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Who said our love is forbidden?

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Wolves had different smells. That’s something Clarke was starting to learn even though her smell sense didn’t allow her to understand what that meant. She lacked the kind of skills that all wolves seemed to have naturally, meaning: extremely good hearing, smell sense incredibly developed and their sight sense was incredibly good.

She was starting to learn quite a few things on the road but still, those strange creatures were still a mystery for her.
Apparently wolves were divided in categories, something Clarke didn’t understand but had learned to accept. There were wolves that the rest called alphas.
Clarke had no idea what made them different at first, but the more time she spent with them, the more she learned. Apparently these categories meant that each wolf had a certain characteristics and behavior.
The alpha ones were extremely possessive, or at least that’s what Clarke could sense. They were also violent (sometimes even too much) and also seemed to be really defiant. Mostly all the alphas were bigger than the rest and most of them were leaders on in high positions.
Then there were the beta ones. Here Clarke had no idea what to think; she actually hadn’t mingled with too many betas to say a clear opinion of them or actually to see how different they were. She had only met a few and they were actually the more “normal” ones, meaning that they weren’t violent nor ferocious as alphas and not as strangely submissive as omegas.
Omegas were weird, Clarke couldn’t tell which category was each wolf by smell; obviously she couldn’t really distinguish that, but omegas were extremely noticeable just by their behavior.
They were quiet, obviously that didn’t mean that they couldn’t be violent when needed or even be in charge of things but whenever alphas were around they seemed to calm and tilt their heads as if they had to show submission of some kind…
However, Clarke still had no idea what to think about them or what she could do. The situation was out of hand for her and pretty much for everyone that dared to be with her right now.


Wolves were the last thing she expected to see when she, with the rest of her people landed on the earth. The mission was simple: make sure the earth was a habitable place again. That was it, they were supposed to land on the earth, explore the territory and then warn the others if they could land as well or not.
But if Clarke had learned something in this past month is that missions were never so simple.
They landed on a hill, near a big extension of woods and lands with no signs of life; they had been warned that there could be something down on the earth so they were prepared with weapons and some technology to help just in case.
Fortunately though the first week they didn’t have any problems, the lands were inhabited and lonely, the only thing they found there were animals but that was it.
They didn’t find any sign of human life until week two.
The group had separated into smaller groups to cover more extension; they wanted to finish the mission as quick as possible so travelling with fewer people was easier. Her group had gone far into the woods, they never expected to get that far but once they were there they realized that something had changed.
The first signs of human life appeared.
It was just a few shacks and a small column of weak smoke coming from an abandoned bonfire. The group walked in silence through what it seemed to be a small village and suddenly found what it seemed to be the center of it.
Hidden behind some giant trees and a metallic gate there were more small houses and what seemed to be stands with fruits, meet, and even fabrics. The more they walked, the more they realized that something was up there. The first one to break the heavy silence was a girl called Raven “Where is everyone?” She asked as they kept their slow pace.
Clarke eyed her with confusion and then looked around once more trying to decipher the question.
“This is weird” A girl named Octavia said with a husky voice as she held her weapon close to her chest in alarm. “Either this people is out for a walk” She said ironically “Or they just vanished like smoke”
There was a silence. Someone trampled on a fallen branch and the entire group turned around abruptly holding their weapons ready to open fire. They exchanged relieved looks once they realized that there was no danger but still they were still alert.
“I think we should get out of here” A deep voice came by a boy called Bellamy. He was visibly tense, looking around as if he just saw something.
Clarke took a deep breath, her hand wrapping the weapon harder trying to stay calm; she eyed her surroundings again and nodded “I think that’s a good idea”
They were about to move and start running again to try and get away from any danger when suddenly an arrow flew quickly as wind and rammed a nearby tree.
“Nou sen yu fut daun nowe!”
The words lingered through the tense atmosphere leaving everyone still and nervous; no one understood a word obviously but the arrow spoke for itself. The group got closer ready to defend each other when finally they saw their enemies emerge from the woods.

