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Polygrump u up

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Arin Hanson was never a hardcore soulmate believer. When it came to the topic, he was just on the fence about it. It was only natural when the only way to find your soulmate was when you woke up one day in their body, and theirs in yours. It had been a farfetched idea in the man’s head, but he wouldn’t dismiss it entirely. After all, it had happened to his friend Ross back in college. They’d shared a dorm and one day he just wasn’t himself. Several confusing hours later and Ross had found his girlfriend- now wife- by the name of Holly Conrad. It helped calm any doubt he had in the world, but it was still nerve wracking. You never knew when the switch would happen- you could be in your 20s or even in your 70s before it happens- but most cases always happened after the age of 16. It was very rare that switching happened before then, but it could happen. Luckily for Arin, it hadn’t happened yet. But if there was one thing he was absolutely sure about, it was that Suzy Berhow was his soulmate.

He didn’t need to have a body switch to know that woman was the one for him. She completed him and was there to calm him down whenever he got into any of his moods. He made her laugh and imagining life without her was impossible. Only after a few months of dating, he had proposed to her and they were to be married within the year. Life couldn’t have been better.
It was around 9pm. The two had already had dinner and were entangled in each other’s arms in their bed, talking about life and such. The couple had been quietly going back and forth about the possibility of getting a cat or two for a good hour until they decided to call it a night, sharing a kiss and snuggling into the sheets.

Arin woke up, meeting darkness as he opened his eyes. It must’ve only been a few hours considering how dark it still was. He could feel Suzy fast asleep next to him, an arm draped around his middle. Half-asleep, he quietly shimmied out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom. He barely registered the pain as he bumped into a few doorframes, struggling more with how weird his body felt. But he made it to the bathroom and flicked on the light. Immediately he scowled and closed his eyes. Too bright. He felt around for the sink and splashed a bit of water on his face. When he looked up into the mirror, his blood ran ice cold.

Staring back at him was a man with tired brown eyes and a cloud of dark hair.