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An Unexpected Love

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Bea walks into the office and takes a seat while Margaret grabs her clipboard and pen and gets comfortable in her chair.

“How have you been feeling since we talked last week?”

“Good. I thought a lot about our talk and I realized that this is the best thing for me.” Bea smiles feeling confident.

“What’s ‘this’?” Margaret starts writing.

“Getting professional help, talking to you....It gives me hope.” Bea is curious as to what Margaret is writing.

“Hope for what?”

“Hope for a better future. Hope that I will get Harry’s words out of my head. Hope that I can have a healthy and fulfilling relationship with Allie. Hope that I will continue to be happy.” Bea says without hesitation. “Hope is something really new to me. I lived without hope from since I can remember.” Bea frowns.

“Tell me more about that. When did you start to feel that there was no hope?” Margaret asks while settling further into her chair. Bea doesn’t say anything for a moment.

“It started when I became aware that my father wasn’t going to stop terrorizing us, especially my mother. When I noticed that my friends had loving parents, I thought I was destined to live in fear. I could see that my mother had no hope although I didn’t quite know what it meant, I was so young. But as I grew older, I got it. When I met Harry, it confirmed my feeling that I was destined to be unhappy....” Bea laughs without humor. “Unhappy, what a weird word choice. I was beyond unhappy, I was terrorized.” Bea says with tears in her eyes. How could she be elated with hope one minute and feel like she is drowning from the memory that only a few months ago she was in mortal danger at the hands of her husband?

“Where did you go Bea?” Margaret asks with concern.

“I was thinking about how much has changed in only a few months. I feel like I am in a parallel universe waiting to wake up back in the hell I was in.” Bea says feeling a bit disoriented.

“Things are different now Bea. Your husband...former husband is gone and won’t be back to hurt you anymore. You are finally free and it is okay to have hope. The important thing to do now is to embrace your freedom and heal the damage that Harry caused you.”

Bea smiles weakly but feels encouraged by Margaret’s words. “How do I do that?” Bea asks.

“We talk and take the power away from Harry’s words and actions. Don’t get me wrong, there will always be lingering memories but we will work to make them distant memories. It will be a painful journey but worthwhile in the end. Are you ready to work hard? ” Bea nods and feels a glimmer of hope once again.

Bea arrives back at the house and Debbie is waiting for her on the couch.

“How did your session go?” Debbie asks.
Bea pauses, feeling rather raw, she isn’t up for discussing her session right away. Debbie senses that her mother isn’t up for talking about it.

“If you don’t want to talk, I understand. I am here to listen if you need or want to talk.” Debbie says thoughtfully.

Bea smiles. “How did I get so lucky to have a daughter as wonderful as you?” Bea places her hand on Debbie’s.

“I would say that you are a great mother but you wouldn’t believe me.” Debbie says tenderly. Changing the subject when she sees tears in her mother’s eyes, “I’m ready for lunch. What are you feeding me?” Debbie wiggles her eyebrows making Bea laugh and forget for the moment the heaviness she feels.

At lunch Bea and her daughter catch up with each other. They talk about Allie’s upcoming birthday and Bea expresses her nervousness about making Allie’s birthday special.

“She’s going to love what you have planned for her mama. Please don’t worry. Besides, Allie would love it if you both just stared at a wall together. She just loves spending time with you.” Debbie says giggling.

“You really think so?” Bea asks insecurely.

“I know so. Now stop worrying.” Debbie says and suddenly gets shy.

“What?” Bea asks, curious as to the sudden change in Debbie’s demeanor.

“I have a date tomorrow night.” Debbie admits.

“Really? Who with?” Bea asks with excitement. Despite hating that her daughter has grown up so fast, she wants Debbie to finally have a normal life and part of that is to start dating.

“Well, you know that guy Shane that Sky got upset with me because he was paying attention to me?” Debbie asks.

“Yes, but you resolved that right?” Bea asks.

“Yes, she gave me the go ahead if I was interested in him. Well, he asked me out last night. We are going to a bonfire on the beach tomorrow night together.” Debbie looks really excited and nervous all at the same time.

“That’s great baby! I am so happy for you.” Bea beamed.

“Before you ask, he seems like a really good guy and I will be careful. If I see any red flags I will listen to.”

Bea suddenly is sad that Debbie feels she has to be so guarded. Had she only left Harry sooner.... As if sensing her mother’s guilt, Debbie tries to reassure her.

“It’s not your fault mama, it was his fault so please don’t feel guilty.” Debbie insists.

“Thank you.” Bea manages while trying not to cry. “I just want you to have a normal life where you don’t have to be suspicious of all men because your father hurt me.”

“I don’t feel as if I am being suspicious, I am just keeping my eyes open. Besides, it’s not like I am marrying him or anything.” Debbie laughs at the idea.

“Well, I am glad you are going on a date and acting like a normal teenager.” Bea feels a sense of pride of how her daughter has turned out despite all that she has seen.

