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“So you don’t date. At all.”


“Really? Not even a friends-with-benefits kinda situation?”

“Friends with benefits?”

“You know, friends, but with a little extra?”

“A little extr- oh!
“No, we’re not allowed to form attachments. Didn’t Master Windu explain this to you?”

“I don’t know. Maybe… I mean, you know me, Aayla, I probably wasn’t listening.”

“I think you pay more attention to him than you’d like to admit.”

“Or maybe I just didn’t believe him. You guys really have no sex? Ever?”

“Well, some Jedi don’t count sex as attachment, but it can’t be more than casual, and it can’t be with another Jedi.”

“But if it were allowed, isn’t there anyone you’d…”


“Oh, come on, Aayla! We have to talk about this!”

“And why would that be?”

“Because this is a girl’s night out, and that means gossiping about boys.”

“A girl’s night out? You invaded my living quarters because you were bored.”

“Well, I could hardly go bug Mace-y, now could I?”

“No, I can imagine the council wouldn’t be happy about being disturbed during a meeting.”

“Thus the girl’s night out. Come on, we have snacks, and the holo-television-thingy probably has some crappy movies, and girl talk… Whaddaya say?”

“…Fine. Kriff, have you tried that look on Master Windu?”

“Yeah, doesn’t work.”

“And that’s why he is the Master.”

“So? Any guys or girls caught your fancy?”

“You really only think about one thing, don’t you? But I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you.”

“Well, can’t defeat the two H’s. But really, no one? A whole temple full of nice, fit men and women and no one interests you?”

“How about you? Met anyone interesting?”

“You know, you’re right. Maybe we should talk about something else.”