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“Do you really have to go tomorrow?” Dick asked from under the covers of Bruce’s bed.  Make that their bed.  It was still weird thinking of it like that.  That what was Bruce’s was now his.  Well, Dick guessed that it always was, in a sense, being Bruce Wayne’s ward and heir.   As heir, sure, Dick was aware of it.  But now that their relationship had progressed into more of an intimate nature, Dick was still trying to get used to sharing Bruce’s things on a personal level, as opposed to just inheriting them.  Hence their bed – not Bruce’s.

This turn in their relationship had caught Dick off guard. Sure, for years they had both longed for each other with distant looks and lingering touches, but it had never amounted to anything. Dick had never thought it would amount to anything either, too scared to do anything about it. However, at this year’s annual Wayne Enterprises Gala Bruce surprised him.

When the first guests had approached for the evening, Bruce had introduced Dick as his partner, putting his hand on the small of Dick’s back while shaking hands with their guests. Dick had instantly flushed, clearing his throat and looking at Bruce, before remembering his manners and shaking their guests’ hands as well. He surely had to have misunderstood Bruce’s meaning.

Bruce had carried on as if nothing was out of the ordinary – damn those bat skills – not sparing him a glance until their guests’ backs were turned, cautiously raising an eyebrow at the younger man, almost daring him to contradict the statement.

Dick had swallowed visibly, taking a swig of champagne while letting his eyes wander around the room, purposefully avoiding Bruce’s intense glare. He felt panic filling his chest, mixed with an insane embarrassment that was heating his cheeks.

“Did I say something wrong?” Bruce inquired, inconspicuously leaning closer to Dick. Bruce’s hand was still on the small of Dick’s back, its span covering more than half of the real estate, a fact that was causing Dick’s stomach to perform summersaults. “Did I read this, us, wrong?” Bruce’s words were quiet, a tenderness to his voice that Dick rarely heard.

Dick looked back at Bruce with wide eyes. He was desperately trying to process Bruce’s words, his stance, and his mood. As he let more of the meaning of what Bruce had said sink in, he realized Bruce must share the feelings Dick had in order for there to be an us.

Something on his face must have given Dick away. The no, you didn’t read us wrong, and the finally, yes, please! must have been transparent, because Bruce gave a short nod, leaning in to quickly peck Dick’s cheek before he turned to address the new pair of guests coming towards them.

The rest of the night, Bruce didn’t let Dick leave his side for more than a few minutes here, or a washroom visit there. He ensured they were touching as much as seemingly natural. He would grab Dick’s hand and link it through his arm while walking around the ballroom, encouraging Dick to hold onto his inner elbow, patting Dick’s hand as they walked. Or he would escort Dick with a touch to the small of his back, or waist, which always caused heat to flare in Dick’s cheeks. While he had always wanted Bruce, he had never given thought to publicly displaying any sort of relationship. The fact that Bruce had, and clearly wanted to, had Dick’s head swimming most of the night. All of Bruce’s physical attention and knowing glances had his head swimming the rest of the time.

Tim and Alfred had not seemed overly surprised. Tim grunted out a “finally” in passing during the party, and Alfred had nodded with a “Very Good, sir” when Bruce grabbed Dick’s hand and said they were retiring for the evening. Dick didn’t know whether to be happy that they both approved, or infinitely embarrassed that neither of them had been surprised.

There wasn’t much talking about it that night. The moment they had been alone after the party, it had been all touchy hands and greedy mouths, feeding a need that had been building for years.

Their new relationship had only been going on for a couple months, and this was the first time Bruce was leaving for business since Dick had moved into Bruce’s master suite. Their master suite. This was going to be the first time they had slept apart in months.

“I mean, can’t one of your senior officers go or something?” Dick asked, his elbows resting on his knees as he leaned forward on the mattress, just the sheet wrapped around his waist to cover him.

“No, I have to go seal this deal myself. My senior officers have taken it as far as they can; now I have to close it.” Bruce said, moving about the room to gather some of the things he wanted to pack. Alfred had packed most of what he would need, but Bruce always liked to get the last minute items himself. “I should be no longer than a week.” His voice was muffled from being deep in his walk-in closet.

“Is that all?” Dick asked quietly, looking at his hands, not intending for Bruce to hear his comment. He didn’t want to sound childish or clingy, but he wasn’t looking forward to Bruce’s time away. He looked up guiltily as a shadow fell over him. Bruce reached out, running the back of his hand gently down Dick’s cheek. Dick was always amazed with how tender Bruce was with him. Batman was stone cold, and even growing up with Bruce, he was emotionally distant. Now, it felt like Bruce was making up for lost years.

