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Red and Violet

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What was that? Voltron? Yeah, Voltron. Fuck sleep. Let's go watch that.

No regrets.

At all.

Sans was so confused when you and your sister looked so tired. You especially, since you hardly ever get sleep normally anyways. The skeleton squinted as you tried not to fall asleep while standing... Your sister was extra grouchy but was too tired to really do anything against anyone. That's when Undyne crashed through the wall. Alphys was right behind her.

" PENNY!! I WANNA CHALLENGE YOU TO A FIGHT- What the hell happened to you? " Your elder sister groaned, waving a hand in dismissal. " ... Uhhh...? " she rose a brow and looked at you as if you had the answer. Which, you did. But were too sleepy to give it. Then she turned to Alphys who snickered.

" D-Did you two stay up just to watch Voltron? " You and your sister nodded. Sans rose a brow.

" how does that work? when did it run? " You thought a bit. Looking at the time. Then Penny. Then your phone. The light was so bright... ugh. " ... " Sans was patiently waiting for an answer.

" About an hour or so after we had sex. " Undyne choked as soon as the words left your mouth. Everyone in the room had a bright red face. Well, everyone except you and Penny. And Jay- wait what? He showed you a thumbs up. " ... What the hell are you doing here. "

" Stayed up for Voltron. " Jay showed a thumbs up. " Klance for life- Still not gay myself, though. " You chuckled but both you, Penny and Alphys showed a thumbs up. " Eyy... " He fell over. You could hear him snoring. Sans facepalmed.

" alright, then. i'll be off. " He went over to you and gave you a 'kiss' on your cheek. " you, get some rest. you need it. " And with that, he had teleported off. Undyne and Alphys stood a bit awkwardly before the fish spoke.

" What's... Klance? " The moment she said that, Penny picked her up. Running to the couch with her. You followed with a little sprint to your step. Suddenely full of energy. Jay was getting back up. " WHAT THE FUCK-?!?! " She yelped as she was dropped onto the couch.

" Alright, Fishface. " Jay cleared his voice. " We've got a history. We're both the funniest characters to see together and interacting. Heck, I even went to sleep infront of your burning house. Making for an awesome picture of me being badass and chill. " You had no idea what he was talking about. But you didn't really care. Waiting for him to get to the point. " And I am gonna explain to you, the wonders of Yaoi between two characters like Keith and Lance. "

Undyne was speechless as he began.

" And that's why Klance is great. Heck! It's like a relationship between Merve and Justice! " ... Who-? " Just two people I know in real life. " ... What-? " Don't worry about it. It's a better ship than the one going on here from some fans. COUGH, Jay/Ju, COUGH. Anyways! Whaddya think?! " She blinked. Staring at Jay, then Alphys, then Penny and then you.

" What I think...? " She got up, her expression darkening. But then- " I LOVE IT!! IS THERE MORE?! " Penny nodded and ran to the DvD closet. Opening it and pulling out a CD. Oh, boy. This'll be interesting.

" Yeah! It'll be great! FnaF is gonna be better, though. Especially Purplephone. " You blinked and looked to Jay. Did you walk about loud again? Didn't seem so. " Yeah! The Author is losing her muse and is hardcore shipping the Aubergine and the Phone. Guess who gets to be Phone DUDE? A side character?? Your boi. That dude- Me. " ... Was he talking about Five Nights at Freddy's? Purple Guy and Phone Guy? And... well, you didn't really know what the rest meant. " Anyways! Guess what I got?? "

" Who even let you inside this house? " He glared slightly. He was confusing and you didn't want to deal with him right now.

" I'm hurt. Well, guess who has tickets to the Gamescon? "

" I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, DAD. YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN MY LIFE. " Jay blinked before facepalming. You couldn't help the snickers escaping you. " Heheh... So... Gamescon? "

" Did you really have to say the start thing? Like- C'mon. Now I feel like an idiot. " You rose a brow before grinning.

" You JUST started? Just now? I'm surprised. " He stared at you before petting your head and ruffling your hair up. You purred and yawned as he chuckled.

" I'm so proud. "