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Memory of Younger Days

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"Open your eyes."

Link wakes up.

"Open your eyes."

Link wakes up, numb and drifting, lost, disoriented. There is a voice, a quiet, urgent voice.

"Open your eyes."

Link opens her eyes.

"Open your eyes."

Blue, glowing blue swimming above her, blurring, resolving into elaborate lights.

"Wake up, Link."

There is sensation. Liquid draining away, exposing bare skin to chilly air. Link pushes herself up, investigates the strange vessel she has been floating in, and gets to her feet. There is something glowing in the corner, a small rectangular object just the right size to fit in her hand.

"That is a Sheikah slate. Take it. It will guide you after your long slumber."

She knows it. She's never seen it before, but somehow, she knows it. It fits in her hand, easily.

She doesn't remember. Link knows her name, because the voice that called her awake had said it. She knows how to run, how to move, how to pick things up. She knows when she finds a few chests in the next room how to dress herself.

Muscle memory, she thinks vaguely, muscle memory that has been retained even when memories of the past have not.

She remembers the sun.

"Link, you are the light - our light - that must shine upon Hyrule once again."

So no pressure, then.

"Now, go."

Link runs, scrambles up the side of the rock face like she has done it every day for a lifetime, runs out into the light.