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Red and Violet

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" Okay, LISTEN UP FUCKBOI! " Sans blinked and stared as you spoke. " So. I think it's clear how you also like me. Besides the Soul Mate shit. You are literally attracted to me. I think we need a Safeword. " He rose a bony brow and you can already guess that the... 'Other You' didn't choose a safeword. " Look, this is a rough universe. I don't care if other me didn't need a safeword. I'm pretty sure it's a different case here. Any ideas for a safeword? " He shrugged.

" blue stopsign? " ... That was one of the dumbest things you had ever heard before. But sure- why not? Nothing a normal person would say in their everyday life. So you agreed to it. " ... so... what now? does this mean we fu- "

" Yeah- No. In your dreams, fuckboi. " He grunted and crossed his arms.

" stop callin' me that. "

" No. Because that's what you are sometimes. A fuckboi. " He rolled his pupils and just nuzzled into you. " Anyways. Lemme ask ya something. Do you know my dad? "

" yup. " He glanced at you with a grin. " he's an ass now and he was an ass before. "

Jay chuckled. 

" Fuckboi, I was born an asshole! " Ju stared at his brother. Who says those kinda stuff while playing Monopoly?

" but- enough with the questions. we gotta do something important. " You rose a brow. " sleep. "


Of fucking course.

But you won't argue. Sleep is indeed, a wonderful thing. Except... well. Nightmares. Those suck. Like- a lot. Not even the fun kinda suck that you'd do with a popsicle. But the kinda suck that happens when you're on a hard game and you almost get through the level but then THAT ONE FUCKING ENEMY ON ONE HP COMES BY AND FUCKS UP YOUR WHOLE GAME WITH THAT UN-DODGEABLE MOVE, LEADING TO YOU THROWING THE CONSOLE OUT THE WINDOW AND BURNING IT!!!


So yeah.

You just nuzzled up to him on the couch as he laid his skull on your shoulder. Sleepy nap time- Or stuff like that. Whatever.

You blinked as you saw... through a window, tons of monsters fighting against humans. A kid with a knife. Your dad with... multiple floating knives. The walking zombie. Undyne and Sans... Penny... They all looked different but where did they all come from? What was even happening-

You looked to the side only to see... a very familiar face, your mom, holding a gun. Aimed at you. You used a replacement clone to get away from the shot of her gun. It hit the window and made a hole in it. Sprinting over to her to give her a punch that is sure to have a lil' kick on there!


Get it?

It's cuz' you punched her stomach and kicked the same spot shortly there after. She gasped and before you could send another kick, grabbed your foot. With a glare she tugged it higher to make you fall down on the ground. Once again, you dodged the attack with a clone.

" Huh! Well ain't this fun? " You joked as she tried to aim and shoot. But... her ammo seemed empty. Welp- " Whassup? Can't take a shot at me? Huh. Too bad. " Your mother, Vicky rolled her eyes before tugging out a whip. " ... Wow. Sorry. Not into BDSM. Or am I? Hm... I dunno, really. Let's find out! " You summoned a couple of battle clones and sent them forward. They attacked but- Didn't do any damage. " Huh...? "

" You idiot... " With a flick of her wrist, the whip got you by a leg. She tugged and spun you around in the room. HOW CAN SHE HAVE THAT MUCH STRENGTH?!

Ugh. You're going to be sick... 

This all seemed so familiar... What was going on-?

You were being shaken awake. What the fuuuuuuuck???

" Cas, it was just a dream! " What-?? " it's just a dream... " You stared at him before facepalming. Alright, this. This...! You know what happened here.

" Oh, for fucks sakes. You had the exact same dream, didn't you? " You crossed your arms as he nodded. " And lemme guess... That wasn't just a dream but a mother flippin' flashback. Right? " Again, he nodded. " Well... This can't get any worse. "

Penny stared at the ceiling of her room. She couldn't sleep- not anymore. Not after that dream. It all seemed so real... Her sister was in danger... What would she do? 

What would she do if you were gone?

The question stayed in her head...

Jay sipped a bit of milk. It was late... Yet... What a dream. Why did the goddamn Author have to give him such feels? And why is she so lazy? This chapter isn't that interesting! Why do people still read this anyways? If it was about him, then he'd understand. But still- BAH! Whatever. He felt someone poke his shoulder.

" Jay...? What's wrong? You look so serious... And that's rare. " He chuckled and shrugged.

" I dunno... Just a bit tired is all. " He yawned as he scratched his hair which he kept in a bun when it was night. His brother snickered and he rose a brow. " What? " Ju pointed at his bun. " It's hair, dumbass. "

" No- it's just... heheh... Remember how Mom always wore his hair? In a buuuun~? " ... Jay stared blankly at his brother before ripping the bun off.



























That was a fun dream~