“Veida!” Someone yelled with a voice that sounded more like a loud growl.
A dark skinned woman emerged from the enormous group that was surrounding them and stood right in front of Clarke.
“Frag emo op!” She said after a moment of eyeing the intruders. Clarke had no idea what was happening but the moment she saw a few of the strange man raise their weapons she knew that they were going to die.
She closed her eyes expecting to at least die fast and not suffer too much, the others reminded silent probably thinking the same when a voice came behind the woman standing in front of her. “Em pleni!”

This time it was a man; Clarke opened her eyes slowly and her jaw literally fell to the floor when she saw what must’ve been the biggest man on earth. He was not only tall but muscular and with a brute appearance that was enough to scare anyone. But as scary as he was, he seemed to be stopping the others from hurting them.
“What the hell is happening here?” Raven spoke in a whisper trying to understand the situation. Clarke was unable to offer a response so she shrugged her shoulders lightly and looked at Bellamy who was next to her. “It seems like we’re trapped” He whispered
“Shof op!” the woman yelled with anger.
None of them understood, but they reminded silent. The giant man seemed to be interested in them; he eyed each member of the group carefully and… Was he smelling them?

Clarke didn’t understand what was happening but then he turned to the woman and they seemed to argue for a while apparently about their fate. And the argument didn’t seem to be going well.
So Clarke finally decided to swallow her fear and addressed directly at them “We came here in peace” She said trying not to stutter on her words.
The pair arguing in front of them stopped midsentence and the rest of the people there seemed to pay attention to her, as if they were surprised she spoke.
The woman turned to them and let out what Clarke though it was an actual snarl… she had bared her teeth and her eyes were black full of rage and hatred. “Gostos ai ste beja yu daun teik ai frag em op!” she said
“Shof op Indra” The man said. He took a step towards them and looked at them with disgust.

“Peace?” He asked after a moment. So they speak English, Clarke though. This was beyond weird; she was in a strange land now full of strangers, who spoke a strange language and that now seemed to want to kill them. “You say you came in peace” He growled getting angry “Didn’t seem like peace to me when you burned hundreds of our people alive!” He shouted.
Clarke was about to respond but the air got stuck in her throat, so instead it was Octavia who spoke “What?!” She asked in almost a yell “We haven’t killed anyone!”
“You can’t expect us to believe you” The man said “You’re the enemy”
“We just want to…” Clarke never got the chance to finish her sentence because the woman who apparently responded to the name of Indra growled loudly at her.
“Jus drein jus daun” She said and everyone around her started yelling and growling repeating the same words over and over until the man raised his hand up in the air making everyone stop.
“Teik em!” He said and suddenly a few men were over the confused group tying them down.
“Wait!” Clarke yelled at him as two men grabbed her by the arms “What are you doing?!”
She could hear Raven yelling at someone, and Octavia fighting a man who was hitting her. Bellamy tried to shoot but they kicked him and got rid of his weapon.
“What are you going to do with us?” Murphy, a guy who had been quiet until now asked.
The man approached to him and offered a macabre smile “We’re holding you prisoners” He said before releasing a loud guffaw and walking away.

No matter how hard they tried to fight, or how much they resisted; these people captured them and soon they found themselves inside of a big cage as the Grounders, as they called them, took them.
The journey was long and tiring; the Grounders fed them and gave them water but not too much, enough to not let them die but never enough to let them satisfied.
They travelled during the day and camped at nights; a few guards always protecting the cage where they were trapped. Apparently this group wasn’t the only one, and by what Clarke heard they were going to be taken to see one they called Commander or ‘Heda’.

