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Red and Violet

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" I swear to whatever gods you believe in, Sans. If you're lying, I will turn you into GLUE. And not the good kind either! I mean the cheap stuff that weird kids eat! " He rose his hands up for peace, shaking his head. " So you're serious. A kid can RESET the timeline and go evil or bad. Our timeline was RESET too? " Ans he nodded. " Why did Frisk RESET our timeline? "

" they didn't. our... eh... kid. did. " You stared. Before facepalming. " that was pretty loud. did ya hurt yourself...? " You shook your head. " are ya sure? "

" Dude. How would you react if someone randomely told you that the two of you were a thing and had a CHILD. " Sans shrugged in response. " And- what? You want me to date you now? " Now he was silently staring at you. " ... No dice. "

" h-huh...? "

" Look, I may have the very similiar appearance of your wife, same name, same voice and magic... But I don't remember any of that. I also can't see myself as a mom. " Sighing, you pat his skull. " I'm not exactly looking for a true love right now. I really need to... think about it. Not to say that it's impossible, though. " The skeleton nodded in understanding as he got up to leave.

" promise you won't tell another soul...? " You nodded as he looked at you.

" Promise! " He smiled slightly and left...


You had your fingers crossed behind your back.

Ruby and Lili gasped, looking at eachother, then you. They could hardly believe it but... they knew you weren't one to lie about these sort of things. Lili took out her phone but you grabbed it before she could text anything.

" Don't. "

" What are you gonna do about it, Cas? This is BIG! " You huffed as your eyes glowed violet, lightning shooting out a bit. Once this happened, she understood what you were 'Gonna do about it' and placed her phone away.

" I may not hold my promises when I cross my fingers, but I doubt Sans would kill me. But if any of you break it, you can be sure that I'll hunt you down. " They gulped and nodded. Then Ruby tilted her head.

" Are you gonna tell your bitch of a sister? " Penny... HECK NO. You shook your head vigorously. " No...? "

" Have you fuckin' met her before?? She'd tell everybody in town and you guys may believe me, but others won't. We'll be declared as crazy AND Sans'll get PISSED. " They sighed and rolled their eyes. " Just keep this secret. Kay? " It took a while, but they agreed. Thank god. " Nice. Now shoo. I can't let the skeleton think I'm easy to get just because we were a thing in another timeline... "

" ....... "

" ....... " Lili and Ruby just stared at you before the latter spoke up while the former facepalmed. " So basically you are definitely get together with him, you're just making it harder on the both of you? " Blinking, the realization kicked in.

" What- no! The skeleton can screw off. I don't like him! Baka! " The two shook in laughter as you just growled and kicked your legs in the air, accidentaly crashing it against the table. OUCH. You grabbed your foot while yelping. " GODDAMN COCK SUCKING MOTHERFUCKER!!!! " A lightning strike shattered the table into pieces. Farewell Table number 10. You piece of shit.

" Pfft- alright, ya baby. Stop crying. " Lili gave you a few pats on your head. " What can we do to make you feel better? Get a pacifier? Maybe your baby bottle? " 

" I AM NOT A BABY, YOU ASSHOLES! " Lili snickered as Ruby picked you up effortlessly. " What-?! "

" You're certainly the size of one. "

Undyne was walking over to your place with Frisk. Only to hear a few shrieks and yells before two ladies bursted out, running and having broken the door in the process. What. The. Fuck? The fish monster peeked inside only to see you with your arms crossed, sipping some cocoa with your feet over a piece of table. You waved.

" Yo, Fishsticks. " She sneered slightly and almost didn't want to ask if you wanted to go to the movies. But Frisk bumped her knee, bringing her back to reality.

" Punk, shut up. "

" Nah. " She took a deep breath before throwing two tickets at your face. You blinked and took both into your hands. " Eh...? "

" Those are movie tickets. We're going to the movies, you and your sister are comin' " Before you could say anything, she continued hesitantly. " Frisk promises to get a week's supply of cocoa for you. " You got up and showed her a thumbs up.


" Of course I did. " She facepalmed, walking out. Frisk smiled and waved before following.

Cocoa~ Cocoa~

Cocoa is the best~