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You guys are together, right?

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"So I gotta tell you something," Stile said nervously as he climbed out of the Jeep and looked to Scott. 

"Yeah? What's up?" Scott asked, walking around to fall in step beside his best friend. 

"Something's been going on between me and Malia," Stiles said vaguely, working out exactly what he wanted to say in his head. 

"What kind of something?" Scott asked, one brow raised in question as he watched Stiles closely. 

"So, it's like 2 in the morning, I wake up, she's lying right next to me. She just sneaks in. This is like 5 times a week," Stiles explains as they made their way to class. 

"Then what happens?" Scott sounded honestly curious about where the story is headed. 

"This," Stiles says before pausing in the middle of the stairs and pulling up the back of his shirt and hoodie to reveal the scratches Malia left on his back the night before. 

Scott's jaw drops at the sight, eyes bulging slightly. "Holy..." He trailed off. 

"Yeah, right on, right?" Stiles jokes before dropping his shirt and continuing up the stairs. "After that, we spent the rest of the night spooning." 

"Well, that sounds okay," Scott replies, voice a tiny bit questioning like he's expecting Stiles to say to the contrary. 

"Yeah, but I'm always the little spoon. Always," Stiles explains further, internally hating that he actually kind of likes it and on more than one occasion has wondered what it would be like if he was curled up like that with Derek instead. 

"This means you guys are together, right? You're dating?" Scott asked, sounding a little hopeful that his friend finally found someone. 

Stiles chooses to dodge the question, knowing if he says the wrong thing Scott will call him out on it. "Sometimes, the way she looks at me, I think she knows I'm not telling her something." 

"You mean Peter." Scott says it as a statement, not a question.  

Stiles swallows hard and thinks 'And that I'm hopelessly in love with her cousin, ya'know the one that she knows nothing about that we just rescued from Mexico'. "You gotta tell her, Scott," He says nervously instead. 

"I know, I just.. I don't know how," Scott says honestly. 

Stiles heaved a defeated sigh and the two continued on to class.