“I wish we knew why the hell they are taking us with them” Raven grunted as she kicked one of the bars of the cage. Bellamy sighed deeply and pinched the bridge of his nose “They keep saying that we killed their people”
“But we didn’t!” Octavia jumped into the conversation “We didn’t kill anyone; jeez we didn’t even saw a living soul”
Finn one of the boys of the group who had been mostly quiet during the journey spoke “They don’t seem to mind that” He said
“Yeah the only thing these people understand is fucking violence” Bellamy stated
“I wonder if they plan to kill us” Raven said with fear. Everyone looked at her silently sharing that same thought.
“They seem to need us for something” Clarke finally said
“And that makes us what? Untouchable?” Bellamy asked “The moment these people get tired of us we’re over”
“My brother is right” Octavia said “We need to do something”
“We have to get out of here” Murphy said in a low voice.
That was something that was easier to say than to do, but everyone agreed. It was only matter of time until these people killed them and they couldn’t let that happen.

During the next few days, they planned a way to escape the cage and run away from the grounders. But the more time they spent with them, the more they realized that it was going to be more complicated to get out of there.
The grounders didn’t seem to be human… or at least didn’t seem to be completely human. They were primitive, haunting and fighting over food, their strength was abnormally high and their sense of hearing was disgustingly well developed.
The thing that confirmed this theory was when they heard some of the grounder men howl?! How in the hell could someone howl… and then again, how could anyone growl and snarl like a fucking animal?

Then someone finally opened the eyes for them.

“Wolves don’t mingle with humans” Gustus aka the giant man said to Clarke.
He quickly realized that the one who seemed to be in charge of the “invaders” group was the blonde girl so he ordered the guards to get her out of the cage so they could talk.
Seeing him closely made Clarke realize that he must not be that bad even though he still held her prisoner, but at least he told Clarke some interesting information.
“Wolves” Clarke said in a whisper trying to figure out if he was joking or not.
“Our breed is ancient and our ancestors descend directly from wolves” He explained quietly
“So you’re like werewolves?” Clarke asked afraid to say something wrong. Gustus growled lightly and shook his head
“Humans don’t understand us” He muttered “You aren’t capable of comprehend our history nor our life”
Clarke sighed “So if you don’t like humans” She saw how Gutus shrugged his nose in disgust at the mention of the word: humans “As you try to state so much” She mumbled “Then why are you taking us?”
He seemed to think about the question “It’s not me who has to decide yours and your people’s fate” He said finally
“Then who has to?”
“Commander” Gustus said.

Clarke didin’t get any more information from Gustus; after that she went back into the cage and they all waited one more day until they arrived to destination.
Luckily and against any of their hopes, Jasper, one of the guys managed to actually escape the cage before anyone could kill him and he disappeared into the woods with the promise of bringing help.
“We’re doomed if the grounders kill him before he can find help” Raven said once they heard the grounders send patrols to ‘haunt’ him.
The information of the Wolves thing was actually not well accepted within the group. Clarke told them about her conversation with Gustus but none of them believed her.
“He must’ve been playing with your mind princess” Finn said.
But the more time they spent there the more real it became.
They were locked for what seemed to be weeks or even months in a small cell that smelled like mold and dirt; but actually they hadn’t been locked up in there for an entire day when someone, another giant guard came looking for her.
He said something in that strange language the Grounders used and when he saw that none of the prisoners seemed to understand, he cleared his throat and corrected his words “Your presence is requested by the Commander, Clarke of the Sky people”
Everyone turned to watch Clarke, whose mouth hanged opened in confusion; Raven glanced her a questioning look and Finn seemed to be worried but didn’t say a word.
“You better find a way to get us all out of here blondie” Octavia mumbled as Clarke stood up and walked past them.
“What about my friends?” She asked to the guard once she was out of the cell. He growled, not happy with the question.
“I’m here to take Clarke kom Skykru to Heda” He said impatiently pointing at her with his weapon, a large spear. “Your friends stay here”
Clarke was about to reply; she didn’t like to take anyone’s orders, and much less if they were unjustified, but the man eyed her with a menacing look and grabbed her by the arm pulling her out of there.

She was taken through dark, creepy hallways until she was dragged out of a building; outside the sun was bright up in the sky and its rays hit Clarke right in the face making her blind for a few seconds until her gaze adjusted to the light.
She expected to find more woods and small shacks like the ones they saw previously, she certainly did not expect to see an actual ‘city’ (if one could call that place that), there were some buildings, and people walked around as if nothing happened. Even though the place seemed ancient it was nothing like Clarke expected to see.

