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Dragon Pox-Relapse

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Warnings: sexual content and voyeurism, kind of. But read for yourself.

AN: We reach the turning point and the reason why this story is named as it is.


-~-~- Dragon Pox - Relapse -~-~-

-~-~- Chapter 9 -~-~-

-~-~-by StillWatersAreDeep-~-~-


Saturday, 7th December, Hog s mead


With the first of December also came the first snow of the season. Since then the temperature had increased again, thus the roads in Hogsmead were currently all muddy and full of puddles. But Harry did not care about such a small thing as he wandered from the Shrieking Shack back towards the Three Broomsticks, where he would meet up with Hermione, Neville, Ginny and Luna who were doing some Christmas shopping of their own. Ron had been unluckily enough to receive a version of the Skin Healing potion that required him and his partner to brew it during the Hogsmead weekend. Harry and Draco had successfully finished brew ing the Adelram Skin Healing Potion last week.


When he and Draco met up last Sunday, Harry was surprise when Draco handed over two vouchers for Honeydukes to him. “From the Sober-up Potion,” Draco explained. “Since we brewed it together, you should also get some rewards.”


“I thought you only accepted favours as payment?” Harry teased.


“I already have someone to do my History of Magic homework for the rest of the term and another who'll carry around my rucksack for the next two weeks,” Draco said. “The leftover Sober-up Potions I handed out for nearly free, just to make them stop groaning.”


Harry translated it to 'I have a big heart and do not want my house mates to suffer from celebrating my victory.' Harry was been surprised when he'd entered Honeydukes to redeem his two vouchers to buy some sweets as Christmas presents for his friends and the Weasley family and the cashier told him that he still had five Sickles to spend. Making Harry add five Chocolate Frogs to his cart. And I guessed that I needed to add a Galleon to pay for it all.


And while Draco had complained about the heavy rain during the Quidditch match, Harry could still see how happy that blond was about the fact that after three hours of searching for the Snitch, Draco had caught the golden ball right in front of the Hufflepuff Keeper and Captain.


Looking up, Harry noticed a new shop which was situated in a side street. The sign read ~Yardley's~. While Harry did not know what was sold there, he felt a pull that told him to at least take a look around the shop. Entering the shop, Harry saw some writing utensils to his right, next to the counter. On his left hand side, there were shelves, filled with cups, plates and singing teapots. Walking into the next aisle, he saw snow globes and animated miniature animals. It was the assortment of miniature dragons that caught Harry's attention. There, level with his stomach, he saw a silver-grey dragon that looked like the Arctic Icestorm dragon from the Dragon Reserve game. This would be the perfect gift for Draco, Harry thought, picking up the small dragon figure. It reminded him of the Hungarian Horntail figurine he still had in his trunk from the Tri-wizard tournament.


When the witch behind the counter asked him if she should gift- wrap the dragon, Harry nodded in affirmation, grateful that he had one less gift to wrap himself. The red and green Christmas wrapping paper also looked beautiful and the witch was certainly more skilled at gift-wrapping than Harry would ever be.


Happy that he now had Christmas presents for everyone, Harry hasted to the Three Broomsticks to meet up with Hermione and the rest of his friends. On his way in, he nearly stumbled into Draco who was leaving the pub.


“Careful,” the blond said as he stopped Harry from falling into the wet ground by grabbing his shoulder.


“Thanks,” Harry said, smiling at the blond. As he walked towards the table his friends were sitting at, he wondered if Draco would also get him a gift. He did not expect one, but he still hoped.


~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ Dragon Pox ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~


“I see the plan is progressing well,” a brunette woman told Draco not even a minutes later as he was dragged into a side street. If his Aunt Bellatrix had not used the same fake face the last time they'd met, he would have been scared for his life. Alas, he was still scared for his life, but at least with his aunt he knew which buttons to push or not to push to get away without being held under the Cruciatus Curse or killed. “Maybe even a little too well?” she asked, as she dragged Draco in a gap between two houses.


“I'm a Malfoy,” Draco answered, “we do not have a heart.”


“Don't they?” Bellatrix asked. While she could not be sure, she had the suspicion that not only little Potter had started to trust Draco, but that Draco too had developed real feelings for the brunet.


“Why are you here?” Draco asked to change the subject.


“To see if you should return to the Manor for Christmas or if you'll need the holidays to further worm your way into little Potter's heart,” she answered.


Draco did not know what to answer. On the one hand, he would like to spend Christmas at home with his family, but on the other hand, he did not want to spend the holidays in the same house as the Dark Lord. “ Has mother said something?” he asked to gain some time.


“She of course wants her little dragon home with her,” she said, painfully pinching his cheek. “ Your father too is eager to have you back. Which reminds me he told me to tell you that you should make sure to practise your little homework to perfection.”


Draco gulped and began to tremble slightly. Bellatrix of course noticed this. “ Were you not practising enough?” she teased him. “Don't worry, I'll help him punish you when I'm not busy celebrating the holidays with our Lord,” she said, dishevelling the blond's hair, her pronunciation of celebrating suggested that the celebration would occur in the bedroom. “Though why he thinks the Dark Lord will replace me, I do not know,” she added, unaware that she was speaking her thoughts out loud.