After lunch Bea calls Allie to see if she will be seeing her tonight. She misses the blonde. Bea thinks about her session and despite the moment of insecurity, she does feel hopeful. Everything has been perfect with Allie and for the first time, she is not waiting for the other shoe to drop. Allie has been nothing but sweet and tender with her. It’s nothing that she has experienced before and she wants to hold on to that forever. Allie asks Bea to come to her house for the night, she has something to talk to her about. Bea agrees but feels a little apprehensive about what Allie wants to talk about. Bea knows that she just has to trust that it isn’t something bad.

Bea picks up a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine before she heads to Allie’s. She feels nervous. What does Allie have to talk to her about? Bea wonders if she has done something wrong. So much for trusting that what Allie wants to talk about isn’t bad. Bea knocks on the door and Allie opens it.

“Hi beautiful.” Allie smiles and moves to allow Bea room to enter the cottage. Bea hands Allie the flowers and wine and notices something different in Allie’s smile.

“They’re lovely.” Allie smells the flowers. “You didn’t have to babe. What’s the occasion?” Allie walks through the door to her kitchen, Bea following her.

“No occasion. I just wanted to get something beautiful for my girlfriend.” Bea is getting more concerned. Allie hasn’t even kissed her hello. She wonders what she may have done wrong.

Allie places the wine on the kitchen counter and puts the flowers in a vase. She turns around and notices that Bea is standing a little too far away for her liking. Walking up to Bea, Allie puts her arms around her girlfriend’s waist and leans in for a kiss. Bea kisses her back slowly, trying to convey her love for Allie. They part and Allie still looks off.

“Are you okay Allie? You seem a bit off tonight. Did I do something wrong?” Bea braces herself for what Allie might say.

Not wanting to make Bea any more nervous than she clearly is. “You definitely have not done anything wrong. Can we sit down? I need to tell you something.” Allie leads Bea to the edge of her bed. Allie is dreading telling Bea about the texts. She is especially worried about Bea’s reaction to the fact that Allie hasn’t told her about all of the them.

Allie tells her about the texts she didn’t mention before and then about the day’s events including her exchange with Nikki and Will. Allie braces herself for Bea’s reaction. Bea is quiet at first.

“Why didn’t you tell me about the other texts?” Bea says calmly.

“I didn’t want to worry you... I didn’t think there would be more. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. Please forgive me.” Tears threaten Allie’s eyes.

They are both quiet for a while which causes Allie’s tears to fall. Why isn’t Bea saying something? Allie goes to place her hand on Bea’s but she moves it away. Allie’s heart falls.

“If we are going to have a long term can’t keep things from me. Especially when it may mean I am in danger. You had no right keeping this from me. How can I trust you if you do?”

“You’re right Bea. I am so sorry. I will never keep anything from you again.” Allie says with a bit of desperation.

Bea is quiet again, “So you don’t think Nikki is behind it?”

“No, I don’t. She looked genuinely surprised when I confronted her.” Allie tries touching Bea again and this time Bea didn’t pull away.

“Do you think Jake or Judy’s behind it?”

“I don’t know but I am going to find out if Judy is the culprit. I don’t trust her and she seems a little off. Her emotions seem to be all over the place. First she is afraid and then she hits on me. If it is her, she won’t think I suspect her. Do you think I should confront her?” Allie waits for Bea’s reaction.

“I don’t think so but I would keep an eye on her. When is the next time you will see her?” Bea hates the idea that Allie will have to be around Judy. She trusts Allie but doesn’t trust that Judy will keep her hands to herself. From what Allie tells her, Judy does seem to be unpredictable.

“We have a hearing in two weeks. I have to prep her the day before. I am not looking forward to it.” Allie feels bad that Bea is involved with the drama Judy is bringing. She worries that it will all be too much for Bea given what she has been through. At least she hasn’t freaked out or gotten really angry.

“I guess we will just have to wait and see....So what’s for dinner?” Bea gets off the bed and walks over to the kitchen area.

“Are we alright Bea? I am really sorry and I don’t want this to come between us.” Allie looks at her girlfriend with a sadness that breaks Bea’s heart.

Bea walks back to where Allie is sitting. “Come here.” Bea holds out her arms. The idea of losing Allie outweighs her disappointment in Allie for keeping things from her. Allie stands up and walks into Bea’s outstretched arms. Allie is still emotional and the tears are still falling. Bea holds her tight and rubs her back.

“We are okay baby. Just promise me that you will talk to me if anything new happens. No matter how much you think you are protecting me. We are stronger together. Okay?” Bea can feel Allie nod against her shoulder. She pulls away gently and places a soft kiss on Allie’s lips.

The kiss starts off tender but emotes all her feelings she has for Allie. When they finally break the kiss, Bea is looking at Allie with need. She takes Allie’s face in her hands and kisses her passionately. She wants to convey how much she loves her girlfriend. Bea places her hand on Allie’s face lightly and her fingers swipe her cheek, wiping away a remnant of her tears. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too, beautiful.” Allie pushes a stray curl from Bea’s face. “So much.” Allie kisses Bea and places her hands onto the redhead’s ass. “I want to show you how much. Can I do that?”