“I’d ask you to come with me, but Gotham needs you here. Tim needs you here. I need you here.” Bruce said, hooking his fingers under Dick’s chin and pulling upwards for a kiss. Dick leaned into it, desperate for the touch. When the kiss broke, Dick looked into Bruce’s eyes before nodding.

“No, I know. I wouldn’t be particularly fond of a sixteen hour plane ride anyway.”


On the fourth night Bruce was away, a wicked storm was on Nightwing and Robin’s tale as they made their way back to the Batcave. Patrol had been relatively simple, but constant. They had been running all over the town closing down a burglary on the north side, busting a drug ring in the south, then rounding up a few escapees from Arkham. It had been a busy night, but everything had been set straight and was back in order.

Dick fell into bed with a groan. Bed felt so good. It would feel even better if Bruce was in it, but he was too tired to let that stall him from falling asleep like it had the past three nights. He would have to remember to call Bruce in the morning.

Sometime later in the night Dick startled awake, not completely sure why. It was still dark outside. The storm was now in full force, throwing sheets of rain against the windows in droves. While the storm was quite violent, Dick was unsure whether that was what woke him. The room was dark, moonlight blocked from the clouds of the storm. Dick settled back onto his pillow, looking around the room. Something was off.

Lightning and thunder clashed brutally outside, flooding the room with light for a split moment. It lasted just long enough for Dick to see the figure looming over the bed, a figure he knew was not Bruce, or Batman. It wasn’t Tim or Alfred either. Dick had grown up with the night’s shadows, and this one was a stranger.

In a rush, Dick threw himself across the bed, away from the looming form. But the stranger was lightning fast as well, grabbing onto Dick’s ankle before he was able to make it off the bed. Giving a hard yank, the invader pulled Dick back towards him.

While Dick’s first instinct was to fight, he had to remind himself that he was in his civilian form, not Nightwing. He didn’t yet know if his assailant was master criminal, or common crook. Maybe he was just a burglar, breaking into Wayne Manor for money, jewelry and fine china, and not here to attack a caped crusader. Dick needed to move like normal people would move, fight how a normal person would fight, not how Nightwing would fight. He couldn’t risk jeopardizing any of their secret identities.

Dick kicked out with his free leg, coming in contact with something before that leg was firmly grasped too, and he was pulled even further down the bed. The guy was strong, he’d give him that. He was big too, just as big, if not even a little bigger than Bruce. Dick turned onto his back as he was pulled towards the figure, ready to throw a couple of well-placed punches. His attempts were easily deterred though, surprising him a little. The stranger apparently knew how to handle himself in hand-to-hand combat, but Dick wasn’t panicking yet. He kicked it up a few notches, jabbing and kicking at key weak points in the body, twisting and bucking to get out of the assailant’s grasp. His efforts weren’t getting him anywhere though. They wrestled like that for a few more moments, Dick’s mind also wrestling with what else he could do without giving his super training away.

Then, without any warning and in one quick move the stranger simply pinned Dick down on the bed. Dick wondered if the man had been toying with him all along, as the move had been made with little to no effort. Dick breathed heavily, panic starting to blossom in his chest. Who was this guy?

The strange form had Dick’s wrists pinned to either side of his head, one leg between Dick’s with the other on the outside of his left hip. Dick tested the force of the stranger’s restraint, and knew he’d have a hell of a time moving him as simply a “civilian”.

A husky chuckle came from the man above him.

“Well this is better than I expected,” the man said, leaning closer to Dick. “I didn’t know Bruce Wayne had a lover, which in and of itself is an added bonus. But for his lover to be none other than his ward, Dick Grayson? Well it just doesn’t get any better than that, does it?” 

Dick frowned. Added bonus? At least the guy had used Bruce’s name instead of Batman’s. Dick’s body went rigid as the stranger leaned even closer, his breath hot on Dick’s ear. “I got a two-for-one deal with you, didn’t I?”

Dick forced his breathing to be controlled, closing his eyes and turning his head away from this stranger. He quickly tried to think of anyone who might have it out for Bruce – not Batman – Bruce.  Whoever this was, he either didn’t pay attention to the papers, or wasn’t from around here. News about Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson being an item had been gracing the headlines weekly since the Wayne Enterprises Gala. 

Dick couldn’t stop the hitch in his breath as he felt the man move to rub his knee against Dick’s groin. What the hell?

“Get off me,” Dick ground out, attempting to break free of his assailant’s hold. He still wasn’t using all his strength or best moves yet, but he started feeling that he might have to. The man held strong though, pushing a little more of his weight down onto Dick to keep him still.

