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Red and Violet

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" How'd the robot get the moustache off? " You smirked while Alphys worked on a few buttons on the TV and Sans just sat next to you. Ruby and Lili sat by the couch. Mettaton gave you a glare but you shrugged. Not exactly caring how he felt. " I'm serious. If you're a robot, how'd you get it off? "

" I don't want to talk about it. " You rolled your eyes at his response as the TV still refused to work. " Doctor Alphys, I don't think that will work... You've been at it for hours now. "

" I-It has to! " She snapped back, huffing and wiping some sweat off her face. " If I don't make it... what will we do?? " You heard mischievous giggles from Lili and Ruby. You turned and rose a brow, only to get a box of alcohol infront of your face. HOW EVEN-

" Let's play a game! " Ruby said, with a smirk on her face. " It's called: Never have I Ever. One person says something they never did and whoever has done it, has to drink. You guys in? " After failing to get the TV to work again, Alphys cursed before sitting with the rest of you. " Alright, I'll start. Never have I ever... Gotten high. "

Both you, Lili and Sans had to take a drink there- welp. You all shrugged non chalant as it was Alphys' turn.

" N-Never have I ever... Had a friend with benefits. " This time only you and Lili took a drink. Sans stared at you in disbelief. You rolled your eyes as you were next.

" Never have I ever... Made out with someone of the same gender. " Literally everyone took a drink. Seriously?? You couldn't help but chuckle. Then it was Sans'... Wait who did he ever make out with-?

" never have i ever... fucked with anyone on a crewship. " Only Lili drank. No freakin' surprise there. She seemed drunk already! When it was her turn, she couldn't think of anything, so it moved onto Ruby.

" Never have I ever... Fucked a skeleton~! " Hah! Jokes on her, you and Sans hadn't gone that far yet! Then you noticed Lili take a drink...? What- Alphys again.

" N-Never have I ever flirted with a superior. " You, Lili and Ruby took a drink. Unsurprising. Though Lili was growing irritated with this game. In an attempt to give the poor girl a break, you wasted your turn.

" Never have I ever fucked a chinese dude in japan who acted like he was a Kamikaze Pilot. " There, that should be a break for her- she took another drink. What the fuc-???

By now you, Alphys and Lili were drunk while Sans and Ruby were still tipsy. By now the most of you abandoned the premise of the game and have been trying to find something Lili hasn't done. But nope- There was not a single time she didn't drink.

" uh... never have i ever... thought about fucking with my boss in an alleyway where he whips me and wears high heels. " She stared before taking another drink.

" Oh come on! " Alphys' turn...

" N-Never have I ever... Had a foursome where everyone was of the same gender b-but dressed as people from action movies. I-Including me. And w-we're all sober! And c-cum over two times! " She drank again- OH COME ON.

" Are you all messin' with me?! " Lili seemed real irritated, glaring at each and everyone of you. You shrugged and waved your hand a bit.

" We can't help it if you're such a slut. " She puffed her cheeks up and stood. Stumbling towards the door with Ruby in tow. Presumably to make sure she doesn't do stupid stuff. " Welp~! Hic! " Geez, was it hot in here or what? You took off your jacket before you noticed your figure in the mirror. Okay, if you're thinking about your looks... you're definitely drunk. " Hm... "

By now, Alphys had drifted off into a different world. Mettaton sighed and picked her up while Sans followed your stare. When he noticed the mirror he smirked and moved closer to you, pressing kisses against your neck. You shuddered when he lapped at your neck, whispering huskily.

" my chubby lil' bunny~ " He purred, pulling you closer while his hands ran through your body. Chest, stomach, hips, legs... " fuck, doll... look at ya. good enough to eat~ " He said, lapping his glowing red tongue along your neck before swinging his arms under you to pick you up.

" A-Ah?? "

" i'm gonna pound ya- hic! senseless... nobody's home...~~ " He growled, tugging at your clothes a bit in frustration before ripping them OFF. You yelped, regaining a bit more concious and control and trying to push him back. But it didn't help... he was physically stronger then you and had you pinned. Screaming and kicking at him. Telling him to stop... but he either didn't listen or didn't care.

" SANS, FOR- hic! FUCKS SAKE! " he growled before grabbing at your throat and pushing you against the ground.

" yeah... you'll scream my name, babe...~ " everything was... blacking out...

You blinked awake to some morning sunshine. Smelling... sweat... and sex...? What- you sat up, noticing your lack of clothes. You were in your bed and- SANS WAS THERE TOO?! NAKED?!?!

Suddenely shards of memories from last night hit you like a fire truck. Causing a migraine in the process. You and he... making out... everyone left... you were pinned and he said... he said he'd pound you. Fuck you. He groaned, getting up and opening an eye socket.

Sans didn't expect to see you shaking. Your pale pink soul was out and had a deep crack forming. He immediately shot up to hold you close. Hug you. Comfort you...

But you jerked away from his touch. A look of terror and betrayal on your face as tears formed. What was even wrong? He didn't understand. Then he looked over the area. Sans was no fool... He could piece this together. Was it... rape...? 

He stared before reaching out for you again, but instead you got up and grabbed an oversized shit. Putting it on and running out the room.

" ... fuck... "

He dun' goofed.