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An untamed force

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Christmas carols were just audible over the chatter of the guests at Alana’s Christmas party. Of course, he could not refuse her invite, given how often she attended his dinner parties he was more than happy to attend one she was hosting at her new house.

Hannibal watched Alana greet her guests, giving her a smile and helping to boost her confidence. He knew she had been nervous about this, it was the first time she had hosted something herself and she had asked for his help which he was more than happy to give.

Making his way around the room as he spoke to some people briefly, a few he knew from his former days as a surgeon at John Hopkins. Of course, he had spotted a few people he wished to avoid as well, it was as Frederick Chilton started to make his way over towards him that he turned and took a step forward only to have a man run into the front of him, spilling red wine down the front of his suit.

“I’m so sorry.”

Part of him was annoyed that this man had not exactly been looking where he was going, even now when Hannibal tried to look him in the eye he kept them down on the floor or at the suit that was now being stained. The blue fabric turning a darker shade.

“Please, don’t worry about it.” Answering the man’s apology, at least he was courteous.

“Let me get a napkin.”

Before Hannibal could even answer the man had taken off, his now empty wine glass still in hand. Giving a sigh he looked down at the front of his jacket, unbuttoning it and taking it over to the closet. Just as he was hanging it up the man came back, a napkin in his hand. The hallway was empty except for the two of them now, the door to the party was only a few feet away still open.

“I should have been looking where I was going.” He spoke, holding the napkin out to Hannibal.

“It seems you were in a rush to get away.”

There was an awkward shuffle from the man, his eyes darted up to meet Hannibal’s for a brief moment before looking away again. “Yeah, I was trying to avoid-“

“Will Graham, there you are!” Frederick Chilton happily chimed as he sauntered down the hallway towards them. “I hope Dr Lecter is not keeping you to himself Mr Graham, or should I call you Dr.?”

The way the man tried to wiggle his eyebrows at Will and himself made Hannibal feel something almost akin to being psychically ill. Instead, he gave a jovial smile as he spoke calmly. Hearing a slight groan from his companion.

“Hello, Frederick.” Replied Will, already trying to pull away to make his escape.

“There was nothing untoward Frederick, merely a simple accident. Will was just showing me where the closet was, lest I want the wine to seep into my shirt. We were just on our way back.” Answered Hannibal, not blaming Will for trying to escape the other man.

It was truthful, though there was a slight lie entwined within, one that would keep the beta guessing. Gesturing for the man to lead the way they both walked towards the party, hearing Frederick follow them quickly.

“It's quite astonishing what you do for the FBI, profiling killers. You’re quite the topic of conversation in psychiatric circles.” Frederick hurried along, dashing to catch them.

“I came here for a party Frederick, not to be analysed.” Spat Will, growing more frustrated.

“Perhaps you should be, were lacking material on your speciality. I could make a special appointment for you.” Frederick answered, coming to run in front of Will and make him stop.

Hannibal watched Will’s features contort slightly, scent omega pheromones in the air tainted with something burning. His alpha instinct kicked in, wishing to protect, though he doubted that Will was the one in need of protection. “You were recently appointed head of the hospital, however, I was under the impression you were taking some time off when I spoke to you earlier.”

There was a snort of derision from Frederick, his shoulders rolling back as he tried to make himself appear taller. “Working with the criminally insane does not have office hours.”

“How unfortunate for your patients, doctor.” Sassed Will, moving around Frederick.

There was an unsympathetic look shot at Frederick who bristled slightly at his colleague's disdain. “If you will excuse us, Frederick.” Moving past the man as he caught up to Will, following him into the party and to a corner of the room.

“I feel I must apologise for my colleague.”

“How could you ever work for someone like that?” Will spoke, trying hide to not fire something spiteful back at Dr Lecter.

“The only work we share is that we are both psychiatrists. The similarities end there.”

“Oh,” There was a huff of anger from Will, his hackles rising slightly. “So you have most likely been privy to these circles which discuss my condition. Thank you, doctor, but I will see myself out.”

“I find that to be quite rude actually, most certainly there are better options to approach someone to study them if they are interested.”

Will paused for a moment, looking up to see Hannibal’s eyes. Gauging if he was telling the truth or not, but he saw no lie in them. “And what are your views on human studies Dr Lecter?”