The man took her along a few streets until she was met by what had to be the biggest tower her eyes had ever seen. It stood proudly right at the center of the city, it was old and the outside seemed to be a very old ruin but once she stepped past the threshold of the giant door she quickly saw that the place was decorated and seemed actually cozy and warm.
People inside eyed her curiously; someone smelled her and tried to approach her, obviously stopped by the brute guard, who snarled at anyone who dared to take a step towards her.
They used an old elevator and Clarke honestly had no idea which floor it took them, but finally they stopped by a door. “You must stay here” He said before knocking
A small woman, with brown mane that fell loosely around her shoulders opened the door and eyed them both; she didn’t seem happy to see the guard and told something to him in their language, to what the man growled but then he just left.
Clarke entered the room and the first thing she saw was a big bed in the middle that seemed to be extremely comfortable… her gaze lingered there and she wondered how it would be to lie there and close her eyes for a moment. She hadn’t had the chance to rest in several days and sleeping in the hard concrete floor of the cell was a torture. Quickly she brushed off those thoughts of her head and looked at the large window that occupied half of the wall.
From there she could see literally the entire city and the nearest villages and forest extensions; that’s when she realized that they were really high…
“That’s Polis” The woman said dragging Clarke out of her thoughts. The blonde turned around at the words and was met by brown colored eyes that stared deep into her.

It was nice for once to not be surrounded by testosterone and hatred as she had been used to the past days. The woman didn’t seem hostile; in fact she was calmed and her face expression was peaceful. She didn’t seem angry at her as most of the grounders were and certainly she didn’t seem to be going to attack her any time soon.
The woman must’ve noticed Clarke’s confusion so she spoke again offering a warm smile “Polis” She said pointing to the view outside “Our capital; house of Heda and meeting point of the twelve clans”
Clarke nodded, although she didn’t understand half of the sentence; for her everything related to these strange people was new and weird, and the woman noticed it and laughed
“You have a lot to learn Clarke kom Skaikru” She said with a hint of humor in her voice and then gestured Clark to follow her.
“Why does everyone keep calling me like that?” Clarke asked suddenly. The woman stopped and faced her “That’s not my name” She finished
The woman nodded “Then what is?”
Clarke rubbed the back of her neck “Clarke Griffin” She mumbled “Or just Clarke”
“Okay Clarke Griffin or just Clarke” The woman said “I am Kiara, kom Trikru” She commented dismissively “It is the name of my clan and Skykru is the name of yours”
“Clan?” Clarke asked
“Your people fell from the sky” Kiara said. Clarke understood now, she had tons of questions but kept her mouth shut. “Now follow me” She ordered
Behind some wooden screens there was what seemed to be a large tube filled with warm steamy water, which made Clarke’s heart melt, she hadn’t taken a bath in ages! She was extremely grateful to see that.
“You must get ready to see the Commander” Kiara stated as she gestured Clarke to start pulling off her clothes.

Clarke did as requested and got rid of her dusty pants and sweaty shirt quickly not really caring that this woman could see her naked. “Who is this… Commander everyone talks about?” She managed to ask as she stepped inside the hot water.
Kiara moved behind her and grabbed what seemed to be a sponge and a cube of soap and started rubbing Clarke’s back gently.
“Heda is our leader” Kiara started as she kept on with her movements “She’s the one whose spirit protects and defends us. Above Heda there’s no one and we all follow Heda’s orders” She said with a serious voice “The Commander is the one who either can save you or condemn all your people”
Clarke turned around to this with a curious look “We didn’t do anything wrong” She said trying to make Kiara understand what was really happening “We were captured by all those people but we didn’t do anything wrong”
“That’s not what my people say” Kiara said surprisingly without any malice, she just seemed to be giving Clarke information.
“Then your people must be wrong” Clarke argued “We just wanted to make sure the earth is ready to live again, our mission was just to check the ground and come back with news”
Kiara sighed putting the sponge away and then nodded “Hundreds of people died” She said in a soft voice “Burned alive by the hands of strangers. Maybe you and your friends didn’t, but someone did and it’s up to Heda to decide to believe you or not”
Great! Clarke thought as she turned around again letting Kiara finish her job. ‘My future depends on some weird Commander that is probably another giant brute man that wanted power and praise'

