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Red and Violet

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You inspected the movie tickets the next day. The movie was Deadpool, a few days from now. Great, that gives you some time. You tapped your chin in thought... Penny wasn't home right now... so... what could you do today? You heard screaming from outside. Huh...

Seems like the adventure has come to find you.

A specific crazy fish-bitch crashed through the wall and tackled you. 

" HOEMYGOD- YOU PIECE OF SHIT-!!!! " You yelped before crashing against a wall. " WHAT THE FUCK DID I EVEN DO TO YOU, YA BASS-TARD! " She froze for a moment before laughing and letting you go, letting you also slide onto the ground. " I hate you. "

" Daw, I hate you too. Okay, lil' human... " Your eye twitched at that. Who the hell is she callin' lil'... " Sans interrupted our fight last time... But I want to end these sorta things! " ... She can't be serious. She broke into your home. To fight you.

" ... Nah. Fuck you. " You got up, shaking slightly as your legs almost gave away. You took deep breaths as she pulled out a red glowing spear, pointing it at you. " Undyne. Unless you wanna wake up with more splinters then Cthulhu's ass, you better cut the shit right now. "

" You aren't getting out of this that easy. " She smirked. " You're weird. You aren't like most humans, scared of us... I like that. But also don't. " You rolled your eyes in response before you heard a loud banging noise behind Undyne. Your sister stood there with her frying pans. Hah.

Idiot fish.

Your sister stared at her unconcious body before looking at you. You understood what she wanted... fix the mess that Undyne made. So you just went ahead and grabbed a broom, sweeping the dust, rocks and grubble. It took you a few hours while your sister was reading a book. Then you heard Fishy McFishIdiot groan and wake up slowly.

" Ugh... my fuckin' head... Goddamn it, what hit me...? " You stared at her, then glanced at your sister who didn't even look up from her book. There was a moment of silence before she took out another frying pan, throwing it at Undyne and knocking her back out.

" Oops. You scared me. " Your sister sounded incredibly sarcastic right now, making you feel so proud. Once you were done cleaning, you placed the broom away and chuckled. Waving as you walked out the hole that Undyne made. " Hm? "

" I'm gonna go around town a bit. See ya, sis... " She nodded and waved back, not really caring as you left.

You walked along the street. Hm... The adventure that found you, got herself knocked out like an idiot. So what could you do...? You felt someone tap your shoulder and turned around, only to be given flowers. Eh... Lavender...? You rose a brow only to see who it was behind the gift. Honestly, you expected Sans. But saw a purple fire elemental instead. Wow. That's new.

" Oh... Eh... Thanks? What's the occasion? " He smirked and ran a hand along your cheek, purring softly as his flames crackled.

" There is none. I just think we got off the wrong foot... Do how about we start anew, dear? " You rose a brow. Oooookaaaaay. Why not. Won't kill ya, so you shrugged in response. " Excellent. My name is Grillby. Nice to meet you, madame~ " He gently took your hand and planted a weird...  kiss... thing, on it. You weren't even sure. It's like skeleton kisses all over again or something.


" Heh... Okay, my name is Castia Pastel June. Nice to meet you, Grillby. " This felt so weird. He grinned and rose a brow. " Uh... Is somethin' on my face? " He nodded. What- really? You tried to touch your face and find whatever he meant before you noticed how close his face was to yours. You felt blush creep up your cheeks in his purple light, holding you firmly and ever so closely.

" Oh, my dear. It's just a smudge of cuteness~ " Hm... you heard that one before. And you were pretty sure you'd said it too. But... where...? He was moving closer while you didn't at all... What was even happening- Then he lose his grip on you.

He lost his grip.

Because a fucking skeleton drop-kicked him out of abso-fucking-lutely nowhere. He grunted and looked at Sans who held you close possesively. The fuc- He growled as his one of his hands travelled up your shirt- WHY IS THIS EVEN HAPPENING. His crimson red eye glowed brightly and stared at the elemental.

" back the fuck off, grillbz. she is mine. mine mine mine mine mine! " ... When did you suddenely land into a cringy love story with a possesive skeleton who wants to be your boyfriend? You felt a shock administrated through-out your body when he tugged on your choker, forcing a surprised moan out of you. " see? this is only for me you- "

You turned around and punched his jaw, only to regret that move moments later. Turns out- punching bone hurts. You were yelling all kinds of curse words that just came to mind as Sans and Grillby stared. What were they supposed to do? Save you from your own stupidity? Once you calmed down, you growled at both of them.

" Oh, you know what? I should kick both of ya'll asses all the way to SUNDAY! " Electric energy was fizzling out from your body. But it seemed the elemental picked up on this and rose his hands up for peace. You huffed and tried walking away, but Sans still followed. " What the hell are you still doing here, dumbass? "

" just making sure nobody gets... creatuve ideas around you. " That made you chuckle softly. This stupid dork... " how are you? "

" I'm doin' well. But if another qoute on qoute, 'Adeventure' pops up again... I am going to just... just... " He waited for you to think of something before providing an answer.

" make out with me? " Oh, no. Heeeeell no. You know how this shit works out by now  if you say you'll make out with him, then it's a sure case that something will happen. You gotta think of something he doesn't want.

" I'll ask Grillby out on a date! " He visibly cringed at the thought. Hah, that should keep you safe- Someone grabbed both you and Sans' shoulders. Keeping you still and not allowing either of you to turn around and see who it was.

Castia. " The deep creepy voice actually sent shivers down your spine. " I. Am your father. "





Goddamn it.

You smacked the hand away, not even bothering to check as you continued walking and took out your phone. The male behind you seemed speechless as Sans questioned what you were doing.

" I'm gonna send Grillby a text, asking where the two of us would go out. " Of course this shit happens.

Of fucking course.

This shit always happens.

Jay watched both you and Sans completely ignore him and walk away. He stared, blinking.

" ... Geez, how heartless. It's like that time, when Ju stole my Game Boy and deleted all the files on my pokemon game. Only I don't get to stab anyone. " He sighed. " When is it my turn to bring more dark and ass fuckery humor in this fanfiction. Come on! "