Lips lifted into a subtle smile. “If the patient is willing of course, however certain conditions should be abstracted into a form where the reader would be unable to identify the patient, and only published to benefit others who suffer. Not for the fame that some doctors seek or the tenures, they wish to secure. Or the alternate is to publish posthumously.”

The words helped to calm Will, his features relaxing, shoulders dropping as he took in a deep breath. “After the patient’s death or the doctor?”

“Whichever comes first.”

Will gave a small smile, feeling more at ease he stuck his hand out to shake, a sheepish look in his eye. “Will,”

“Hannibal, it is a pleasure to meet you.” Shaking the offered hand as he smiled back at the omega. “I’m guessing you must know Frederick through your work.”

“There are people within those walls who have been put there because of my assistance.” Will looked down, hands fiddling slightly before looking to the side and at the guests of the party.

“It must be difficult to always see the worst of what people are capable of,” Hannibal spoke gently, interested more in the omega and somewhat in his profession.

As a waiter passed them, Hannibal took two flutes of champagne, handing one to Will as he sipped on his own. He wasn’t surprised when Will took a bigger gulp of his. Lowering his defences would not be so bad, he was curious what the man’s mind was like, how he thought and what he knew of the Ripper.

“No doubt you must have heard some shocking things yourself,” Will spoke, the flute already half empty.

“There have been a few things that have certainly made me think of my profession,” spoke Hannibal, not lying to the empathy. “Though I came with the intention to help people understand themselves and their inner thoughts.”

“You make all that poking and prodding into people’s minds sound so noble.” Laughed Will, draining the rest of his flute. “Normally people who fall into the psychiatric circles are those who are afraid of blood, but you don’t strike me as the type.”

“What gave it away?” asked Hannibal, curious what Will saw.

“The confidence you have, and your hands. There surgeon’s hands, to steady holding that wine glass and with a delicacy that is used by a surgeon or an artist.”

Hannibal smiled a little wider as he came closer. “Being a former ER surgeon was an art in itself, the stitches, moulding the body… You are quite remarkable Will.”

Finally, Will gave Hannibal a genuine smile as his gaze met the other man's eyes and held them for longer than a few seconds. Each gazing at the other until Will spoke again. “They say if you hold eye contact for more than six seconds that you are either thinking about murder or sex. Both primal urges, even more so with our gender’s. Tell me Dr Lecter, what are you thinking about right now?”

Licking lips as he closed the space between them, a hand coming to rest on Will’s hip as he absently put his own flute of champagne down and stared into blue eyes. “It's quite convenient you're standing under the mistletoe… Would be a shame to break the tradition.”

Watching Will’s adam’s apple bob as he swallowed, he stood perfectly still waiting for the man to make his decision. Hannibal got the answer he wanted when the omega leant forward, kissing the alpha deeply as a hand came to grab the front of Hannibal’s shirt.


They hadn’t left Alana’s yard when pants were already being shredded in the back of the Bentley. The soft squeak of leather and squeal as Hannibal pulled Will’s legs up and looked down at him on the backseat of his car.

“So slick and ready for me.” Murmured Hannibal, a finger pushing past the tight ring of muscle, giving it a wiggle before a second pushed in.

“Are you going to fuck me or just play games?” Will asked as he tilted his hips up and wrapped his legs around Hannibal’s lower half. Licking his lips when he saw the alpha was already so hard and ready for him.

Hannibal laughed, withdrawing his fingers as he raised them to his lips and tasted them while looking at Will. Will couldn’t deny it was hot, hand reaching out to grab the doctor’s tie as he pulled him down. “Maybe I should push you down and ride you if you aren’t interested.”

“Are you asking for permission?” Hannibal smirked.

It made Will grin in return, sitting up as he pushed the alpha down onto his back and grabbed the alpha’s cock in one hand, slowly stroking it as he straddled the alpha’s hips.

“What a cunning boy you are.” Spoke Hannibal, gazing up at the omega.

“I assure you, I am no boy. I don’t find you that interesting, doctor,” Will smirked, silencing Hannibal as he lowered himself onto the swollen cock. “I just find you very fuckable.”

