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Maybe Baby

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You had had a huge crush on your classmate Takashi Shirogane all through your Galaxy Garrison cadet training.  He was popular with many girls, although he seemed somewhat oblivious to their advances, so you had been too scared to ever confess to liking him.  You had been training as a pilot too but had always been ‘one of the lads’ so you figured he’d only ever see you as a guy.

You stayed friends post graduation and on some occasions you co-piloted together.  You moved in the same circles and often socialised together.  It was during one of these socials that you two had ended up spending the night together.  You had both had a bit too much to drink which had led to Shiro becoming quite touchy feely and your drunken mind reciprocated his flirting.

You had woken up awkwardly together the next morning in your bed and Shiro had apologised and more or less run away.  Things had been a little uncomfortable between the two of you ever since.  You still socialised together but Shiro avoided you as much as he could.  You were a little upset that things had turned out this way but you tried to act as normal as you could when with the guys to try and get things back to normal as soon as possible.

That was all well and good until you missed your period.  You panicked slightly and called one of your female friends, Mary, who talked you down over the phone before heading to the store to grab you a pregnancy test.  She sat with you whilst you waited to see whether the test was positive.  It was.

Mary insisted that you go and see your doctor so that you could get the proper care that you required and to give you options if you decided that you didn’t want to keep it.  The doctor told you that you were six weeks gone and sent you for an ultrasound.  Prior to the ultrasound you had been doing a very good job of talking yourself into terminating the pregnancy, you figured it would be for the best.  However, when you heard its heartbeat at your ultrasound your mind changed immediately.

You spent the following two weeks trying to find the way to tell Shiro about the baby.  You knew the timing wasn’t great, he was preparing to depart for his mission to Kerberos, but you felt that he had a right to know.  You didn’t necessarily want anything from him but you wanted him to know about the child so that he could choose to be a part of their life if he wanted to.

You managed to catch him in the cafeteria alone one afternoon a couple of days before he was to depart.  You nervously approached him, taking the seat opposite him.  He looked up to see who it was an immediately averted his gaze, a slight blush on his cheeks.

“Um… Shiro, can I talk to you for a moment?”

“I… um… actually I’ve got to go for some prep work before we depart for Kerberos…” Shiro stood up.  He genuinely looked apologetic at not having the time to listen to you.  He looked up at you and smiled, “but I promise we’ll talk when I get back, okay?  You’ll be my first port of call.”

“Right, okay,” you agreed.  It wasn’t ideal, he’d be gone around six months so you’d be almost at your due date but it was better than nothing, “I’ll look forward to it, Shiro.”

Of course… he never came back…


The paladins of Voltron were spending some well earnt time relaxing in the living area of the Altean Castle that they were currently residing in.  Shiro was dozing on the sofa whilst Pidge was playing on her computer and the other three were playing cards.  Shiro woke from his slumber with a start and looked towards Keith.  For a while now he had wanted to ask Keith something but hadn’t been able to find the right opportunity.  Today he decided he had to do it.

“Hey, Keith?” the younger paladin looked over at the sound of his name, “I don’t suppose you know how (y/n) is doing?  I’m surprised you weren’t staying with her after you left the garrison.”

“(y/n) (l/n)?” Lance interrupted, “she left the garrison didn’t she?  She had a baby.”

Keith was slightly frustrated with the blue paladin.  He had been waiting for Shiro to ask after (y/n) since they met up again and now Lance had gone and stolen his thunder.  Still, Keith had something that Lance didn’t have.

“Here,” he pulled an envelope out of his jacket pocket and handed it to Shiro.

Shiro opened the envelope to find pictures of you with a baby, a baby girl.  You looked happy enough and the baby looked healthy.  When Lance had said that you had had a child he had been worried that it meant that you had found someone and settled down but these pictures didn’t show any other men in them and even Shiro had to admit the baby held some resemblance to himself.

“I stayed with her for a bit,” Keith explained, “but she was working three jobs just to keep her and Chie afloat so I didn’t really think I could impose.  I’d been helping her out as and when I could but it’s not easy for her…  I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you who the father is.”

“Surely she should have my Garrison pension to help them live?”

Keith shook his head.

“Because you didn’t know about the child and you two weren’t married they refused to accept that the child was yours.  They claimed that there was no way of proving it so they refused to pay out.  (Y/n) didn’t ever want to claim.  It only came out that the child was yours because her friend let it slip.  She said that she had planned on telling you before you went but that you didn’t have time so she was going to tell you on your return.  She never believed that you were dead either.  That’s why she gave me the photos.  She was convinced that I would see you again before she did.”

“Wait, Shiro’s a dad?” Pirdge and Lance exclaimed at the same time.

Shiro looked down at the pictures in front of him.  The baby in the photo, Chie, would be at least a year old before he got to meet her.  He was going to miss so much of her development and he hadn’t been there to support you through any of it.  He put the pictures in his pocket and smiled to himself.

Now he had a greater reason to defeat the Galran Empire.  He had to return to you, to meet his daughter, and to tell you that he liked you, he always had liked you.  He couldn’t think of a better reason to return home than to be part of a family with you.