dream again. However, this time the previously faceless young man had suddenly gained a face. Draco's face to be precise.


Having spent so much time with Draco yesterday must have triggered the change, Harry at first had thought. But when he had the exact same dream again on Wednesday and Thursday , where he did not have any contact with Draco outside if their shared classes, he started to wonder more and more about the dreams. With Draco's face present, the dreams suddenly felt more like a distant memory than an imaginary scene his mind and hormones created. But that cannot be true, Harry firmly told himself.


Why did this has to happen now of all things? Harry asked inside his mind as he buttered his toast. After there game of Dragon Reserve, he had finally felt like Draco was a real friend. A friend who was known inside Hogwarts to be gay. A friend Harry trusted enough to ask about how the blond knew that he was gay because he himself started to believe that he might be gay or at least bi.


But I cannot ask the star of my current sexual fantasies about this, Harry thought resigned as he added some jam to his toast. It would be too awkward if he asked why I am asking him about being gay. Or if he asked me, if there is anyone special I fancied, who made me question my sexuality, Harry thought. And not to forget that I can hardly look at him without having to think about my dreams. How kissable his swollen lips look as I move atop of him . With a shake of his head, Harry forcefully stopped his train of thought before his cheeks had a chance to turn red.


Still, I'm curious why he cancelled today's meeting . Looking around the Great Hall, he searched for the blond's distinctive hair but could not spot it among the students at the Slytherin table. Maybe he's ill? Harry wondered. The note he received this morning and was now lying in his trouser pocket did not say much.


~Sorry, I cannot make it today. Let's meet sometime next week. D.~


Did something happen to him in Hogsmead? Harry wondered. While he had seen the blond walk into the village, he had not spotted the blond in any of the shops while he was in Hogsmead or on his way back to the castle, which was very unusual. Even when they were still school rivals they saw glimpse of each other at least once an hour inside the village. I really hope that Draco is alright.


When Draco did not show up for dinner that night, Harry became really worried about the blond. Hastily eating his meal, Harry sprinted towards Gryffindor tower and took out the Marauders' Map. With relief he saw that Draco's name was not among the ones shown in side the Hospital Wing. Browsing through the map, Harry finally spotted Draco's name in the Slytherin dorms.


I really hope that he is okay, Harry thought as he went to bed, still wondering what had happened for Draco to cancel their meeting. Hopefully he has not found out about my dreams and wants to stay away from me because of them.


When Harry saw Draco's blond hair across the hall on Monday, he was relived. But once he was able to get a good look at Draco's face, he became slightly worried. The blond looked ill. He had dark circles under his eyes and his already pale skin looked nearly white now. Why isn't he in the hospital wing? Harry wondered. But when he asked the blond between classes, he only said that Madame Pomfrey would not be able to help him and that he would be okay again in a day or two.


Harry could only hope that the blond was right with his assumption. He really hated to see Draco in such a bad state.


~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ Dragon Pox ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~


Wednesday 9th October 1996


“Merlin, you really must have the worst luck ever,” Ron told Harry as they left the Potions classroom. Snape had just announced that for the next two months they would be brewing three very time consuming potions in the pairs he assigned.


“You know, Ron,” Hermione interrupted, “if you were not so determined on hating Malfoy, you would have noticed that his behaviour changed in the last month. And he knows what he's doing when it comes to Potions.”


“ She's right, you know,” Harry finally spoke up. “ I'm confident that it will go well. We have not quarrelled with him since the Dragon Pox Vaccination. At least with him as my partner the chance of the cauldron blowing up is non-existent,” he said, pointedly looking at Ron's partner, Terry Boot .


“ I have to give it to the ferret that he is good in Potions,” Ron grudgingly admitted, already imaging ten different ways of how his own assignment was bound to end in a disaster. While he and Terry were not as bad as Neville, they both still had barely made it into Snape's NEWTs level class.


“ Cheer up, mate,” Harry said, giving Ron a friendly pat on the shoulder. “If Hermione could brew the Polyjuice Potion in second year, I'm sure you can manage it on your own four years later.”


“ That's not the potion I'm worried about,” the red-head mumbled.


“ As long as we do not have to brew Amortentia , you should be safe,” the brunet said. “Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a brewing schedule to fix.” And with that Harry left his two friends and walked over to where Draco was walking a little bit ahead of them.


While Draco still did not look well, the dark rings under his eyes were considerably lighter and also Draco's skin looked healthier than two days ago.