Maybe father is working under a false assumption? Draco for the first time wondered, drawing hope. If someone would know about the Dark Lord's lovers, it would be her. And she would never be talking to me like this if I would be taking her place as the Dark Lord's lover. No, I would have been dead cold on the ground already.


“So, will you come home for the holidays?” Bellatrix repeated her earlier question.


“Yes, I will,” he answered. “If this is all?” he asked, wanting to get away from Bellatrix as fast as possible.


“Going somewhere?” she asked, blocking his way.


“Yes,” Draco affirmed.


“Oh, and where are you going?”


“Looking for a Christmas present for Potter,” Draco answered, relieved that he remembered to use Harry's last name. “With me away from the castle, I must ensure that he does not forget about me,” he excused.


“I'm sure he would like something flashy. Maybe the nice black necklace they had in the showcase at Borgin and Burkes?” she suggested as she finally let Draco pass her .


Needless to say that Draco definitely did not go and brought Harry a cursed necklace or anything else dark. No, what he found was certainly something much better suited for the brunet. And thanks to his little talk with his aunt, he did not need to fear to be Crucioed by the Dark Lord if word came out that Harry had received a Christmas gift from him.


~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ Dragon Pox ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~


Friday, 13th December 1996, Hogwarts


Harry and Draco had spend the late afternoon with Hermione, and surprisingly also Neville, in the library where they worked on their Potions and Herbology assignments. No one was more surprised than Neville when Draco asked, “Does anyone know if the Nottingham catchfly is a day or night blooming plant?” and the shy Gryffindor answered that the flower was a night bloomer.


“Thank you,” Draco had answered, making Neville stammer a “No problem” in turn.


“I'm surprised,” Neville told Harry when the two Gryffindors prepared for bed that evening. “I could not believe you and Hermione when you told me that Malfoy is now behaving decently to you.”


“He is,” Harry said.


“I see it now,” Neville agreed. “Good night, Harry.”


“Good night,” Harry answered as he closed the curtains around his bed and put up a Silencing Charm. While Harry still feared that neither Sirius nor Ron would accept Draco as his boyfriend ─ or even just as a good friend ─ Neville's comment had strengthened his belief that Draco had really changed from when he was eleven years old. But then, he himself had also changed over the years.


Even after a month had passed, Harry was still unsure if he should admit his feelings to Draco. While he did take Draco reacting normally after the kiss as a good sign, he was still a bit afraid that he would lose the blond's friendship if he admitted his feelings. And there was also all the danger Draco would be in if he became the boyfriend of the Boy Who Lived, especially with his family being so close to Voldemort. Would it be worth it? Harry wondered, fearing for Draco's well-being.


But even if it would be worth the risk and we could keep our relationship a secret, how do I tell Draco how I feel? Harry wondered. Thinking about his only other attempt at dating, Harry considered to ask the Room of Requirement to produce a mistletoe over his and Draco's head the next time the two of them met there. But as nice as the idea sounded, he did want to create something special for the blond and not just copy the first kiss he shared with Cho. Though, Harry still pondered about using it to at least get a real kiss on the lips from Draco as he fell asleep.


~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ Dragon Pox ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~


“Bel- la,” Harry heard himself groan out in pleasure. Soon followed by the sight of a sweaty and naked Bellatrix Lestrange under him, breathing heavenly as she loudly voiced her pleasure .


"My Lord, yes,” the witch moaned as she orgasmed.


“So, Bella?” he asked a short while later as he relaxed against the bed cushions, and allowed the witch to lean her head on his shoulder. “How is Draco getting along with his task?”


“He certainly seemed to be successful in befriending Potter,” Bellatrix said. “ Though I still have my doubts that Potter has not ensnared Draco instead.”


“Harry certainly has lovely green eyes. Did you see how they sparkle just like the Killing Curse when he is angry?” he asked as he petted Bella's hair and laughed when Bella gave him a jealous look. “So very beautiful.” These were the last words Harry heard himself say through Voldemort's mouth before his consciousness went back to his own body.


The first thing Harry did when he came out of the vision was to run to the bathroom to throw up. I'm traumatized for life, he thought as he emptied the contents of his stomach. If he thought that seeing how he attacked Arthur Weasley was a nightmare, it did look almost harmless to the sight of Bellatrix during orgasm and the knowledge that Voldemort was having sex.


Once his stomach settled and he stopped dry heaving after about twenty minutes, Harry's body began to shake as his mind processed the new information he'd gained. He could not believe that Draco's behaviour was only an act to get close to him. O n Voldemort's orders no less . To say that Harry was confused was an understatement. If he could only know for certain if the vision he got was as real as the one from Mr Weasley's attack or if it was as fake as the one he'd received about Sirius at the end of the last school year.


Has Voldemort found out about our friendship? Harry wondered as he contemplated that the vision was fake and Voldemort had only sent it to torture Harry. Bellatrix's comment hinted at Draco having feelings for me, Harry thought as he went through the talk between Voldemort and Bellatrix he un intentionally overheard.