The bath ended once the water went cold; Kiara handed her clean clothes telling her that they were going to wash the old ones and then she offered her food and drink.
Clarke literally engulfed a plate of chicken and potatoes and drank nearly a liter of water. Kiara just observed her quietly as if she was taking care of a little girl, making sure she didn’t choke on anything.
The small woman was nice compared to the rest of people Clarke has seen so far since she was captured; she didn’t seem too pleased with her but at least she treated her well, Kiara was nice and gentle, always careful to not hurt her and answering any questions the curious blonde might have, which were tons of questions actually.
Once the day ended, Clarke realized that she wasn’t going to be meeting the Commander any time soon. So when she was lead to the room again, she decided to ask.
“When am I going to see Heda?” She asked applying her best pronunciation skills.
Kiara stepped inside of the room and sighed “You have to get ready before you stand in front of the Commander” She says simply
“Ready? What?”
“Purification ritual” Kiara said “Only you’re not going through the whole thing, you just need to smell properly, be healthy, appear strong”
“Purification?” Clarke asked. Kiara smiled and sat at the edge of the bed gesturing Clarke to do the same.
“It is a ritual to cleanse the body” She started “And the soul, but don’t worry kid, you’re not going through all the process” She waved a hand dismissively “But still we have to get that human stink out of your body”
Clarke let out an uncomfortable laugh… human stink? “What kind of process is that?” She asked “And why am I not going through it?”
“You’re full of questions, Clarke Griffin” Kiara laughed “It is a process all woman have to have in order to see Heda”
Clarke frowned in realization “Your Commander wants me to…”
Kiara erupted into laughter and then shook her head “Of course not” She said “It’s not like you’re an omega” She laughed again as if she had just told the most amazing joke ever “Wolves never mingle with humans” She said after a moment
“Is that like your motto or something?” Clarke asked curious, she had heard that same sentence lots of times in the past days.
“No dear. That is our way to survive” Kiara stated but this time with a serious voice and a dark expression in her eyes that filled Clarke’s brain with more questions that she couldn’t ask because as the woman noticed she stood up from the bed “You must sleep now, Clarke Griffin” She said “Tomorrow Heda waits for you”
Clarke stood and realized that Kiara was actually offering her to sleep in the bed. A bed… for her, she contained a huge grin that menaced to appear on her face. Kiara handed her some sleeping clothes and a robe and then excused herself leaving the blonde alone in the room.
It had been a long day; jeez, it had been a long week and to say that she was exhausted was to not say enough. She hadn’t had a proper night of sleep since she landed on the earth, always alert on the forest, and also her body was tired and tense from sleeping on the floor so when her back hit the soft mattress and the soft furs that covered the bed, she nearly moaned in pleasure.
A bed just for her, “For me” She said grinning contently, although, that same grin disappeared a moment later once she remembered that her friends were still trapped in that small cell.
She closed her eyes finally welcoming sleep and hoped that this situation could be solved soon; otherwise things could actually get pretty ugly for everyone.
In the cell, Octavia was pacing nervously around slamming her hand against each bar and making a huge effort to not lose her nerves. They had been there for a day now, and there was no sign that they were going to be getting out soon.

