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Twenty Two

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Twenty Two was the block they were situated in on the second day of the second year since the outbreak, a block where (to Andrea’s amusement and Michonne’s frustration) most families and young couples were situated as if to protect the younger, more inexperienced as best as they could from the world outside the 30 feet walls that surround them all.

Andrea didn’t care where she was put, she was happy to be away from where the soldiers were constantly doing drills and screaming as though the world was about to end all around them.

(“The world is ending,” Michonne reminded her the first time she mentioned it to her friend. It made Andrea roll her eyes and grab at Michonne’s hand, pulling her along and away from Sixteen, murmuring about how it didn’t matter if the world was ending, it didn’t mean they had to yell about it.)

They hadn’t always been in Twenty Two or even in the city of Woodbury in the first place, in fact Andrea can remember the first year of the outbreak as though she could watch it on replay whenever she wanted with her and her sister holed up in their attic, small, shrivelled and starving with the sounds of nails scraping on the wood below them to remind them what moving from their weak state actually meant.

The third day of the third week of the outbreak Andrea hears the scraping noise stop the same time she hears her sister’s choked cries stop.

She didn’t quite know which one is more deafening.

It turned out neither was because days later the sound of Amy’s growls and one final gunshot are the mementos Andrea kept with her as she slowly crawled out of her attic on shaking legs, her hunger and unwillingness to care about her own well-being anymore being the factor that kept her going for a few moments more.

Moments turned slowly into hours as Andrea had walked through her town, staggering and slipping whenever exhaustion and hunger continued to bite at her and send her sprawling to the ground and rising with the aura of a child with scraped, bloodied knees and tears that stung at her eyes and words lodged into her throat, desperate to call out for someone, anyone that could help her.

The infected were the first to answer her unspoken cries. A group of them with snapping jaws and outstretched arms, longing for her to satisfy their hunger in a way only the living could satisfy the dead nowadays, a hunger that was cannibalistic and to Andrea’s horror and understanding, never-ending too.

It was strange to describe how she had felt at that exact moment, the moment where she had chosen to accept her fate and die. The one thing was abundantly clear however was that she had felt weightless, like someone had cleared her memory of everything vaguely stressful and that all that was left was happiness, happiness that relaxed her body until she had no other choice but to keep going forward to meet her fate of hungry jaws and lustful hunger.

The infected (‘biters Andrea, because they fucking bite’, Amy had said, one of the last things she had said actually,) had even caressed her face with their grimy, bloody fingers before something had snapped within her and she had used the last of her strength and the very last of her bullets to be rid of them all, choosing to fight once more instead of accepting the fate she had originally decided upon.

Gunshots had caused her ears to ring and for her head to ache until exhaustion finally took over and wrapped her in its embrace, warm and inviting in a way the cold reality of this world never could be anymore.

A touch to her face broke Andrea out of her memories of the past to look into the dark, brown eyes of her companion and she inwardly smiled at the warmth she received in the gaze that looked back at her. The same eyes that had looked back at her the moment she had woken up a year ago to find herself in the same attic she had been in before with Michonne nursing her back to health.

“Come on,” Michonne murmured, bringing an arm around her shoulders and leading her forward to follow the cop that was leading them down block Twenty Two with his own wife and children stumbling right after him.

He had been the one who had plucked them right out of the disaster that had been their living conditions in that tree house, a whole ten miles away from where this salvation had awaited them for god knows how long, this city of Woodbury where everything was ordered and to Andrea’s delight everything seemed almost…normal. Like nothing had changed since the outbreak.

“People still laugh, they still smile,” Andrea had whispered with excitement in her voice after they had been led in on a whole bus of new people the cop and his young, teenaged son had picked up, “Michonne…these people haven’t been touched by the outbreak. They haven’t been touched!

Michonne’s hands tightened around her as they continued to follow the cop down the long block of Twenty Two, her muscles tight in a way that said far too much and with a sigh Andrea allowed herself to be pulled into her friend’s embrace with her arms wrapped around her in such a way it was as if Michonne was the wall that protected Woodbury and she alone were the inhabitants that lived inside.

Smiles and laughter were all around them and still Michonne felt like stone underneath her touch. It was something, Andrea realized, that she would just have to get used to and learn to live, even more than she had had to do so before she soon realized once more when the cop told them to stop in front of two doors, one red with the number twenty one whilst the other was blue with the number twenty three.