When he remembered that Voldemort thought that his eyes were beautiful, Harry wanted to throw up again. And Bellatrix's look. I'll be lucky if next time we meet, she won't want to scratch out my eyes in an act of jealousy.


'So very beautiful.' Voldemort's last words were ringing in his head as Harry tried to get back to sleep. The brunet could only hope that Voldemort had been referring to Bellatrix hair he'd been petting and not to Harry's eyes. That last thing he wanted was for Voldemort to think him beautiful. Thankfully it was the weekend and he could sleep in; otherwise he would have been a zombie the whole day in class.


~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ Dragon Pox ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~


Saturday, 21st December 1996


A week had passed since Harry had the vision from Voldemort. Since it had nothing to do with the war, Harry told no one about what he overheard. Whenever he had some moments on his own, Harry had thought about whether the vision was true or false.


He realised that he'd fallen in love with Draco and would feel more than betrayed if what Bellatrix said was true. He'd wondered if he should just approach Draco and ask the blond, but he was too afraid to hear that everything had been nothing more than an act. With everything they'd shared since the Dragon Pox immunisation, Harry could not believe that it were all lies just to gain his trust.


Still, until he could determine for sure if Draco's intention were true, Harry kept his distance from Draco, telling him that he had lots of homework to do when the blond asked to meet with Harry. Hopefully I'll find a solution over the holidays. I do not want to repeat the same mistake as with Sirius, Harry thought as he entered the castle after having said goodbye to his friends. Opposed to them, he would spend the Christmas holidays in Hogwarts. Sirius as their new teacher was not allowed to leave the castle due to his duties to look after the students that remained. So Harry stayed too to celebrate the holidays with his godfather.


Surprisingly Harry had not seen any signs of the blond, who should also be going home for the holidays. Just as he was about to turn a corner, he heard Snape's voice call out to the Headmaster, the following conversation answering the question of Draco's whereabouts.


“Ah, Severus, my boy. How can I help you?” the Headmaster asked.


“It's about Draco Malfoy,” Snape said.


“What about Mr Malfoy. Has he missed the train home?” Albus kindly asked.


“He is still in the castle. In the hospital wing to be precise.”


Draco was in the hospital wing? Why? Harry wondered, getting concerned about the blond.


“Madame Pomfrey was not sure yet, but it is likely that he has caught the Dragon Pox,” Snape said, making Harry even more worried about Draco.


Hadn't his grandfather died of Dragon Pox, starting the whole Re-immunisation process? I need to go and see how he is. But before Harry could run towards the Hospital Wing, Snape's next words caught his attention and made his heart stop beating for a moment.


“I fear this is not the worse. When I Floo-called Lucius about his son having to stay here, he was very angry. So angry to reveal that he'd planned to give Draco to the Dark Lord as a Christmas present,” Snape informed Dumbledore.


“He was to be marked?” Albus asked in disbelieve.


“Worse,” Snape answered. “He was to become the Dark Lord's boy toy,” Snape corrected, disgust for Lucius clear in his voice.


Not wanting to hear any more, Harry ran back the way he came and rushed towards the Hospital Wing. If Snape's words were true, and Harry highly believed they were, then the vision from Voldemort he'd received must be false. But at least Bellatrix comments make more sense now, Harry thought. If Draco had feelings for him, and Voldemort feared that they were returned, he of course would try to destroy any relationship he and Draco would or could have formed. And what better way than to make me believe it had all been a big scheme of Draco and Voldemort, Harry angrily though as he opened the doors to the Hospital Wing.


“How is he?” Harry asked as he came into Pomfrey's line of sight.


“Mr Potter,” Madame Pomfrey answered . “I have a patience to see to and a caretaker to arrange"


“I'll stay with him!” he called out.


“Mr Potter,” Madame Pomfrey said sternly, wanting to decline his offer.


“No, I was his Dragon Pox Immunisation partner,” Harry said adamantly. “He took care of me when I was infected and now I'll return the favour.”


“Your family certainly wants to celebrating Christmas with you,” Madame Pomfrey tried.


“The only family I have is Sirius and he is here in the castle. I'm sure he will not mind if I help a friend in need for some days. And since you do not have any other patients, your family will certainly be clad if you celebrate Christmas with them,” Harry replied. He would not change his mind.


“Are you certain?” the matron asked. From all the times Harry had been in her care, she knew that the brunet boy could be very determined and stubborn. And it would solve her problem of finding a caretaker, especially during the Christmas season.


“ I am,” Harry said, leaving no room for doubt about his seriousness.


“ Very well. If you'll follow me to the quarantine ward. We'll ask Mr Malfoy if he is agreeable to your offer,” she said in resignation, leading the way to the room Draco was currently staying at. Harry quickly following behind her.


~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ Dragon Pox ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~


AN: I am currently thinking about writing a third part called 'Dragon Pox – Recovery'. The 'recovery' would allude to both Draco recovering from the Dragon Pox and to Harry (and Draco?) recovering the Horcruxes. But currently I do not feel like I am good enough to write a war-centered fanfiction.

But before that, I'll finish this part of the story. Which has about 2-5 chapters left.

Next Update: It will certainly not be as quick as this one. Three months maybe?