He moved slowly at first, adjusting to the size and length as Will let it go deeper. His hands coming to stroke Hannibal’s face, only pausing in his movements at times to lean down and kiss before he rode the alpha.

It didn’t take long for the windows to steam up, for Will to rest his hand against one as he quickened his movements as they both neared their climax. He came first, stopping as he felt his ass clench around the forming knot before being rewarded with feeling Hannibal come next that drew out a second orgasm from him that left him boneless and limp.

Laying down on Hannibal’s chest as he waited, he let the alpha play with his hair and kiss him gently.

“We could go back to my place,” Hannibal spoke gently, tracing his finger down Will’s jaw as he let curls brush his own cheek.

“I should get going.” Answered Will, sitting up as he drew hips up. The knot was not as deflated yet to let them untie easily, there was a tug before he finally had freedom and sat down to start pulling on his pants. Ignoring the mess he could feel oozing down his cheeks.

“Can I call you?” Hannibal asked, more watching Will as he got dressed himself. He was not surprised to see the omega shake his head, so he pulled out his wallet, taking out a business card where he wrote down his personal contact details on the back. “I’d very much like to see you again, for dinner or simply drinks.”

Taking the card, Will looked at it for a moment, fingers running over the indentations from the pen before he crammed it into his jacket pocket. “Sure.” He replied, doing up his shoes before getting out of the car. “Good night… Hannibal.”

Before Hannibal even had the chance to return the farewell, Will had shut the door. He sat in the car, hoping that the omega would call him back. He seemed interested, but hesitant. The omega’s fear made him rude.


- 5 months later -


After a week he had tried to contact Will, met only with the omega hanging up on his call. He paused to think about what else he could do to get the omega’s attention. Given his occupation and that he assisted the FBI in some of its hunts for killers he set out to make his own work feared again.

Five months later he invited Alana over to his house for dinner as he spoke about the kills that the Ripper had left out only a few weeks ago. She grimaced when she had thought of the three dead, an alpha and two betas before she gave a sad smile.

“It is gruesome, but we know it is the Ripper from the organs missing. Jack’s wound up over it, storming around and making everyone work overtime. He’s not impressed when one of the profiler's to a leave of absence from the field.” Alana said as she swirled the red wine in her glass before taking a sip.

“Will Graham,” Hannibal smiled as he watched Alana look puzzled at how he knew. “Freddie Lounds wrote quite the article on him in Tattler Crime.”

“I’m surprised you read that.”

“Difficult to avoid, it seems she is the only one covering the Ripper story with all the details. From a professional perspective, the killer’s state of mind is unique. But what prompted Will’s leave from the case?”

“I’m not sure, he hasn’t spoken to me much of late and he has been missing classes from the academy where he teaches. I’ve been covering for him a lot.” Sighs Alana, setting her glass down. “But Jack was pissed when the article about Will was published, got a court order to prevent her from posting anything else about him for a year. It fell under the omega protection act. Will was far from happy about it.”

“Does he have an issue with is status?”

“I’ve said too much already,” Alana looked away, ashamed at betraying Will’s trust and blaming the wine for the slip of her tongue about Will’s omega status. Even though Hannibal probably knew from the article that Freddie had published. “It’s always an alpha’s instinct to try and protect, Will doesn’t want that.”

“Perfectly understandable,” Hannibal nodded. “Well, if you are ever in need of assistance I would be more than happy to help with the FBI’s investigations.” He offered, hoping that when the Ripper left a note for the FBI to find that he would be asked to join and have his chance to ‘bump’ into Will again.


- 13 Months after meeting Will -


It had been just on the hour when he had told Franklyn their session was over, sparing him a few minutes as he knew the beta would delay his exit from his office. All in the hopes of becoming closer to him, the futile attempt to seduce him, speaking of friendship when he truly wanted companionship. One that he was never going to be offered by Hannibal, yet his subtle and gentle remarks fell on deaf ears. The man so enthralled by the alpha he still flaunted himself so eagerly, unaware of the mockery he was making of himself.

When he opened the exit door, he found a man standing there. He gave him a friendly smile, one that did not reach his eyes. Observing the man as he quickly looked from him to his patient. Making a move to take Franklyn’s hand.

“Dr Lecter.”