“Right, this is you two,” the cop told them, reaching into his back pocket to retrieve two sheets of papers with details (ink, Andrea thought with rising excitement, printer ink!) that the cop quickly explained to them as he handed them over, “you two read them, sign them and hand them in at block One, a guy named Dale should be there to fill you two in on what you’ll be able to do around here.”

Andrea couldn’t be happier at this prospect in spite of how it felt so military around here, in fact she felt like she could sing at how protected this place, so untouched. It was as if it was a brand new type of utopia, the sort where only a fool could see it as anything but the paradise it clearly was. This was everything her and Michonne had talked about in that year together, fighting, breathing, living to find a place like this where they would be protected, where they could find a place in this new society that didn’t involve fighting constantly, a place they could thrive.

Michonne on the hand only seemed to grow stiffer against her and before Andrea could protest her companion had moved away from her, arms crossed against her chest (causing the paper the cop have given to crinkle against her body) as she took in the cop, his wife and son with a look of distrust.

“What do you mean by on what we’ll be able to do around here?” Michonne muttered, brow arching at the cop’s wife in particular, “what do you do around here? There a reason why you have no weapons on you, did they take them off you?”

Andrea smacked Michonne’s side, giving her a glare as she did so, “Michonne! Stop it! This is how…”

The cop’s wife waved her off from saying anymore, her smile bright but Andrea could tell from the hard look in her eyes that the friendly smile was just a front as to seem polite, either way the wife looked pleasant enough Andrea didn’t see why she had to feel any suspicion from her. So she shut that off and let her speak, because that was the only logical thing she knew she could do.

“It’s alright Andrea, it’s normal for people to want to know this and I can assure you she won’t be the last person to ask me these kind of questions today,” the wife held out a hand that looked like she was about to grab at Michonne’s arm but clearly thought better of it at the last second and withdrew at the last second, instead tucking it around the cop’s waist, using him as the anchor to hold her still against Michonne’s glare, “my name is Lori Grimes and I’m one of the nurses in training over here at the medical centre in Seventeen. As for weapons…”

Lori gave her husband a look that made Andrea fall back into Michonne’s chest, unsure at the sudden unease that had found its way upon her at the look that the people in front of them were sharing and how the subject of weapons had made them have this expression on their faces in the first place.

Unease got replaced quickly when the cop took over from his wife, sighing deeply as he took in the Ladysmith that rested in the belt that was slung around Andrea’s waist and the sword that hung loosely from Michonne’s back. To him it probably looked like some kind of nightmare and for some reason that made Andrea giggle inwardly, cops and their red tape…

When he finally did speak his tone was one of frustration as he scraped a hand down his face, shaking his head as he did so, “fine, you keep your weapons for now but if you’re planning on living here then you have to follow the rules. When you go get yourself sorted at One with Dale come report to me and we’ll talk about filling out a license for both of you on those weapons, is that clear?”

Andrea quickly nodded and looked over at Michonne to see that the warrior, in spite of her glare, seemed to be at ease somewhat and nodded curtly too before she dropped her arms to her side, opened the red door and made her way inside without a thank you or even a goodbye – the whole ordeal causing Andrea to flush such a horrible red colour at how embarrassing Michonne was to these people that she had to quickly thank Lori and her family with another nod of her head before she rushed into her own room, heart racing in humiliation.

What greeted her was something which made her pause and cock her head to the side, unable to believe that what awaited her was the sight of only one room containing a single bed pushed up against a white wall at one end of the room, a small bookcase the other side full to the brim of what looked to be ratty magazines and a chest of drawers packed into the corner just below the bed as though it had been put there at the very last minute by someone who had no idea how to decorate a room.

Not that she had had a room to call her own since the outbreak and so this room, this little space she could call her own…

Andrea tapped the corner of the drawer with a grin, a sudden euphoria coming over her, “this could work, this could definitely work,” she said as she chuckled and leant against the bookcase, pleased beyond anything, “this…”

“This room is smaller than mine,” Michonne’s voice came from beside her and with a small gasp Andrea spun on her feet to see that her long-time companion had abandoned her own room and was standing in the entry of Andrea’s own, her bag and katana at her feet as she took in the room with her brow arched in curiosity, “but at least you have a bookcase. All I have is a bed and drawers.”

