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It All Started For Just Plus Points

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Exclaimed the whole classroom in complete shock.

Many were still screaming in panic, some were trying to object, and few were banging their fists on their tables to the point where the wood might break in half.

Why were they surprised, you ask? Once a year, the school would hold a program entitled "High School Night" where high school students get to spend a night in the school which includes raving, eating food, playing games, watching a band play on stage, fun stuff. It could get tiring but hey, not every school has this.

One particular part of the high school night gets students asking "So, who are you dancing with?"

Ah yes, the slow dance. It's in every high school night, where two people get to dance with each other under dim lights and calming music. It was okay since not everyone needed to participate in the slow dance.

Some could just watch as very young couples sway to the music. (And some could be shouting "WALANG FOREVER!" at the top of their lungs, hoping to catch the attention of some of the couples, warning them about the not-so-distant future.)

Except, a specific rule has been added to the high school night program. Every student in high school is REQUIRED to have a partner for the slow dance. Which resulted over reacting teenagers prattling around the room.

"PWEDE KAYO TUMAHIMIK, DIBA?!" Shouted Juan (si playboy, don juan. do not forget.) and the entire classroom laid back to their seats.

Aladin, a student with average grades but not so many friends, hears his seat mate mutter "Putangina, walang kwenta." While he can hear someone behind him curse "Bullshit!"

"I know you're all trying to object, but that's what the staff says!" The teacher shrugged her shoulders, also confused about the rule. "I'll be needing the names of your partners by next month-" "But what if we don't submit their names?" Interrupted Flerida, not even bothering to raise her hand.

The teacher looks back at her paper with the new student reputation and status and his grades in it. The teacher sighed and explained. "Tomorrow we'll have a new student and I want you all to be nice to him. He is new, so, I suggest some students who are nice enough to be his partner. By the way, plus five kayo kung magiging partner ninyo siya kasi bago palang siya dito."

The whole class perked up. 'That's stupid.' Aladin thought. 'The plus points could have been higher--'

"Miss ang konte naman!" Exclaimed another student clearly having the same thoughts as Aladin. Everyone else shouts in agreement.

In defeat, their adviser raises the points to having a plus ten in their next performance task which was making a story. Chapters and everything.

School went on as usual. Nothing new happened. Adolfo was being an asshole, their CLVE teacher Antenor gave them another lecture about how noisy they are... The only thing that didn't change is that this time their principal, Sr. Balagtas, didn't come in their class today to tell them about other teacher's complaints.

And the day ends, the halls were filled with teenagers wanting to go home, leaving only little amounts of students cleaning their classroom.

Aladin prays that this new mystery kid would be optimistic enough to survive the hell gate that is their classroom.