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Kara didn't get up the next morning. Mon-El wasn't nudged out of sleep by the feel of her weight rolling off the mattress, and he didn't paw clumsily at the warm pillow until he woke up enough to realise she was gone. His eyes peeled open to the sight of her shoulder and the tumble of her hair and he sleepily thought, Saturday, yesssssssss!

But it was Thursday, and it was almost 10:30, and her eyes were rimmed with red. "Kara?"

She glanced at him and tried to smile. "Hi," she said in a small voice, and his heart broke.

Rolling over onto his side, Mon-El tugged on the blanket till it was tucked thick under their chins. "Hey. You all right?"

Kara pushed her nose into the cotton. "I want to stay here a while."

"Okay." He shuffled around till he could wrap his arms under her back and around her middle, chin tucked into her neck. "If that's what you want, we can stay here all day."

Then she did smile, a little, and curled into him. "Thanks."

Her heartbeat was loud and slow in his ear, peaceful, and as the minutes ticked by (why did she have a ticking clock? They could hear every clock in the building) Mon-El let himself doze. Kara shifted a few times, made herself comfortable. Or not. She'd stay still for a few minutes, sometimes a lot of minutes, then twitch and push herself around on her elbows and fluff her pillow. Sometimes the elbows ended up in him. After a while he opened his eyes and squinted at her. "You're not all right."

She groaned and ducked into the pillow. "I'm sorry, I'm just..."

"You miss your job."

Her shoulders shuddered under his hands. Mon-El pulled her into a hug and smoothed her hair away from her face. Her eyes were welling up again, and her voice caught in her throat: "I really really loved that job."

"Hey, hey..." He cradled her jaw with both hands and leaned in to put them nose to nose. "You'll get another job. And you did the right thing publishing your blob."

And yeah, he knew now that wasn't the word, but it made her smile, distracted her for a second. Not long enough. "Alex had already found Cadmus. If I hadn't published it Lillian wouldn't have started the launch early, and–"

"You didn't know that then," said Mon-El. "You did the only thing you could to protect the people and I bet you'd do the same thing again. Hindsight is fifty-fifty, right?"

Suddenly she smiled, only for a second but she smiled, and he didn't know why. "Twenty-twenty," she corrected.

"Really?" He let his forehead crinkle theatrically. "Why?"

Kara opened her mouth, but the spark of humour faded again and she just shook her head. "Long story."

He'd ask Winn later. "Maybe this is a good thing. In the long run, I mean."

She levelled a flat look at him. "Losing my job is a good thing."

"No, no, I meant your blob. Look how many people you reached, human and alien. You reported a story to them, and they heard it. They reacted to it." He thought for a second. "Can blobbing be a job?"

Kara shrugged, rolling back to look up at the ceiling. "Sort of. Anyone can do it, but you only make money if you're famous and enough people read it, and I'm not going to get that overnight, if ever. I need to pay rent next week."

"Don't worry about the money, Kara, we'll figure it out," he said lightly. He settled back into his pillow, sliding a hand down to hold hers. She squeezed his fingers. "The bar pays me plenty; I can cover rent for now." He tried to keep how pleased he was with himself out of his voice. Probably didn't work.

She shook her head anyway. "Plenty for a barman, yeah. It won't be enough."

"Why, how much were you making?"

"...More than that."

"Huh," said Mon-El. "You know, on Daxam serving drinks was considered very prestigious."

For a split second she started rolling her eyes, then turned her head to hide it. Mon-El pretended not to notice. "Did you ever think about making it your career there?" she asked, looking back.

"...No." He bit his lip and rolled onto his side. "I think you should keep writing your blob. At least–" he pressed on as she opened her mouth "–until you get another reporter job. You need to do this, even if you're not being paid for it. It's who you are."

Kara looked away, around the room, at the sunny windows and their joined hands. Her lips were pressed tight and there was tension in her arm; he could feel it as it brushed against his. "Hey," he said, shuffling closer to stroke her cheek. "It'll be okay. Just think about it?"

She nodded slowly. "Okay."

"Great!" he said, and he said it with too much enthusiasm just to make her smile. Still a small smile, but better. He leaned up and kissed her. "So, I'm really getting hungry. So I'm going to go out super fast and get us coffee and donuts and... probably not pot stickers since I don't know anyone who's open right now." He winced. "Sorry. What else would help cheer you up?"

She shrugged, trying weakly to be perky about it. "I don't know. Surprise me."

"We could have sex in the bath again."

Her cheeks went red and finally, finally she giggled – a real, genuine laugh. "I don't think I've got the control to not break it right now. We barely avoided a flood last time."

"Oh well." He kissed her again, short and sweet, and hopped out of bed. "Be back in four minutes!" he promised, and took off running–

"Wait, Mon-El!"

He slid to a stop at the front door and super-sped back. "Yeah?"