“Stop it” Raven said, Octavia let out a scoff
“Or what?” She defied
“Stop both of you” Monty, another guy of the group told them with a weak voice
“I can’t stand this wait” Octavia said angrily
“And you think the rest of us does?” Raven told her standing up “We are all trapped in here as well as you and none of us is walking nonstop around the room getting on our nerves!”
The last part was literally a yell that made Octavia clench her jaw; definitely the two girls were about to start a fight if it hadn’t been for Bellamy, who stood up and stepped between them
“Leave my sister alone” He warned Raven, the Latina turned around visibly annoyed and sat down again with a growl “And you” He said to Octavia “Calm down”
“We all should calm down” Finn said rubbing his forehead “Fighting and arguing is not going to solve anything”
“I’m surprised I’m saying this but… Griffin is the only one who can save us” Raven said bitterly
“What if she can’t?” Octavia asked nervously
“Then we’ll die in here” Monty said
“Let’s pray so she can find a way” Bellamy said

The pale rays of the sun entered the room through the big window and hit Clarke’s face making her shrug her nose in discomfort and started to stir. Her eyes refused to open the first attempts; it had been the first entire night of sleep she had had in a while and the idea of spending a day in bed, curled up in the soft furs was tempting… but a loud knock on the door finally dragged her out of her slumber.
She sat on the bed confused at first and then the door opened. She saw Kiara stepping inside along with two young ladies who carried a variety of clothes with them as well as a jar with water and a small basin.
Heya Clarke Griffin” Kiara said offering a toothy grin as she approached the still sleepy girl “I hope you rested well” Then she gestured the two girls to approach too.
“I’ve slept like a rock” Clarke said rubbing the sleep away from her eyes, she observed as the girls prepared the basin at a near table and offered her a towel to clean herself.
It took Clarke a second to finally get out of the bed and wash her face; she would have gladly stayed the entire day in that bed. “You must get dressed” Kiara said as she observed how the blonde finished cleaning herself with a content look “Breakfast will be ready soon”
“Breakfast?” Clarke asked as one of the girls started to help her out of her sleeping attire.
“Sha” Kiara said “Do you not want breakfast now?” She asked confused
Clarke answered quickly almost yelling “No! I do” She said, she cleared her throat and tried to control her excitement “I do want breakfast”
Kiara smiled and nodded “Ban op” she said to one of the girls who immediately left the room as the other helped Clarke into some new clothes.
“It’s been so long since I ate this much” Clarke said referring to all the food the Grounders provided her yesterday and the upcoming breakfast “That I can’t believe it”
The young girl, who was helping her putting a pair of black boots, let out a laugh and Kiara mimicked her eyeing Clarke almost tenderly.
“You are living under Heda’s roof” Kiara said finally “As long as you’re here you’ll be provided with a warm place to sleep, as many food as you need and someone serve you” She pointed to herself
“It’s actually pretty considerate” Clarke said “Thank you”
“You must thank the Commander” Kiara muttered eyeing the blonde who had finally finished changing “Heda’s orders are law, and as long as you’re here you’ll be protected and treated well”
Clarke exhaled softly and looked down, that almost made her feel as if she wasn’t a prisoner there… Only… she was, and her friends were still trapped in a cell without any luxury as she had.

Kiara dragged Clarke out of the room and led her to a spacious corridor that led to what seemed to be a dining room, it had a table in the middle, with chairs and candles and for Clarke’s delight the table was full of all kinds of food that made her mouth water in anticipation.
She almost died of a heart attack at the sight of such delicious food; Kiara observed her quietly as she sat down and devoured as much as she could. She completely forgot manners at the table as she engulfed a plate of chicken broth with slices of bread and then continued with the salads, beef and fruit.
She was almost finished with a large piece of pineapple when someone stepped inside of the room, she saw a guard who whispered something in Kiara’s ear and then left quickly.
“I see you’re pleased with the food” She commented a second later. A piece of pineapple fell from Clarke’s half opened mouth as she chewed soundly to the plate which caused Kiara to chuckle. “You remind me of a pup” She said
Clarke cleared her throat and swallowed the food in her mouth “Sorry” She muttered
“I understand. You’ve been under a poor diet the last weeks, so your body needs energy”
“Sure it does” Clarke stated
“Also I believe eating is helping with your nerves” Kiara said nonchalantly “You seem more relaxed”
“I’m not nervous” Clarke snorted trying to cover up the fact that she actually was.
Kiara laughed “I can smell it” She said in a low voice “Your nervousness is feeling the room with a sour scent”
Clarke’s jaw almost fell to the floor and she quirked an eyebrow in surprise “S-sour?”
“Each creature has a scent” Kiara explained “Scent varies depending on our mood or our mental state, even on our sexual needs”
“So you literally can smell me?” Clarke asked “As in… really smell”
Kiara nodded “Wolves have a privileged smell sense” She said “That’s how we recognize each other or even warn others with our presence”
“I feel like all this… wolves’ thing is way too much for me” Clarke mumbled.
“You’ll learn with time Klark Griffin” The brunette woman said offering a soothing smile. Clarke somehow started to feel better and more relaxed, secretly Kiara was releasing calming pheromones to make her calm down but the blonde had no idea. She only knew that she started feeling better.
“Heda waits for you now” Kiara said after a pause

