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Her fathers Hope

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The shining stars from above silence the world, even New Orleans, for the first time in her lifetime, was deadly quiet, the partying over. Hope tiptoes up the wooden stairs, trying to reduce the creek. She didn't want to face her dad, especially after what she learned about over the last few days. The corridor is silent except from the pitter patter of her feet as she rushes towards her room.No one is awake. The door is already open slightly so she slips through the gap. Once she reaches the other side,she lets out a long awaited sigh and flicks on the light. Hope jumped out of her skin as she saw a figure sitting in a chair facing her. If she didn't realize who it it was she would have screamed the house down. He has no smile on his face, his emotions unreadable, his eyes don't leave her face.
"Where were you?" He asks deeply.
She didn't know how to answer. She could tell him the truth and make him hate her or she could lie to save him from the truth. She took the latter.
"I went back to New York. I loved it there last time and I wanted a break. I wanted a break from the supernatural world." The whole time she looked him in the eyes knowing that would be the only way for him to believe her, she calmed her heart beat. Hope though the lie was pretty believable. Klaus had taken her there for her birthday and she loved it so much that she told him that she would go back some day.
Klaus stood up and walked towards her , so close their faces could almost touch.
"Well you'll have to tell us all about you trip at breakfast tomorrow. Freya wants to know all about it. Next time, you should take her, she's never been before." Hope nodded, telling herself to look more natural, don't panic. Klaus stepped past her, and exited without looking back. As soon as he did, you could hear the gulp of a scared girl.