Hannibal waited, watching Franklyn looked perplexed, looking from the stranger to him and back before Hannibal decided to speak.

“This is a private exit for my patients, may I help you?”

“Oh, Dr Lecter.”

Franklyn’s hand was quickly dropped as the stranger stepped around him, Hannibal was growing more suspicious. The appearance of the man was too neat, his suit was not tailored but it was worn, something that showed off his shoulders and his height. It felt like something an investigator would wear, or someone involved in the FBI. Then he was curious what had brought the man to his doorstep, without even a phone call.

“I’m Jack Crawford with the FBI,” the man spoke, extending his hand now to shake Hannibal’s. “May I come in.”

He shook the hand while keeping a straight face. “You may wait in the waiting room… Thank you, Franklyn.”

Hannibal stepped back into his office, closing the door behind him as he moved to his desk and put away his diary. Opening the drawer in the desk, he pulled out one of the ready made syringes, tucking it up his sleeve just in case as he put everything in order. He was confident that the man was not aware of his hobbies, that this visit was purely business, one could never be too prepared in case he was wrong.

“Please… Come in.” Hannibal greeted when he opened the door and watched Agent Crawford stand, the man walking into his office where he paused and looked around before turning back and giving a forced smile.

“No secretary?” spoke Jack, curious as to a man of Hannibal’s wealth did not have someone employed to assist him.

“Alas, she bonded to a lovely alpha and has left to start a family… I was sad to see her go, though it is not uncommon with young omegas’.”

“No, it is unfortunate but I can understand the allure of starting a family. But you're not bonded are you Dr Lecter?” Jack pushed.

“Not yet.”

“Are these yours?” Jack asked, eyes falling to the table that displayed some of Hannibal’s unfinished projects. Carefully, he moved a few to have a better look at one. “The attention to detail is incredible.”

“My boarding school in Paris.” Hannibal moved closer, preparing himself for a moment where he may have to act and kill the agent.

Jack leant in to look closer at one particular print, avoiding the picture of the wound man that laid underneath. “I can see now why you were offered a scholarship at John’s Hopkins,”

“Am I under investigation Agent Crawford?”

“Oh, no.” Laughed Jack, turning to face the doctor. “A mutual friend recommended you to me. Alana Bloom.”

“Ah,” Hannibal relaxed, moving his hands behind his back as he tucked the half prepared syringe away. “Dr Bloom was quite the student, though now a teacher as I understand it.”

“She also has been helping us to profile several active serial killers, though she believes you may be able to assist us with another. Have you been watching the news lately?”

“Hard to be unaware of the fear one man is responsible for… Am I correct to presume this is about the individual that has been referred to as “The executioner”?” Hannibal enquired, knowing he would be unable to refuse the offer to help catch the killer that had been drawing attention away from his own murders.

The Agent seemed to harden when he heard the name spoken aloud. “You have a unique understanding of social exclusion I believe would help us in creating a profile and catching the killer.”

“Your killer from what I have read in the papers does not seem to have a problem fitting into a society which is why he has been so hard to catch. I imagine when you do, there will be many shocked friends and family who would say that he was not capable of this level of violence towards another human being.” Hannibal reasoned. “Is there another reason you are asking for my assistance on the case?”

“One of my best profilers is… difficult to work with. I need someone there to guide him, point him in the right direction and assist him. Can you do that Dr Lecter?”

There was a small smirk on Hannibal’s lips, an understanding about what he was truly being asked to do. “What is your profiler’s name?”

“Will Graham.”


The office felt cramped as Will stared at the board on the wall, the four victims faces and pictures of their gruesome death displayed as Will tried to piece together why the killer had chosen these victims.

When the door opened and Jack walked in, Will did not even turn to look at the man, only when the second person made their appearance.

“Will, this is-“

“Dr Lecter.” Will finished, standing as he looked confused and fresh memories of their first meeting swam to the surface. He couldn’t help but to feel his cheeks burn slightly as he looked to Jack.

“You two have met before?” Jack asked, surprised by this information.

“Through a mutual friend’s party, yes.” Hannibal supplied, undoing the front of his jacket as he walked over to the board Will had just been looking at. “Quite the medieval torture technique that this killer seems to display. Do you have the autopsy reports?” He asked, ignoring Will completely to watch his reaction, having already seen the blush.

