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A wonderful gift from Emiliana!


27 minutes, 13 seconds.


Direct download (right-click and save) an unzipped 17 MB mp3 file from Mediafire.


Listen to the full podfic:

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Download or stream from a Google Drive folder.

Reader's notes

I really like reading epistolary works, and I was in the mood for something varied and emotional as a break from a long fic that is 99% the POV character being in deep denial.

For anyone listening to the podfic first, I made two minor adaptations for purposes of reading out loud: I added the word, "link," after any hyperlink in the text, and I omitted subsequent phone numbers in an exchange of texts between two people.

Feedback and constructive criticism: better than mint-condition trading cards.

(Also announced at: my journal, amplificathon @ DW, amplificathon @ LJ, and avengers_2k.)