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[Art] His Fate Will Be Unlearned

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He sat there on the cold concrete, sucking in quick, hard breaths, until the whir of gears told him Dummy was back online. “You,” he said, pointing a finger in the bot's direction, “are a pain in my ass.”

His grip was strong and firm and familiar. Tony shifted his bag higher on his back and wove his fingers into Steve's. “Are we really going to the Aquarium?”
“They've got penguins.”
“Is that a selling point?”
“Pretty sure it is.” Steve tugged on his hand, gently. “I used to love the sea.”
“So that means we gotta go watch penguins?” Tony asked.
“I think it does.”
Tony heaved a sigh, but he was smiling. “Okay. Let's go.”

She rolled over and bumped against his ankle. Steve watched her, his hands on his hips. “I still have no idea if you're trying to intimidate me when you do this. Because it's never worked. Have you noticed this, DJ? No matter how much you attack my feet or hide my shoes, I'm still not intimidated. Stop hiding my shoes, by the way, it's not funny,” he told her, even though that was a complete lie, it was hysterical. He could always tell when he had annoyed his little companion. He'd get up to find his shoes missing from his closet and be shoved in every available nook and cranny around the apartment. DJ dropped her cleaning cloth and grabbed hold of Steve's pant leg. She backed up, tugging on him in a very determined manner. Steve let her do it, just smiling down at her for a minute or so.