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Each chapter will have 3 parts, one following Regina , one following Emma, and a back-story in The Enchanted Forest


Chapter 1: T





`But if Gold has the magic, that means…'

`Henry is dying.`

Regina`s voice broke when she said her son's name. The name she had chosen for him because it had been the last thing –person- she had remembered loving, before her son had entered her life. She had had a plan, some scheme in which she wanted to use the boy, but she had long since forgotten. Somewhere in between sleepless nights and changing diapers, maybe even when she had first held the baby in her arms, he had gotten into her heart.

She had tried to fight it. The weakness. The weakness and the disappointment love brought. But when he had ran, when he had gone find the woman who was now opposite of her, her face wincing, her eyes mirroring the pain she felt, she had known she had lost the fight.

She loved him.

She loved him more than anything.

When Miss Swan had told her it was HIM who had eaten the apple-cobbler, a fierce feeling had raged through her. A feeling she associated with the hatred that fueled her, the pain she wanted to inflict on Snow White, for what she had done to her. Although she couldn`t be completely sure if that feeling had been directed at the Sheriff or herself.

But now, as the blonde took her hand, running, pulling her towards the hospital where Henry lay, something else washed over her. The immense sadness, that sensation of losing love she had felt when she had seen her mother crush the heart, she had taken out of Daniel`s chest.

The sight of him was devastating enough to make her stop in her tracks, is if halted by Magic. The pain the other woman cried out was the one she felt herself. Regina felt her legs give way, falling, leaning, desperately hanging on to the door post as if that made a difference.


She heard her whisper fall together with the Sheriff`svoice screaming the same. Heard her mutter: "But I`ve just found you."

And suddenly the knowledge came to her, from a place where she had stored it, more than 28 years ago.

Rumple hadn`t taught her, of course, he wouldn't want her to, ever, portray such weakness. It had been a Fairy, -that small blue nuisance of a Fairy- who had come to beg her to reconsider when she was preparing for the Dark Curse.

And now, this knowledge gave her power. A power she, now, could choose to use even knowing what the consequences would be. Because she loved. Because she had allowed love, back into her life -even if it had crept up on her-.

But it wasn`t really a choice. It wasn`t a dilemma, it wasn`t even a decision, because in order to make one, one would need an alternate choice. And the only alternate was not doing anything.

And THAT was, certainly, not an option.

Regina felt something flutter in her chest, something she hadn`t felt, or recognized, in a very long time. Her legs were no longer weak when she strode to the bed, and pushed the crying blonde to the side. For a moment her eyes locked with those of the other woman. Regina`s mouth went dry, when she saw the turquoise eyes change when she spoke the words. Demanding. Tender.

`Take care of our son.`

Regina awaited only Miss Swan`s stunned promise, before she placed her hand on Henry`s chest. Someone gasped, someone screamed, she was quite sure someone would be yelling soon that she was going to take his heart, when the words she wanted to be her last passed her lips, whispered into her son`s ear.

`I love you, Henry.'

Then… Her lips touched his forehead.

Inhaling sharply, she felt the wave of magic hit them, the warmth engulfed her like a rippling blanket before the cold invaded her nostrils. Detaching her lips from him, she kept taking in air, not allowing herself for one moment to exhale. She saw and felt the blackness invade her, as she took back the spell she had cast.

As she allowed remorse to fill her heart.

As she allowed Love to do so.

And Love had Magic. She smiled when she heard Henry`s rasping breathe, happy to know she wouldn`t die in vain.

Because nothing could reverse the curse she had taken back, the curse she now felt slowing down her heartbeat.

Nothing but true love`s kiss.

And her true love?

Would never kiss her again…




He woke up. Emma saw it, her brain registered it, but her heart, or her soul or her whatever, didn`t want to believe it. She had already let go. She had already thought all had been lost. But then she had felt Regina`s hand on top of her shoulder, and the shove to allow the Mayor –or should she say `The Queen`?- to be by her son`s side had not been a harsh one. Neither had the words that had been spoken. They had been spoken in begging. In a knowledge that Henry would wake up. In faith.

And then, he had.

She was clinging onto the boy as if he was a lifeline, and in a way he was. He was what had brought her back to life, after so many years of being alone, of being frozen. He was not only her connection to her life here in Storybrooke, but he was her connection to life in general. He meant the world to her.

And he had been right.

She was still trying to wrap her head around that one.

He had been right.

Her son had been cursed by an apple. She had just battled a dragon. Rumplestiltskin had just tied up the Evil Queen. And now Henry was waking up.

He held her too, she could feel him smile in the crook of her neck, she could feel her tears fall in his hair. She reached out, automatically, for another hand, a hand she expected to find close. Touching Henry. But she found nothing but a coldness that surrounded her heart.

