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A Mother's Love

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27 April 5115

ISS Tintagel (Farpoint Station), Imperial Space


Dinner with her new family was full of laughter and tears, and Samara loved every minute of it.

When she would think back on that night, she would never remember what she actually ate.  It was all about the eight people around that table with her, sharing stories about themselves and the other members of the large Harkness-Jones clan.  Samara soaked it up like a sea sponge, revelling in the complete acceptance she was being given.

A part of her wanted to be cautious; after all, it had been her problems that had forced Jack away, and was expecting these wonderful people to decide to reject her for hurting him that way.  But she’d spent two weeks with Anwyn and Ianto, and knew them as well as she thought she could, and was certain there wasn’t a cruel bone in either of their bodies.  They would not have exposed her to anything that would hurt her.

If there was anything that really convinced her, it was how they trusted her with Rory.  The little dragon wasn’t even one standard year old yet, and would have been helpless against anyone with bad intentions.  His fathers were perfectly fine with her holding him, which she did at every opportunity.  Anwyn even teased her about monopolising him, and Samara had laughed and handed him over to his grandmother.

Samara also found herself gravitating toward Henry.  The man was intelligent and had a self-deprecating sense of humour, especially about how he resurrected after dying, commenting that it was really difficult finding an open body of water on the Moon, where he and Rowena lived.  Samara couldn’t imagine it herself; dying and then coming back to life.  She was aware that her Jamys was like that as well, and it broke her heart, but at the same time she was grateful that what had happened to her son had allowed him to find this sort of family.  His immortality had also brought him back to her…or it would, she hoped.

Dinner lasted late into station’s night cycle, and Rory was deeply asleep in Arthur’s arms by the time the party broke up.  “We should get this one to his bed,” he said.  Samara had noticed that he had a very precise way of speaking, and wondered if it had to do anything with his former life as a King on old Earth.  “This day has been a bit too much for him, I’m afraid.”

“How did you get here?” Anwyn inquired.  She was leaning against Rowena, a definite sign of sisterly affection.

“Phillip furnished a ship,” he answered.  “When Clint called and told us about today, we knew we wanted to be here, so Phillip had a Torchwood transport meet our cruiser and shuttle us here.”

“Misusing Torchwood resources?” Ianto teased.  “I’m not sure how I feel about that.”

Arthur rolled his eyes.  “It’s not like you and Grandfather haven’t done it yourself.”

“Phillip has been one of the instigators of our little plot,” Clint explained.  “When Tad went to him with the idea, it was really just to get background on you, so we could then feel you out about how you still felt about Dad.  But he really jumped into things feet first, and it was his plan to arrange a fake archaeological dig as a cover story for Tad leaving Earth for so long.  He also arranged for Rowena and Henry to get time off from University, the better to cement the cover story.”  He let a soppy expression cross his face.  “That’s my mate…always planning.”

That earned him an elbow in the ribs from Anwyn, who Samara knew was just as in love with her own mate, and had no room to talk.

“We’ll be getting a lift back to Earth with Clint and Nicole,” Merlin added.  “We’ll meet you all there.”

“Good thing I kept my own ship after I retired,” Clint quipped, adjusting what was a quiver – a quiver! – looped over his shoulder, bow hooked around it.  From what she’d learned about him, that had been his preferred weapon in his other life, and his expertise had carried over into this one.  “We’d never get home without it.”

“Unless Phillip arranged your transport as well,” Arthur snarked good-naturedly.

“There is that,” Clint agreed, causing the others to laugh.

Samara just basked in it all.  This was what family should be like, and she was loving it.

“We’ll be going with Anwyn,” Rowena said, “As much as I loved spending time here on Farpoint, it’s time to go home.”

“I have to agree,” Henry added.  “I do miss my own bed.”  He also had a strange way of speaking, with an accent that was almost like Ianto’s but slightly different.  He was also dressed a little differently, wearing a slightly anachronistic jacket and trousers, with a scarf about his neck.  Samara made note of the pattern and added it to the list of things she needed to knit for her family.  He also wore a waistcoat that even had a watch chain across his trim abdomen.

“I rather miss your bed too,” Rowena murmured. 

Henry blushed.  It was endearing.

“How long will it take us to get to Earth?” Samara asked.  Now that she’d met some of her family she was anxious to meet them all.

Especially her Jamys again.  Or, as she was getting used to thinking of him now, Jack.

“Seventeen more days,” Anwyn said.  She smiled.  “Not that long now.”

It felt like forever, to be honest, but Samara could wait.  It would just be hard to do it.