Michonne stared around her room for a good minute before the silence that accompanied Andrea staring at her finally got the warrior and with a small sigh Michonne glanced at her feet, her body visibly tensing as the darker woman tried to get her words out that Andrea’s silence obviously begged for. It wasn’t easy for Michonne to speak to her still, even after the year they had spent together and so Andrea bit her lip and tried to remain as patient as she possible could in this situation, eyes waiting for Michonne to look up and answer her unasked question.

When it looked like Michonne wouldn’t be able to Andrea shrugged and leant down to grab at her friend’s bag to sling it over onto her bed, the action finally drawing Michonne’s gaze towards her long enough that Andrea immediately took advantage of it and with a grin she wrapped her friend up into a hug (ignoring how tense Michonne still was each and every time she did this) and whispered into her ear at how glad she was that Michonne was with her still, after everything they had been through together.

“I don’t want to sleep alone,” she murmured straight after, knowing that these words were the ones Michonne had wanted to say but hadn’t found the courage to do so, “I want you to sleep here with me, after all this time…I don’t want to sleep without you with me.”

Michonne sighed heavily in her ear, her breath hot in a way that made Andrea delirious as warm, calloused hands make their way around her waist even tighter than before as though Michonne’s trying to meld them together so they’ll never part and if Andrea was honest she couldn’t find it within herself to want anything else but for her and Michonne to be together for as long as possible with the time that they had left.

Her friend’s nose brushed against her ear and Andrea can’t deny the shudder that ran through her at the sensation, her affection for Michonne trickling through her with such ease that there was no point in thinking it was anything but the warmth she felt whenever she was in Michonne’s proximity and how that warmth had not occurred in her for such a long while it would be hard to mistaken it for anything but love.

“I love you so much,” she whispered, adding a voice to the love that she did feel for Michonne and knowing that it didn’t truly matter what Michonne took that declaration for because she knew in her own way that Michonne did love her back, and that was more than enough – had to be enough – for her.

Her answer was a sigh and arms that had been wrapped around her waist to move up to wrap protectively around her shoulders.

If Andrea tried hard she could almost imagine it to be as it had been before when they had been moving from settlement to settlement, her curled into Michonne’s embrace to get warm while Michonne’s hands had wrapped around her shoulders whilst her head rested on top of Andrea’s own, staring out into the night for potential dangers that lurked in every corner, waiting for them.

She also knew that Michonne had been awake most of those nights in wait for her boyfriend Mike to come back from his run into the town of King’s County, yet Andrea tried to block those memories out not just because they hurt her too much but because she didn’t want to remember how Michonne’s body had shook with sobs each time she thought Andrea had been too deep in slumber to notice.

Michonne pulled back from her then and her eyes shone in the dim light the room offered them.

“Let’s go to bed,” she murmured, taking Andrea’s hand and leading them towards the bed with sheets that were damp with cold and pillows hard as rock.

It didn’t matter.

Not when Andrea found herself so tightly curled up in Michonne’s arms and felt the panic that had touched Michonne’s heartbeat before when they had embraced was instead replaced with a calm, sensible thrum now that they slept side by side with one another.

“Thank you,” Andrea heard her friend whisper into her ear at the very last moment before she fell asleep, the temptation of slumber proving too much for her to get away from the unkind clutches of her mind that taunted her with the possibilities of this place and the potential dangers it held.

It didn’t matter.

Michonne wrapped around her?

That mattered.

Andrea woke up alone; fingers outstretched as though she had been unconsciously reaching for Michonne in her sleep and the hysteria that had been there before, before they found this haven awoke right with her and with a startled gasp she sat up from her bed with eyes wide in search for Michonne.

A brown hand came up from the floor to rest on the mattress of the bed, “shh Andrea, I’m here.”

Her heart that had been thudding as though she had been running for her life started to still at the familiar voice of her friend, it caused a relief to wash through her that Andrea let out with a sigh as she crawled her way over to take a quick glimpse over the side of the bed and chuckled softly at the sprawled out Michonne who was reading on the floor with her lips set into a firm line as she examined the page’s contents with disinterest.

Not that Andrea could blame her considering…

“You into that kind of thing?” Andrea asked, tilting her head to the side as she examined the page Michonne was looking at by pushing the magazine upwards to reveal an image of a petite looking (not to mention naked) woman sitting on the back of two men with a crown on top of her head.

To answer her Michonne merely shrugged, glancing up at her with amused eyes. “It’s got short stories on the side of it that I like reading. Why, what do you think I’m looking at?”