“Perhaps Will can fill you in,” Jack spoke as he sat behind his desk.

“Actually I’m late,” Will stated as he stood up and grabbed his coat and satchel.

“Will!” Jack admonished him, voice booming that made Will freeze on the spot and turn slowly to look at him. “We’ve just had confirmation of someone going missing. The victim’s wife found a page in their apartment.”

Briefly Will looked to the door then back at Jack. “It will be hours before we find a body.”

“I don’t want to find a body.” Growled Jack, leaning forward in his seat. “Perhaps you and Dr Lecter can go and interview the wife, try and draw a reason as to how our killer is choosing them.”

“You want me to conduct interviews now?” Will laughed, his tone sarcastic.

“No, that is why Dr. Lecter will be joining you.”

It made the smirk on Will’s face vanish, a scowl worn in its place. “Fine, I’ll be back in half an hour ready to go. I need to make arrangements.” He stormed from the room, the door slamming behind him to make his point about how upset he was.

Jack gave a long sigh. “I’m sorry about that doctor, he can be quite antisocial at times.”

“No need. I imagine this case has everyone stressed, but I will try my best to be of assistance.” Hannibal smiled. “It may be best if I talk to Will alone, in a calmer environment.”

There was a tilt of Jack’s head before he gave a smile. “Then it may be best for you to go and see him now, he’ll be at the end of the hall on the right… Here is the address and the files. I’ll phone you if we have any new information available. Police are there and are waiting for your arrival.”

Taking the files that Jack gave to him, Hannibal opened one up to look through briefly as he left the office and made his way down to where Jack had said Will would be.

When he turned the corner and saw Will he froze, he had honestly expected to go to the profiler’s office or lecture hall. But this was a shock to him. Will was there, out the front, smiling and laughing happily as he bounced a baby in his arms and cooed gently to them. Hannibal slowly walked towards the daycare centre while taking in the baby in Will’s arm, guessing from the blue it was a boy, his size would indicate him to be no more than six months.

It was a shock, he had never smelled another alpha on Will nor seen a claiming mark on him. Even just before in the room, there had been no scent. As he came closer, Will looked up and caught his gaze. Immediately he turned away and gave the child back to a woman who had been watching them. His eyes followed the child, taking note of the cute features now that he was only feet away. The dark hair with curls, the slightly darker coloured skin to his father, and those hazel eyes that made him stare. Ones he recognised.

“Daddy has to go to work, but he’ll be back later, ok.” Spoke Will, pressing a kiss to his son’s forehead.

“Say bye-bye to daddy, Eros,” The woman said, making the small boy wave his hand at Will before they turned around and walked away.

Hannibal could not stop staring until Will grabbed a hold of him and forcibly yanked him out of it.

“Did Jack put you up to this? God, I can’t believe him!” hissed Will, annoyed at having his moment interrupted.

“Jack informed me of where I was likely to find you. He did not mention that I would be interrupting. My apologies.”

Will took a deep breath before he replied. “Fine, let's just go.”


Once they were in the car and heading out the gate, Hannibal made cleared his throat and glanced at Will.

“Were you ever going to tell me?”

“About what?” said Will.

“About being a father.”

There was a long pause before Will sighed. “No,”

“I believe I had the right to know about this,” Hannibal spoke, feeling a mixture of emotions at confirming the child was his.

“I’ve never asked you for anything, I don’t want anything.”

“You may not, but I would like to know my son.”

“Our son.” Will corrected. “I’m not promising anything, and I would appreciate it if you didn’t inform everyone.”

“You may have to notify Agent Crawford about this as it will affect the case we are working on,” Hannibal spoke causally.

“And I suppose you want to spend time with him as well,” Will spoke, rubbing his forehead. Not that he was against the idea, but there was a reason as to why he had avoided the psychiatrist and telling him about his child. Even though it was selfish, he truly thought it was better for the both of them.

“Yes,” admitted Hannibal. “How old is he?” he asked, the first of many questions that he had for the omega about his child as his plans changed rapidly. He needed time to think, but he wanted to know this child, to be a part of his life. And he was not prepared to have Will stand in his way.