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Chat Fic I Wrote In Two Hours That No One Wants

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Ms.Frizzle added RoyaltyTM, tiredofyou, and ChainsandWhipsExciteMe into a groupchat.

RoyaltyTM: what the hell????is this??????

tiredofyou: that’s enough ?’s

Ms.Frizzle: I am very bored and

Ms.Frizzle changed the chat to tiredofeverything

tiredofyou: i want trademark

Ms.Frizzle: K

Ms.Frizzle changed the chat to tiredofeverythingTM

RoyaltyTM: but why me?

ChainsandWhipsExciteMe: were in hell

Ms.Frizzle: No you can leave anytime you want

tiredofyou: why did you start this at like midnight

Ms.Frizzle: I am very bored and you guys are my only friends i havent bugged today

tiredofyou: and i trusted you

RoyaltyTM: and i was thankful you didnt do this

ChainsandWhipsExciteMe: i am thankful cuz now i have two groupchats

RoyaltyTM: No youre thankful for the fact you now can bug me and diana all night long

ChainsandWhipsExciteMe: ye that 2

tiredofyou: pls type civilized

ChainsandWhipsExciteMe: hell no

Ms.Frizzle: I regret everything now

RoyaltyTM: good

tiredofyou: youre also happy cuz your toy is here

ChainsandWhipsExciteMe: Yes def that

Ms.Frizzle: I am NOT his toy

RoyaltyTM: how do you do the lenny face

tiredofyou: you cant i tried

RoyaltyTM: dam

ChainsandWhipsExciteMe: you can spell the entire word ya know

RoyaltyTM: nO

Ms.Frizzle: Y’all

RoyaltyTM: look what you did

tiredofyou: explain

RoyaltyTM: anytime someone says y-a sams says teXANs woRDS

tiredofyou: omg

ChainsandWhipsExciteMe: ya

RoyaltyTM: NO

Ms.Frizzle: Y’all’d

tiredofyou: ya

RoyaltyTM: i trusted you

Ms.Frizzle: Y’all’d’ve

ChainsandWhipsExciteMe: how do pronounce that

Ms.Frizzle: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

RoyaltyTM: howd you do that

Ms.Frizzle: aint telling

tiredofyou: night boys

Ms.Frizzle: *bois

RoyaltyTM: dangit

ChainsandWhipsExciteMe: *Dammit

RoyaltyTM: b YE

Ms.Frizzle: Gtg

ChainsandWhipsExciteMe: k <3

Ms.Frizzle: No

ChainsandWhipsExciteMe: forever heartbroken now

ChainsandWhipsExciteMe: thx

Ms.Frizzle: Np


Ms.Frizzle: Hi

the-gay-palette-suits-me-better: how are you awake it’s 5

Ms.Frizzle: Nightmares

the-gay-palette-suits-me-better: shit ಠ_ಠ srry

Ms.Frizzle: It fine

SurferAndFisher-Boi: he right

Ms.Frizzle: Youre up this early anyway

SurferAndFisher-Boi: so? It’s for my job

Ms.Frizzle: It a school day

SurferAndFisher-Boi: im not riding the bus today

Ms.Frizzle: That’s irrational

the-gay-palette-suits-me-better: why

SurferAndFisher-Boi: the bus driver had his third heart attack in two weeks and its a different bus driver,, Sam’s a bad-luck charm

Ms.Frizzle: Am not

PureTM: You so are.

the-gay-palette-suits-me-better: hey babe

PureTM: Hey, how’s art school?

The-gay-palette-suits-me-better: good and you?

SurferAndFisher-Boi: look its one of the three TMs

PureTM: Good. Quinn, stop it.

SurferAndFisher-Boi: NO. YOU CANT SILENCE ME

PureTM: Where’s Sam?

Ms.Frizzle: Sorry on another chat

SurferAndFisher-Boi: how many do you have

Ms.Frizzle: 5

SurferAndFisher-Boi: ajdksfsdssk what the heck SAM

Ms.Frizzle: I like having friends

SurferAndFisher-Boi: im at the dock, we’ll discuss this later

Ms.Frizzle: I dont see what we have to discuss but k later

PureTM: I’m at school, so talk to you in lunch, Roger.

the-gay-palette-suits-me-better: talk to you then

Ms.Frizzle: bye roger

the-gay-palette-suits-me-better: bye


gunsandcigarettes: you comin after school today?

Ms.Frizzle: ofc

tiredofyou: same

tiredofyou: school’s lettin me out for therapy

Ms.Frizzle: yay

tiredofyou: lana watch

tiredofyou: ya

Ms.Frizzle: Y’all’d’ve

gunsandcigarettes: wha tthe

tiredofyou: is everything fine

gunsandcigarettes: my parents are even more worried than normal cuz they found me dying in my room thx

tiredofyou: good.

Ms.Frizzle: Is patrick okay

gunsandcigarettes sent the photo [he’s getting a lil chubby]

Ms.Frizzle: Dont listen to lana patrick your perfect

tiredofyou: tell him he’s the reason my mind is clear

gunsandcigarettes: k

gunsandcigarettes: he says right back atcha

tiredofyou: atcha

Ms.Frizzle: new texan word

tiredofyou: yeS

tiredofyou: Lana?

gunsandcigarettes: it happened again you fuckers

Ms.Frizzle: Sorry not sorry

gunsandcigarettes: i can tbreathe

gunsandcigarettes: sanj is worried

gunsandcigarettes: help

tiredofyou: can your mom make those lemon squares

Ms.Frizzle: Those are really good pls lana

gunsandcigarettes: fine

Ms.Frizzle: I will bring koolaid

Ms.Frizzle: Diana pls bring movies

tiredofyou: k

gunsandcigarettes: sam you cured my mental illness with that

Ms.Frizzle: Now i have a life purpose thanks Lana

tiredofyou: bye

Ms.Frizzle: bye

gunsandcigarettes: bye


RoyaltyTM: why are you smiling like that

ChainsandWhipsExciteMe: i didnt not set bug’s underpants on fire while they were on the flag pole

tiredofyou: drake wtf

RoyaltyTM: we’ll come back to you in a min drake diana why are you smiling like that

tiredofyou: i get to leave this hellhole

ChainsandWhipsExciteMe: good for you can you take me with you

tiredofyou: no

ChainsandWhipsExciteMe: fu

RoyaltyTM: why are you leaving

tiredofyou: therapy

RoyaltyTM: oh do you want me to drop you anywhere or pick you up

tiredofyou: i got a ride no worries

RoyaltyTM: just being a good friend

ChainsandWhipsExciteMe: i can hear the emphasis in your voice

RoyaltyTM: now back to this bug underpants thing

ChainsandWhipsExciteMe: shit