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Red and Violet

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When next you awoke, you yawned and took in your surroundings.

Dirty room. Console and TV still there. You're in your bed with only an oversized shirt on... Oh, and a skeleton was lying on top of you! Apparently trying to kill you since you couldn't breathe. HOW HEAVY CAN A FUCKING SKELETON BE?! You whined and tried to roll him off with force. You were only able to wake him, but not move him in the slightest. He squinted at you.

" Heeeey! Vertebae! I can't breeeathe! " The moment you had said that, he shot right up and just pulled you close to him. " Mh?? " You rose a brow. This was... actually surprisingly nice. To cuddle a skeleton... He smelt like a mixture of mustard and cherries. Not the greatest combination you've ever heard. But not the worst either.

You felt so comfortable in his arms. The memories from the nightmare was faint...

" i'm here, sweetheart... " Sans rubbed your back as you clung to him. Feeling the tears spring out even though you stayed silent. He knew everything about you. The abuse from your mother too... How does- Why is he even- Oh... You felt so tired... all you wanted to do was sleep and never wake up... " then just freakin' sleep... i'll watch ya, sweetheart... " The short skeleton purred as he rubbed your back...


Did you...

Say your thoughts out loud again?

Oh yeah... That cheesy thing happened after the nightmare incident... You sighed as you pressed kisses to his toothy grin. He had a genuine smile on his face as he tangled his fingers into your wild but soft hair. You sighed in bliss. This was all perfect...

Crazy thing incoming in three... two... one...

You facepalmed when your sister broke into your room. Goddamn it Gaster! Ya hafta ruin everything nice in this miserable excuse for a world! Your sister plucked you from your skeleton's arms, bringing you over to her laptop and showing you a profile pic of a... spider... lady... What-?

" Sister! How does one swoon a Black Widow? " You stared at Penny blankly. She really thought that you, someone who's scared of fucking spiders can flirt with one?? Did she bump her head into the wall one too many times?? Wait- More importantly... SHE'S GOT A CRUSH?? " ... What are you grinning about, you sweaty little gremlin? "

" You've got a crush on someone~? "

" Wha- NO! I DON'T! SHUT UP! " You laughed as she flustered up before grabbing your head and forcing you to stare at the screen. " Just- do what you're told. Tell me how to flirt then FUCK OFF. " You took deep breaths and actually punched your own stomach a few times so you would stop laughing. Sans finally came by to see what the commotion was.

" Penny, I'm together with a skeleton! NOT a spider lady! " You wheezed as she kept a cold glare on you. Then Sans. Then you again. She huffed before picking you up over her shoulder, like a potato sack and began running out of the house. " Wha- Penny! What the hell?! "

" If you can't help me online, we're gonna meet Muffet in person! " ... Crap. No, you didn't wanna meet her in person! IT'S A FUCKING SPIDER! You squirmed and tried to get off this highway to hell. Penny plucked you from her shoulder, held you like a spear and THREW YOU THROUGH A WINDOW. When you landed on the ground, you groaned.

Seems like windows are your new doors! Hahah- ow... You looked around only to meet face to faces with... spiders... So... many... spiders... You just froze in fear as the Muffet lady walked up to you, raising a brow. You awkwardly waved and tried holding back a scream.

" ... Heya... " Your voice was higher pitched. Oh, geez... Then your sister crashed through the window aswell, effectively landing on you like you were a cushion. And she also knocked the air outta you. " Oof...!! "

" Muffet! I! Demand! A date! " The spider lady stared at Penny. Her multiple eyes were blinking in surprise as a slight blush crept up her cheeks. Penny got up, standing right on you and using you as a footstool or- whatever. 

So... damn... heavy...

" ... Ahuhuhu~ You must be Penny, no? You did seem very familiar... But you have orange hair like in your profile picture~! " She nodded, smirking as Muffet took her hand with two of her own many hands. Shaking it. " My, you're as cute as you are in your profile picture~! " Aaaand Penny began stuttering. Her face flustered as she struggled to use words. You stared at her before chuckling. Earning a kick from your taller sister. " I'd love to go on a date with you, dearest~! " You could imagine how your sister was holding back her squeals as she got off of you and followed Muffet to a table.

You groaned and got up, shaking your head a little as you were about to leave when- you noticed all the spiders still staring intently at you. They were much larger then the average spider. Larger looking black widows... You dared not to move, just sitting up and hugging your knees. They didn't move nearer. But they didn't move further either. You whined, shaking a bit as your eyes glowed a bright Violet.

You're afraid of spiders??

Shut the hell up, Gaster-

Nononono- Let me clarify this for myself... You don't mind walking and talking skeletons. One of which raped you aswell and you ended up still in love with him... But SPIDERS. Spiders are what you're afraid of?? Hahah! This is hilarious!

When did he start talking so often??? Now you wished he just never opened his mouth again... Or rather- Didn't talk in your head. He made you feel like an idiot.

Oh, you are one. You don't need me to make you feel that way.



Jay pulled a piece of cucumber off one of his eyes. Ju stared at his brother who's face was covered in what he called, a mask or something...? The elder brother stared into nothing for a while before saying-

" Back to the Future sucked. " Ju gasped and glared.

" hOW DARE-?! "

You take it back. That's going too far. Nobody is worse than that asshole.

Then Sans crashed through the fucking window! DOES NOBODY USE DOORS ANYMORE?! He picked you up, smirking at the spiders.

" heya, Charles, Carley, Catherine, Conner, Cindy, Celestia, Cyana. and the others- sorry, forgot your names. i'll be leaving with my girlfriend now. see ya. " All the spiders got together to form a word. 'BYE'. Sans let you stare a while longer before you practically screeched.

" HOEMYGOD, FUCKBOI! GET ME OUTTA HERE BEFORE I DECIDE TO HIDE IN YOUR FUCKING RIBCAGE!! " Sans took that as his hint to get going. Carrying you outside. " It had to be a spider. Penny just HAD to like a spider lady! Why couldn't she have liked Papyrus??? That would have been easier to handle! What the fuck-??? 

Sans laughed and pet your hair, walking you to his place. You just stared as he carried you to his room and plumped you onto the bed, nuzzling into your neck.

" there there. just rest... " You shuddered when he pressed kisses along your neck. Forgetting about the Arachnid Lady and concentrating only on Sans and his voice. The lights were dimmed and his crimson eye glowed in the dark. " i'm gonna make you feel good... okay~? " His hand trailed under your shirt, leading to your face flustering up and you getting goosebumps. You felt something wet drag along your neck. Whining softly and craning your head to the side to allow what you presume is his tongue, more access. " good girl...~ " His free hand was petting your head as he whispered compliments.

You're in for a good time...~