It was time.

Two giant guards escorted Clarke through long hallways until the elevator who took them to the last floor. They walked past a balcony and Clarke almost fainted when she saw how high they were now.
Her sudden fear vanished quickly when they reached a big wooden door guarded by, you guessed right, more giant guards who wore neutral faces and reminded unmoved.
The door opened with a loud cracking noise and Clarke saw a large carpet that led to the center of the room where a bunch of people were sat in circle; then in front of all of them there was what seemed to be a throne, big and fierce but it was empty.
“Monin Klark kom skaikru” A deep voice said, she eyed her surroundings quickly and then saw a man approaching her.
It was surprising to say the least to see someone like him; he stood right in front of her as if he was smelling her carefully, and then let out a light snarl. Unlike the guards and warriors Clarke had seen the past days, this man wasn’t huge or extremely muscular; he was tall and thin, with a bald head that had strange tattoos on it and wore a large tunic. Despite of the lack of muscles he had a serious face with deep brown eyes that stared at her for long enough to make Clarke look down.
“Heda is ready to see you” He said simply, and then started talking again giving a speech to the people there.
Clarke was confused, she didn’t understand a word of the Grounder’s language and she didn’t know what was going to happen. Being surrounded by unknown people that started at her with judgmental and hateful looks were making her feel small and weak.
The man stopped talking and then there was a heavy silence quickly broken by the sound of the doors opening once again. Clarke’s back was facing the door so she didn’t know what was happening, and didn’t dare to turn around, but suddenly everyone bowed slowly.
She heard steps; heavy steps that approached her and suddenly she saw a figure walk past her followed by a few guards.
And then Clarke’s jaw fell to the floor.

“Raise everyone” The Commander said with a sharp voice that made Clarke’s legs tremble.
To be honest, she had been expecting the Commander to be someone completely different thus her surprise. A part from the weird man in the tunic, all guards and warriors she had seen were huge, testosterone machines ready to kill following their most primary instincts.
But the person who stood there wasn’t like that at all. First of all, it was a woman. Clarke was not prepared for this; the Commander, a powerful creature praised for everyone was a woman and actually she seemed to be really close to Clarke’s age.
Clarke studied her carefully; her features were delicate and smooth, she didn’t appear to be a brute person; at least not like that other woman called Indra, whose brutality was visible in each pore of her skin.
The Commander was slim and Clarke had to admit that she actually was beautiful… her green eyes stared at her defiantly for a few seconds until she finally spoke again.
“Monin Klarke” She said “I laik Lexa kom Trikru Commander of the twelve clans. And you’re the one whose people have kill three hundred of my soldiers burning them alive” The Commander said
The small crowd in the room erupted into whispers as they eyed the blonde woman standing in front of the Commander. Lexa raised her hand making everyone stop talking and then looked at Clarke.
“Speak” She ordered.
Clarke gulped a heavy lump in her throat “I am not responsible of the crimes you’re accusing me, Commander” She said finally. Whispers and insults filled the room again.
“Liar!” Someone shouted “We want vengeance” Another voice said.
“Shof op!” The man in the tunic said “You’ll remind silent until Heda says otherwise” He growled
“Titus” Lexa said firmly “Enough” He nodded at her and stepped back.
“So you say that my soldiers decided to burn themselves” The commander said bitterly
“That’s not what-” She was cut midsentence by a growl. Lexa was extremely defiant; Clarke didn’t understand why but being in her presence made her feel weak, the Commander had something… some kind of power that made her want to run away.
“You and your people don’t belong to these lands” Lexa raised her voice “You landed here without permission, invading my people’s villages, stealing our food and you expect me to believe what you say?”
The room fell into silence at the words. Clarke looked around and saw everyone looking down, people tilting their heads and someone even bowed again as if they feared something.
“We didn’t know that the earth was habited” Clarke said quickly “Our intention was just to check the ground and send a report”
“You have a weird way of ‘checking’ the ground Clarke of the sky people” Lexa whispered as she got close to her. So close that Clarke could hear feel her breathing in her face “What your people did is an act of war”