If Michonne had wanted her to flush she would surely be disappointed as Andrea herself only shrugged and let an arm come out from where it had been resting under her stomach to grab at the magazine, rolling over on her back to look more closely at the image. The woman in the image reminded Andrea of someone she had once known in her old life, an old friend of Amy’s that constantly bothered her whenever she was at home working on a file from work and to get her to stop Andrea had to eventually invite her out for a drink, which turned into many drinks.

She bit her lip to repress a giggle; which had turned into them being very naked and not looking at one another or Amy for a hell of a long time.

Andrea glanced to her side to see Michonne had sat up to rest her chin on the side of her bed, head tilted to the side in amusement. “Should I leave you and her alone?”

“I knew you were looking at the girl,” Andrea teased with a snort accompanying it, rolling over on her stomach to rest her head against the one and only person who she had been with for so long to feel that the other woman’s skin had grown hot and flushed under her, “don’t feel bad Mich, she’s hot.”

Michonne glared at her through half-lidded eyes. “Shut it.”

Andrea rolled the magazine up to whack it on the top of the other woman’s head, smirking all the way over to her bag where she proceeded to pull out the little clothing she had left to get dressed. On her way to get dressed Andrea found the map Lori had given her the moment they had made their way into Woodbury and started to examine it, tilting it this way and that to try and get a look of the layout.

“Did you look at that map Lori gave you?” She asked and was surprised her eyes didn’t roll into the back of her head at the non-committal grunt she received in reply. Of course Michonne hadn’t looked at it…

From the looks of it there seemed to be 30 blocks altogether, each block having a certain section dedicated to things that Andrea hadn’t even heard of before in the context they were in on here, one in particular being experimentation of livestock and infected science in block Two, a whole twenty blocks from where they were situated safely together.

She wondered briefly on what the hell that could be before her eyes caught sight of another block in particular and she fell to her knees beside Michonne, shoving the map in her companion’s face with excitement bubbling out of her at the words ‘entertainment and retail stores’ that was printed across a large oblong shape of block Ten.

Michonne simply looked at the words and sighed; unimpressed at her enthusiasm more than likely, “is there anything they don’t have here? It’s too…good. There has to be a catch.”

Andrea let out a whine of annoyance and took the map from her friend, rolling it up to whack it against Michonne’s head once more but found out far too late Michonne had grown used to it and instead found herself lying on her friend after the warrior had kicked her feet from under her in retaliation, sending her sprawling (with fierce giggles shaking her body completely) onto her with the map slipping from her fingertips to fall onto the floor.

Her friend grunted under her weight but the smile that overtook her expression took away the sting and with her own grin Andrea cupped Michonne’s cheek and brought their faces together, nose to nose with her eyes refusing to leave Michonne’s own even when the darker woman under her let out another disgruntled sound to show her displeasure at such an intense moment between them both.

Andrea squeezed the cheek under her palm, “give this place a chance Mich, we don’t know everything about it just yet. Just give it one chance and if we don’t like it then we can…” She paused and inwardly shuddered at her next words, not at all pleased in saying them, “then we can move on, but first, please give it a chance?”

From the narrowed brow and the pouted glare it looked like Michonne was going to disagree with her entirely but after a few moments of utter silence she surprised Andrea by rolling her eyes and huffing out a small sigh, tilting her head back so that her expression was unreadable as a small ‘fine’ left her lips, sounding so much like a petulant child it was unbelievable.

Getting up from Michonne’s chest Andrea tapped it gently, “I’m proud of you Mich, for giving this a chance.”

“Don’t push it.” Michonne retorted with a snappish tone that took Andrea aback for a second before she saw the glint in her friend’s eye and felt the same relief she had felt at seeing the cop that had led them here start to warm her chest.

It was that warmth, that care, which made Andrea run a hand through the thick dreads that had kept her face warm in the cold winter nights and for the words that came so easily to slip out of her mouth.

“I love you.”

Michonne’s eyes flickered to the ceiling and her mouth grew tight. Andrea felt her heart squeeze in earnest for her friend to say it back, just this once…

Silence was her answer once again.

After their trip to One (and their talk with a nice man called Dale whom Andrea immediately liked) Andrea and Michonne both came out with a rationing book each for clothing, medicine and entertainment purposes – as meals were apparently consumed in a large canteen at certain intervals, another map and a document each they were to take to Rick (Michonne had snorted at the mention of the cop’s name) in block Seventeen where the police department was situated next to the army base in block Sixteen.