“Easy, now. Don’t make me hurt you anymore than necessary.” The man said, rubbing his cheek against Dick’s. Dick winced at the whisker burn. How had this guy gotten in here? Why didn’t the alarm go off? Maybe he tripped one of the silent ones, and only Bruce was aware. Dick really hoped that was the case. Was this stranger the only one in the house? There could be others. Dick’s stomach flipped at the thought.  If anything had happened to Tim or Alfred …

“What do you want?” Dick asked, keeping his voice assertive. He bit his lip in revulsion as he felt the man’s lips touch his ear.

“Revenge,” the man whispered before nipping Dick’s earlobe. Dick’s chest tightened at that. This guy was looking more and more unstable.

“Revenge for what?” Dick asked, twisting away from the guy’s mouth while flexing his wrists. He needed to get this guy off him and make it more of a level playing field.

“My whole life was riding on a business deal with Wayne Tech, and he pulled out. I lost everything, even my wife.” The last word was growled. “So, I’m here to do the same for him. Take everything. You, my friend, are an added bonus. I also get to take his lover for the one that I lost.”  With that, the man humped down against Dick’s hip, and Dick could feel the man’s erection through his pants. The guy was actually getting off on this, and Dick’s boxer-briefs weren’t providing much of a barrier.

Dick swallowed hard; this was looking worse and worse. He needed to move, and now. In a split second, Dick shot his knee up, trying to shift and maneuver the stranger’s weight, or to hurt him, whichever one took. The assailant let up just long enough for Dick to be able to move and get a wrist free. While the man fought for control again, Dick was able to get partly out from under him. But despite increasing his risk at being found out by using a couple more superior moves, Dick was unable to get the upper-hand, or get away.  This guy was good. He knew what he was doing. And being bigger and stronger than Dick wasn’t helping either.

A particularly strong punch to the cheek had Dick seeing stars. His assailant took the moment of opportunity, and Dick could feel himself shifted higher onto the bed. He hit out blindly, the world completely fuzzy, but his arm was caught and pinned above his head. At the sound of a metal click, a sound that Dick would’ve known in his sleep, he tried to jerk his arm away, but it was too late. The metal of a cuff bit into his wrist.

“No!” Dick growled, lashing out with his free hand and kicking. He felt a couple strong connections, but that didn’t slow the other guy down. His other arm was pulled up and quickly fastened in the other cuff. Dick pulled at the chain wildly, but his hands remained above his head. The cuffs had been linked through the headboard – he wasn’t going anywhere.

Blinking a couple times, he desperately tried to clear his vision and bring his breathing under control. Everything was still fuzzy; he could only make out shapes. Unfortunately, that included the one hovering over him. He could hear the man chuckling again. 

“Well, well, well. Someone’s taken some self-defence classes. I’m impressed; you almost got away a couple times there.” The man sounded genuinely intrigued. “You’re surprisingly strong and quick for such a little thing.” He said, running a hand up Dick’s thigh suggestively.

Dick seethed. He tried to kick out, but the man was straddling his knees.

“Easy, now,” the man tried to sooth, running both his hands up and down Dick’s thighs gently a couple times, as if trying to warm him up, before moving to pull down Dick’s boxer-briefs. Dick twisted this way and that, trying to prevent the man from undressing him, but it was no use. The man pulled Dick’s underwear down to just above his knees, allowing it to become a make-shift shackle. Dick flushed, closing his eyes. This was so not happening. When he felt the man’s hand on his penis, he couldn’t help but flinch. 

“Don’t,” Dick gritted out between clenched teeth. He opened his eyes again, this time his vision had improved slightly. While things were still a little hazy, he could make out more of the details of the man. It was still dark in the room, the storm still raging outside, so he couldn’t see everything, but he saw enough to piece together this man most likely had a military background. His crew cut hair and camo pants suited him easily. It would explain why he was so strong and skilled, and potentially how he got past the alarm system. 

The man handled Dick’s genitalia for a moment, squeezing painfully while rutting down into the thighs below him. Dick pursed his lips together to stop from crying out from the painful grip, instead leveraging on the cuffs to try to pull himself away. The man just moved with Dick until Dick’s head hit the top of the headboard.

“Try and relax, kid. This will be so much easier if you try and enjoy it.” The man said, leaning down and pressing his mouth to Dick’s. Dick thrashed his head away, only to have a fist full of his hair grabbed and his head yanked back. When the man tried to kiss him again, Dick bit him, resulting in a strong backhand across his face, strong enough to cut his lower lip.

“Feisty little thing, aren’t you?” the man said, amusement in his voice. “No wonder Bruce beds you.”