“ Hey, Draco,” Harry said when he caught up with the blond, oblivious to the fact that he was using the blond's first name in public. “Can we meet up in the library after class to set up a schedule for brewing the potion?” he asked .


“ Sure, at five?” Draco suggested. “ We can start on the written assignment then.”


“Yeah. Meet me in the Potion s section,” Harry answered before he walked back to his friends and his next class. He knew that it was stupid to be eager about spending the afternoon inside the library, working on the homework of his least favourite subject. But he had not spent any alone time with Draco in a week, so even writing a Potions essay sounded like a good way to pass his time as long as he would be in Draco's company.


~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ Dragon Pox ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~


Wednesday 16th October 1996


Something was definitely wrong with Draco, Harry was sure. Thrice he'd ask ed during the last week if Draco was okay, but every time he only got an annoyed, “I'm fine,” in return. But Harry was sure that Draco was not fine. While he looked better than a week ago, Harry still noticed that Draco seemed to be more tired than not these days.


“ Let's start brewing this useless rubbish,” Draco said as he lit the fire under the copper cauldron.


“Snape would kill me for such a comment,” Harry said.


“It's his own fault for forcing us to brew this shame of a 'potion' , Draco countered.


“Maybe he thought you would have use of it,” Harry answered, playfully shoving Draco's elbow .


“Do I look like Pansy?” Draco asked.


“No, but you still look like someone who uses beauty products,” Harry answered.


“As if I would ever use a Beautification Potion,” Draco said as he separated the Fwooper eggs, as they only need the yolk .


“You look handsome enough already,” Harry muttered under his breath as he measured the right amount of Jarvey milk. “You know, the first part of this potion instruction sounds just like the recipe for vanilla pudding, just with magical ingredients,” Harry said conversationally .


“I wouldn't know about it. The house-elves always make the pudding back home,” Draco answered as he added the honey into the mix.


“I usually cooked the pudding. Except, of course, when my aunt was not awaiting important guests. Then she was always preparing it herself,” Harry admitted.


“ I'm sure yours still tasted better,” Draco said, smiling at Harry, who quickly looked away and focused on the cauldron .


“It certainly is better than this weird version,” Harry joked as he needed all of his strength to stir the now thick, yellow pudding inside the cauldron.


“But better this shit, which only has to sit for a week before we can continue brewing, than the hair straightener potion which has to be constantly stirred for five hours.”


“ Hmm,” Harry agreed, having a feeling that Draco was the only reason why Snape had not assigned them that cruel potion.


“ How about we read another fairytale while we wait for the mixture to cool down?” Draco suggested. And not sooner had the words left his mouth, a sofa appeared in the far corner of the room, safely away from the potions bench, but still close enough that they could keep a watchful eye on the thermometer.


“And that's why we're brewing in the Room of Requirement instead of the Potions classroom,” Harry said as he laid a friendly arm over Draco's shoulders and led them towards the sofa.


“Really? I thought you were just too lazy to walk all the way down to the dungeon,” Draco teased.


“ Shut up and start reading,” Harry said as he got comfortable, his head nearly touching Draco's shoulder.


By the time Draco had finished reading 'Hansel and Gretel', Harry's head had tilted forward so that it was now comfortably resting on Draco's shoulder.


“ It's nearly cool enough to add the breadnuts,” Draco stated after a look at the thermometer, but neither of them made a move to get up, being too comfortable where they were right now.


After enjoying the atmosphere for some more moments, Harry finally lifted his head from Draco's shoulder and slowly got up from the sofa, holding out a helping hand to the blond. “ Let's finish the potion.”


~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ Dragon Pox ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~


That night Harry lay awake in his bed, thinking back about what happened this evening . As they were brewing the potion, it was easy to forget about his growing sexual desires for the blond. As they teased and joked around, all he could think about was the here and now: Two friends having fun while doing their schoolwork.


But when Draco smiled at him as he told him that he was sure that Harry's pudding would taste better than Petunia's, the butterflies in Harry's stomach began to flutter and his chest grew warm. He knew that it was just a friendly comment, so he tried to not let his reaction show and concentrated on stirring the potion. But still, Harry feared that more of these smiles could be the one thing that make him start to fall for the blond who certainly was feeling nothing more but friendship for him, even though Harry knew that Draco preferred boys.


But when has my life ever been easy, Harry thought as he turned around to his other side and fell asleep. At least in his dreams he could enjoy making love to Draco without being confused and worried about his own feelings and desires for the blond boy that had become one of his best friends over the last weeks.


~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ Dragon Pox ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~


Next Update : Hopefully in August. It will switch to Draco's POV.