Bea nods her head yes and kisses Allie again but this time with more urgency. Allie moves Bea so that the back of her legs hit the edge of the bed and gently pushes her girlfriend onto her back. Allie lays on top of the redhead, her leg in between Bea’s legs as she pulls Allie closer. They continue kissing for quite a while, both conveying how they feel about each other and how they are in no rush to progress things farther. The urgency for each other ebbs and flows until Allie moves her hand over Bea’s breast. She could feel Bea’s nipple become erect and moves her hand under Bea’s top, playing with her nipple over the fabric of her bra making Bea moan. Taking Allie’s hand, Bea squeezes her own breast with less gentility as Allie kisses her harder and their tongues mingle. Grabbing Allie’s ass with her other hand, she raises her hips into Allie’s, releasing a low moan at the pressure against her throbbing core. Bea wants Allie more than she ever has. “God, you turn me on so much.”

Allie smiles and encourages Bea to sit up so she can remove her shirt and bra. When the garments are discarded, Allie pushes Bea back down and focuses her attention on Bea’s nipples. She sucks and tugs on them until they are red and hard. Bea is enjoying the feeling of Allie’s hot mouth and pushes Allie’s head down, letting her know that she’s thoroughly enjoying the feeling. Allie moves up Bea’s body and kisses her neck and jaw line. When she reaches her mouth, Bea gives her a searing kiss while flipping them over. Both of Bea’s legs are between Allie’s causing the blonde to spread her legs and the contact is driving her crazy. She doesn’t want to rush things but she desperately wants to feel Bea’s mouth against her most sensitive area. Bea kisses and nibbles on Allie’s neck leaving a small mark.

“I want to take your shirt off.” Bea rasps.

At this point Allie is willing to do anything the redhead asks. Allie sits up and Bea pulls off Allie’s shirt and removes her bra. Bea looks at her girlfriend’s breasts and stomach with a desire that makes Allie blush.

“You are so beautiful.”

Allie smiles and pulls Bea back down and kisses her hungrily. Bea pays ample attention to Allie’s breasts and then moves her way down her stomach. Allie raises her torso into Bea’s mouth letting out a soft moan. “You drive me crazy Bea.” Bea responds with a hard, wet kiss. Her hand traveling over Allie’s jeans in between her legs to her core. She can feel the heat and moisture and she almost growls in approval.

“Can I take your jeans off?” Bea’s fingers are in the loops of Allie’s jeans. Allie simply nods while biting her lip. Bea moves off of Allie onto her knees and she unbuttons the blonde’s jeans. Bea lowers the zipper and Allie lifts her hips in the air for Bea to pull off her pants, underwear and socks. She can see the wetness glisten between Allie’s legs and feels a throbbing between her own, her face and chest flushes. She wants Allie so much. Bea still wants to take her time. She can see that Allie is getting impatient wanting her girlfriend to touch her. Even though she wants to give Allie release, she slowly kisses up and down her legs. When she gets closer to Allie’s core she nibbles and licks the skin of her inner thighs. Allie is moaning and thrusting her core towards Bea’s mouth. Deciding to put her lover out of her misery, Bea kisses her mound and separates the folds with her tongue causing Allie to cry out. Bea lays flat on her stomach, pushes Allie’s legs so her knees are bent and gets comfortable. She is going to make Allie’s pleasure last. She slowly licks up and down outer lips, sucking on the folds. Allie’s hands are in Bea’s hair. Licking up and down her vulva, Bea enters Allie with her tongue. Allie moans loudly. Bea replaces her tongue with her index finger and feels Allie’s inner walls immediately close onto her finger. Inserting another finger, Bea moves in and out slowly. She is deliberately avoiding Allie’s clit for now wanting to make things last. “Bea, please...” Allie whimpers. Bea knows that Allie needs to feel release so she gives in and licks her clit lightly. All the while she moves her fingers in and out. Allie begins to gyrate her torso and pushes against Bea’s mouth. Bea sucks on her clit and moves her tongue up and down the hardened bud. Knowing that Allie is going to come soon, she increases her thrusts and sucks on Allie’s clit harder. Allie explodes. She let out louder, longer moan than Bea has heard from her before. The orgasm lasts for a long time and Allie is panting. The blonde starts to say something but it is incoherent. Bea moves up Allie’s body and drapes her arm across her stomach. It takes a little while for Allie to breathe normally. When she has recovered she kisses Bea tenderly, tasting herself on her girlfriend’s lips.

“Oh my God. That was mind-blowing. I can hardly move. I felt that in my clit and vaginally. I have never experienced that before.” Allie feels a lump in her throat. She is overcome with so much love for the redhead. When sees tears in her lovers eyes Bea becomes just as emotional.

“I can’t articulate how much I love you and what you mean me. I can only try and show you through every kiss and every touch how I feel about you.” Bea’s unshed tear slips down her face.

Allie wipes the tears that have fallen and cups her hands against Bea’s cheeks. “I feel how you love me with every glance, every gesture and every word you say to me. I have never felt so loved and safe with anyone else. I love you with every fiber of my being. I hope you know that.” Bea nods and cuddles into Allie’s side.

“By the way, it was me that was going to show you how much I love you.” Allie giggles against the top of Bea’s red mane.

“We have all of the time in the world for you to show me, Alliecat.”