Dick glared at him through the onslaught of stars returning, not in a position to do much more. With another painful squeeze, the man let go of Dick’s package, causing Dick to let out a breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding. His relief was short lived though as the man moved off Dick’s legs only to rip his boxer-briefs off completely. With his legs freed up a bit, Dick unleashed a couple kicks, one successfully hitting the man in the side of the head. Again, nothing slowed this guy down. 

The stranger growled slightly, baring his teeth at Dick before grabbing his ankles. Dick wasn’t making it easy for him, but the man was able to wrestle his way to kneel between Dick’s thighs. Dread laced through Dick’s veins as the man reached down to undo his own pants, pushing them and his underwear past his thighs to pool at his knees. Dick continued to thrash, kick, pull, and turn, anything to stop this from happening. He knows the word “no” slipped from his lips more than once. The man had a bruising grip on his hips though, lifting Dick’s lower half off the mattress as if he was a rag doll.

“Stop it!” The man’s voice boomed throughout the room. “Stop it right now unless you want me to go find another member of the household for this.” That had Dick freezing on the spot. “Perhaps a young teenager? What’s his name again? Tim?”

Dick swallowed, but made no further attempts to hinder his assailant. “Don’t you even think about-”

“Then I suggest you settle the fuck down, and just take this like a man.” Apparently any amusement the guy had earlier with Dick’s feistiness was gone. Dick closed his eyes, turning his head towards the balcony doors so he wouldn’t have to watch his rapist’s face.

Dick heard the man spit a couple times, wincing at the thought of that being the only lube. He felt the man’s hold on him change. The large hands moved from his hips to his butt, kneading the flesh there before he felt his cheeks being pulled apart.

Dick evened out his breathing, taking deep controlled breaths. His eyes were still closed, so in his mind’s eye he tried to picture Bruce above him, not this stranger. When he felt the blunt tip of the man’s penis at his entrance, Dick took a deep breath, trying to will his body to relax. He knew the more he fought it, the worse, and potentially damaging, it would be.

“That’s it,” the man whispered as Dick relaxed, slowly starting to hump his hips forward into Dick. Dick bit back a groan, a pained frown marring his features. There wasn’t enough lube. He could feel skin pulling on skin. The man pulled Dick’s cheeks wider apart, thrusting even harder. When he was finally penetrated, Dick let out a choked off yelp, squeezing his eyes shut even tighter, pulling desperately on his cuffs. The bite of the cuffs helped mute the pain elsewhere.

The man above him moaned, forcing himself further and further in with little to no moisture. Dick felt swollen already, his entrance screaming from the brutality. 

“So tight,” the man moaned, pulling partially out before thrusting himself back in. Dick’s assailant started a steady rhythm, not enough lube to allow for deep thrusts, but enough friction to make it excruciatingly painful. Just breathe, Dick chanted in his mind, walking himself through the pain management techniques Bruce had taught him.

The man pulling out broke Dick’s focus though. A startled yelp fell from Dick as the man then flipped him over onto his knees. Again, he moved Dick easily, as if handling a man was nothing. Dick was now twisted over, facing down into a pillow, the chains of the cuffs clanking as they crossed. The man hoisted Dick’s hips up to the height he wanted before Dick heard him spitting again. All too soon, the blunt head was forcing him open again.

This time, the man took up a more forceful tempo, pounding into Dick so hard his head kept hitting the headboard despite fighting against it. Dick had trouble controlling his breathing this time, wincing at each push and pull, not being able to hold back a whimper on particularly hard thrusts.

“You sound so pretty,” the man murmured, grabbing a fist full of Dick’s hair and pulling his head back, forcing Dick to arch his body as far back as he could within the restraint of the cuffs. Dick held on to the headboard, counting time in his mind to prove that time hadn’t stopped, despite it feeling like it had. After what felt like an eternity, the man behind him gave a few sharp cries before stiffening. 

Satiated, the man shoved Dick’s head forward while letting go of his hair, then roughly pulled himself out of the young body. Dick felt the man shove his hips to the side and allowed himself to fall with the momentum. The vice on his chest eased slightly as his tormentor crawled off the bed. Dick laid on his side, evening out his breathing once again, trying to block out the feel of wetness running down his thigh.

“Now, that was something.” The man said, letting out a low whistle while pulling his pants back up. “We’re going to have to do that again.” Dick pressed his face further into the pillow at that, otherwise staying absolutely still. He could still smell Bruce on the pillowcase, making his heart twist in his chest. Bruce. God, how could Dick have let this happen? What would Bruce think?

“But first, let’s go see what the rest of the family is up to, shall we?”