Clarke was overwhelmed, and not just because of the situation she was in now… not just that. The Commander was too close and for a moment the blonde got lost in green emerald eyes that stared deep into her. Those eyes were too much to look at, it was a heavy stare, a stare that spoke of violence and hurt, but also of compassion and something probably similar to humanity. She could tell that Lexa had been through a lot, but there she was, standing before her with strength and pride.
Also, another thing that overwhelmed her senses was the strange smell she perceived, she was not capable of differencing smells. She had heard a few times about that and how wolves were sensitive to it, but all she knew was that some grounders smelled like sweat and something strong and sour, and others smelled kind of sweet and citric. But the Commander… jeez
Clarke wasn’t ready for this, the smell that invaded her nostrils was strong, that was for sure; Lexa smelled clearly stronger than others but it was neither sweaty nor sour. It was a weird mix between a smell that reminded Clark of the forest, nature even fresh air and then something indescribable sweet but at the same time with a hint of wildness.
She needed a moment to regain her composure and look back at Lexa, who was studying her carefully still waiting for an answer.
“We demand justice” A man within the crowd yelled and then everyone started to speak again until their words became one single sentence that sounded the same: Jus drein jus daun

The Commander was serious; her face was expressionless as she eyed Clarke who was now confused and starting to panic. People wanted vengeance for their deceased brothers and also wanted a war against the people who menaced to take their lands from them.
But at the same time she felt curious. This was the closest she had gotten to be to a human; and she had to admit that she was intrigued even though she also wanted justice.
“You have nothing else to say human?” She asked with a severe tone.
“Release me” Clarke said suddenly. The man in the tunic whom Lexa had called Titus before took a step towards her eyeing her incredulously and opened his mouth as if he was going to speak; but then Lexa raised her hand silencing him quickly.
“So what? So you can keep murdering my people?” Lexa said in irony.
“Look, I know that what happened to your army was not good. And I’m sorry for that, but my friends and I didn’t do it! We were separated from the other groups and maybe if you let us go we can find them and talk to them, there is no need for more violence”

The Commander studied her for a second, Titus, who was behind her let out a sarcastic laugh and shook his head in disbelief “Heda please, there is no need to listen to this nonsense; execute these invaders and…”
Lexa stopped him midsentence and took a step back “Today I call upon the armies of the twelve clans” She said; everyone seemed content with that and Clarke looked at her with a horrified stare “We will send haunt groups to find the Skaikru people, we’ll find them and we’ll march on them with the strength of our united army to show them who has the power here!”
The crew erupted in cheers and howls and Clarke reminded silent trying to think of a way to stop this, even though she knew that she couldn’t do anything.
“You heard the Commander” Titus said before starting to speak in their weird language. Lexa took a few steps towards Clarke now that everyone was concentrated in the upcoming battle.
“And you Clarke” She said “You’ll remind prisoner here at Polis”

“Why are you doing this” Clarke whispered in anger trying to hold back tears.
Lexa sighed and looked right into her eyes “This is how we survive. Jus drein jus daun”
“What the hell does that even mean!” Clarke snorted back frustrated. Lexa smirked but returned to a serious face immediately, she got even closer until her lips were gracing Clarke’s ear and whispered to her:
“Blood must have blood”