In Andrea’s opinion there were too many damn blocks around here even with the map to help them and even then it was hard to navigate around here without bumping into people who were also trying to find their way around, it was like feeding time at the zoo and more than once did her and Michonne have to sidestep a family or a large group of people (ranging from soldiers to doctors to scientists) in their attempt to get to block Seventeen.

“At least we’ll be able to get to keep our weapons once we have Rick sign these documents,” Andrea tried to start a conversation she knew Michonne would hang onto, and what better one than the talk of the precious katana that was still slung over the warrior’s back? “Then we can go back to our room and look at what we can do around here. I don’t want to be sitting still; maybe there will be a place where we can use our weapons?”

To Andrea’s shock Michonne didn’t look impressed as she stalked down the long road of blocks, “that is if we even pass. There’s going to be tests.” When Andrea looked confused Michonne shook her head and wrapped a hand around her waist, pulling her in closer so that she could whisper into her friend’s ear, “to see if we’re mentally sound, if we can be trusted.”

Andrea’s mouth fell open at her friend’s words and she tilted her head to the side to address Michonne with a mirthless grin. Michonne had a point, and it was only their second day here too, in all honesty the citizens and authorities of Woodbury had no real reason to trust them right now and she could tell Michonne knew that too by how her face had set into an angry scowl and the way her strides were irate and fervent in their movements.

In an attempt to calm Michonne somewhat she brushed her hand against the warrior’s own but to no avail as Michonne continued to stomp her way down the road, eyes sullen with a frustration Andrea knew the other woman would continue to be feeling as soon as they got to the police department and Michonne’s words would eventually unfold and come true.

She knew she couldn’t try and cheer Michonne up after that, it was far too difficult and Andrea knew from experience that once Michonne got like this there was nothing more she could do and so when it looked like her friend wasn’t going to say much more on the subject she simply rolled her shoulders to ease the tension there and started to look around the whole place as she walked.

There hadn’t been time to do that before as it had been night when they had arrived, but in the light of day it looked just like any other normal city apart from the fact everything was sectioned into gigantic blocks, almost like a shopping mall that a person would visit and yet the tall buildings (almost all were repaired of damages that Andrea assumed had happened after the outbreak) looked as though they had been built from scratch and was miraculously new in a way that made no sense anymore, not in this kind of world they now lived in.

And the noises here, they were loud and obnoxious just like they had been before the outbreak and yet nobody seemed bothered by it. In fact everyone was laughing, enjoying their day as though the people outside of these walls were not infected, that people (good people) were not being killed and infected themselves each day.

Andrea could suddenly see why Michonne was so unnerved by this place.

She went to voice her sudden unease but found herself unable to as Michonne was pushed to the side within an instant when a huge shoulder smashed against her friend’s own, sending Michonne back a few paces at the sudden impact that came from a large, hunkering figure that was strapped to the teeth with armaments and military gear and who’s partly shaved head glinted in the sun as he stopped and turned to give her and Michonne a toothy grin.

“Well I didn’t see you there sweetheart,” he drawled with an accent that set Andrea’s teeth on edge. A typical redneck, what a surprise, an even bigger one when she saw that his eyes hadn’t found her just yet because he was far too busy looking at Michonne, “you better be more careful there bounty bar, ain’t nothin’ like a smack in the chest with full body armour to get someone to a hospital you hear?”

Andrea saw Michonne’s nostrils flare in anger at the slur tossed her way and immediately put herself in front of the warrior just as Michonne let out a growl that Andrea had heard many times before, the subtle threat in the sound common enough to her that she knew well enough it would be wise for this asshole to back off.

Unfortunately for him he didn’t know Michonne, not that it mattered in the slightest with how his eyes had fallen onto her the moment she had stepped in front of the warrior and how his tongue had poked out from his lips to wet them as though he was looking at an appetizing meal instead of just seeing her in general.

Andrea held in a snort, this guy and the walkers had more in common than he probably realized.

“Back off,” she warned lowly, reaching back slightly to press her palm against Michonne’s own in hopes of calming her slightly with her touch in spite of the tensed muscle she could feel under the vest her companion wore, “we didn’t come to this place just to be bullied by thugs like you, so back the hell off.”

