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Lightwood-Bane Slices of Life

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Shrieking, high-pitched laughter coming from the living room woke Magnus with a start. Blinking his eyes against the early morning light filtering through the window, he calmed at the sound of deep chuckles in response to the earlier shrieks. Realizing that Alec had woken up with Max and let him sleep in, Magnus settled back against the pillows. Scrubbing a hand against his face, he couldn’t help but smile at the sounds coming down from the hall.

Deciding that being separated from his Alexander and Blueberry while they were having fun just would not do, Magnus slid out of bed and slipped on an oriental silk robe before joining his men in the living room. He paused in the living room doorway to take in the sight of Alec and Max playing one of their favorite games. Alec stood with his legs braced shoulder-width apart with Max balanced in his arms, one hand firmly place around the 1 ½ year old’s bottom and the other gently supporting his head and neck, as Alec bent at the waist and gave Max Eskimo kisses only to haul him up against his chest and bounce him around. Both the Shadowhunter and the blue skinned warlock had matching grins on their faces when Alec feigned a look of surprise before dipping Blueberry again. Once he was upright against Alec again, Max let out a happy giggle.

Catching sight of his Papa against the door, Max squealed in a burst of babbles and waving of arms as a good morning greeting. Alec glanced over from kissing Max’s temple, a sly grin forming on his lips at the sight of his boyfriend. “Hey,” Alec chuckled, “did we wake you?”

With a smile, Magnus pushed off the doorway to stand next to his boyfriend and son. He slid an arm around Alec’s waist, taking a moment to appreciate the sight of the shirtless man in faded, dark sweatpants. Allowing his eyes to trail up Alec’s rune covered chest, a wry smile matched Alec’s cocked eyebrow.

“No better way to wake up, Darling,” he said, tilting his face up for a kiss. Alec obliged him and shifted Max on his hip. “And good morning to you, too,” he added, turning to Max and tickling the toddler’s stomach. Max giggled before turning into Alec’s neck. With a grin, he remained snuggled against his Daddy’s neck, but made a grabby hand for his Papa.

“Are you flirting with your Papa?" Alec joked, jostling Max on his hip. He received another round of laughter and babbling chatter in response. Magnus leaned into Max to give him his own round of Eskimo kisses, delighting in the scrunched up face of his son. Alec smiled at the sight. When Magnus straightened back up, Alec nodded to the kitchen. “Coffee’s still fresh if you want some.”

With a pleased groan, Magnus pressed a kiss against his boyfriend’s cheek before making his way to the kitchen. “You’re an angel, Darling.”

“Only half,” Alec called back in retort as he made his way to the breakfast nook to get Max situated in his high chair. Magnus passed a pouch of puréed fruit from the fridge to Alec as he drank from his coffee cup and slid into the dining chair next to him. Alec twisted off the pouch’s cap and gave it to Max, allowing the toddler to feed himself. Alec moved to get his own coffee cup as Magnus made faces at Max, switching between glamoured and unglamoured eyes, causing the toddler to bang on his high chair at his Papa. Alec rolled his eyes at his boyfriend’s antics, but slung an arm around the back of Magnus’ chair, allowing his hand to settle on the back of his boyfriend’s neck.

Resting his chin in the palm of his hand, Magnus turned to Alec, eyes still flashing between glamoured and unglamoured, and wiggled his eyebrows at his boyfriend. Alec snorted into his coffee cup and shook his head in disbelief. Yep, Magnus thought, leaning back into Alec’s hand idly stroking at his neck, no better way to wake up.