In reply the man merely wagged his finger at her, stripping himself of the assault rifle that he had strapped to his waist and walking over towards her and Michonne with paces that were long and intimidating in a way that if Andrea hadn’t been so sure she would have been called out on it she would have started to shake, but regardless she treated this man as the way he was acting, like some idiotic, senseless bully.

She glared up at him as he leant down to wink gleefully at her, “you know you’re a nasty tongued kinda girl and you’re a feisty little thing right? I like that. I like that about you, blondie.” Her eyes moved towards his hand that twitched near her waist, a lump appearing in her throat, “you and me? Could have a hell of a time here, where you livin’? I gots me a place that’s probably bigger than that shitty thing they give out nowadays to newcomers.”

Her shock at him knowing she was new around here must have shown on her face because as soon as he had finished he was leaning back up to his full height, tongue still poking out the side of his mouth as he continued to talk. “You girlies look like fresh meat ‘round here, ya’ll gotta be joking if you think any different. Can tell your new by how you probably thinkin’ this place is some kinda paradise, lemme tell you somethin’…”

“Hey Merle, Dixon! You comin’ or what?!” A voice interrupted the man (‘Merle’ Andrea thought with distaste, ‘even his name sounds ridiculous’) in his speech and when they all looked up to see that another man in military uniform was calling down to the man that spoke to them, an almost carbon copy of the man apart from his head was completely shaved and that his face and eyes seemed kinder, younger too but…

“DIXON! Let me tell you somethin’ man, you get your ass over here now before I kick your ass into…” Andrea decided that in spite of not knowing anything about the guy yelling at this hick, she liked him immensely and showed her appreciation by gesturing to the man in particular to Merle, entirely amused at the dumbfounded look that overcame the redneck’s face.

He eventually pulled away with a resentful sound escaping from the back of his throat and picked up his gear before moving away from them both, grumbling all the way as he made his way past them to head towards the large building with a giant Sixteen on top where his ‘friend’ was waiting for him outside.

Andrea watched him go and shook her head, “asshole. If he tries something like that again I’m going to go report him, just because his in that military group doesn’t mean he gets the right to…”

“If he tries to touch you again I’ll…” Michonne interrupted her before she trailed off with a sound that was a mixture of a growl and a grunt, her hands that had been strapped to her side by some sort of invisible force now was on Andrea’s waist as she scowled at the retreating figure.

“I’ll do something.” The warrior finished, abruptly letting go of Andrea to readjust the sheath on her back, her actions clumsy and hasty as though she was trying her hardest not to let the anger that she clearly felt to get the better of her.

Andrea felt a burst of affection at the attempt in spite of everything and placed a hand at the small of her friend’s back, rubbing soft, soothing circles there as she carefully pressed them forward to head towards block Seventeen where the cop they were looking for would be able to help them settle in with any last inquiries and documents that needed looking at.

On the way there Andrea felt resistance from her companion, once she realized that Michonne had stopped she too skidded to a halt to look in the direction where dark brown eyes were, her own cerulean gaze fixating on a wooden board that hung outside the police department’s door and creaked ever so slightly whenever the door in particular was used.


Do you have a loved one that is missing? Inform the police department today and together we can help search for your loved one and bring them safely back home.

What followed were a list of names that were set next to a few pictures of people whom Andrea assumed were the missing people in question, a sight that from the look of discomfort on Michonne’s face hit too close to home for her and instantly Andrea pressed a hand to the side of her companion’s hip, thumb looping through Michonne’s belt in order to keep them together side by side.

It was clear to her that a certain someone was at the front of Michonne’s mind and the thought of how hurt her friend must be caused the sudden impulse of leaning her head against Michonne’s shoulder, inhaling the sharp, musky scent of her and allowing it to fulfil her with the grounding she hadn’t known she had needed until now.

However it wasn’t her who needed that, not with how Michonne trembled underneath her touch.

“Do you want to ask about,” Andrea swallowed noisily, her grip tightening around the other woman’s belt, “well, Mike? I know from the look on your face you think the idea is ridiculous but maybe…”

Michonne shrugged away from her grip and sent her a wide-eyed look that made what felt like ice replace the heart that was in Andrea’s chest, the look of utter despondency coming from her friend that Andrea had no idea what to do or how to answer said look apart from staring at the stiff form of her friend and hoping beyond hope that one day in the far off future she would see her friend in a light that displayed the full side of her.

Not just the half broken side.