She had had these moments in her life, when she just knew something bad was going to happen. She could simply feel it coming, approaching her. She, for crying out loud, just faced a dragon, but the feeling of impending doom she felt now, looking up, was stronger than one she had ever felt before today, and only comparable to the one she`d felt when she had thought she lost Henry.

When she saw it, again she felt as if her soul had trouble catching up with her senses. The unnatural paleness, the closed eyes, the absence of normal breathing that had only moments before enchanted her son, now were visible on Regina.

Henry, still slightly dazed, seemed to wake completely when he saw his adoptive mother`s state.

`What happened?`

It was dr. Whale who answered, who told the tale of how Regina had kissed him, how she had taken something away from him, how he had woken up. This allowed Emma to catch up, well, it allowed her mind to catch up… Or her body, she wasn't sure. She jumped from the bed, and leaned by the side of the woman who had saved her son. Who had saved THEIR son. At, obviously, great personal cost.

`What are you all standing there for? We have to help her!`

It took her some convincing to get the help she needed, the help she wanted Regina to receive. It seemed as if the town was reluctant to help her. Did they remember? Had the curse been broken? Her mind worked on full speed. She caught Henry`s eyes, searching hers, and now, he jumped out of bed too, the daze passing, the shock of seeing the only mother he had known for many years like this clearly visible on his young face. But when he spoke, when he asked the people who surrounded them for help, they listened, as if they too, woke from a sleeping spell.

She heard no one say anything about fairytales, magic or spells, however, and she was pretty sure the Dark Curse was still intact.

It took a surprising short while for them to get Regina in the bed Henry moments before had occupied. It also didn`t seem to take much time for Dr. Whale to examine the dark-haired woman and tell Emma the condition Regina was in had a striking resemblance to the one Henry just woke up from, although, for now, it seemed like she was just sleeping, deeply.

Just as she had known, fighting the dragon, that she had needed the sword, now she knew what she needed in order to get further. She looked at the son she had once given up and now could not imagine her life without. She looked at the woman who had taken care of that son for her, guarding over him, in the time that she had not been able to do so.

She had to do something.

And there was only one person who could help her figure out what.


Once upon a time in The Enchanted Forest;


`I`m worried about her, Rumple. There is just… She is just… Arghhh it`s frustrating! Look!'

Using her magic to explain what her words could not, Cora conjured a spell to show her ex-lover a scene of her daughter brushing her horse. She was beautiful, as the Dark One had known she would be, fairer than any maiden he had ever laid eyes on. But there was something about her that bothered him. Something he could not quite put his finger on.

The young woman laughed, and spoke to her steed in a gentle manner, brushing and stroking his manes until they shone. He could not hear all her words, and assumed Cora found those insignificant, or, maybe, just significant enough to keep them from him. She was cunning, she had been already when he had found her in that dungeon, and it was that, in combination with her pride and fierceness, had made him love her. Rumplestiltskin had just started to focus, completely, on the scene unfolding in front of him when the sounds became clearer.

The kindness in her voice and features, as she spoke to the young woman who had come to fetch her for dinner. The smile that lingered on her lips. The way even she moved her hands. He held his breath, not believing what he saw. But he could not deny it any longer when the girl had left Regina, once again, alone, and Cora`s daughter looked up.

Something in her eyes struck him, and he took a step back as he saw her smile, happily, longlingly, lean against the door to observe something. Or, more likely, someone.

As he turned to see the object of her attention, his eye fell on a young, strapping stable boy, collecting bales of hay. He turned again, in wonder, pondering the look in her eye. The look she was not supposed to have.

The look of love.

He waved his hand in the air angrily, dissolving the images that had surrounded them with his firm sweep, and started to pace.

'What have you been doing? She is not supposed to fall in love! Dearie, she is not even supposed to  know  love. Don`t you remember what the prophecy said?'

Referring to his own weakness, when he had loved her, when he had told her parts of the reason why he had sought her out, why he needed her daughter. He giggled, nervously, and tried to make his natural hand-gestures but found he was too upset to. He had thought he could not feel anymore, but the mere idea of losing the last chance to go to this other world and find his son left a big empty hole in the pit of his stomach. His disappointment overcame even his anger, and he sat, the leather of his gloves covering the golden skin of his face.

Her eyes started to glitter, and he immediately got up again. He knew her face, he knew it better than his own. He had watched her sleep so many times. This expression meant she had an idea. Or, even better, a plan.

`What is it, Dearie?`

`She is looking for love, so much… Let`s give it to her.`

He started to protest, but then he saw her eyes, the devious twinkle in them growing more profound every second. Their magic seemed to flow around them, envelope them, like a scent, like an emotion, and as he looked into her eyes, he saw her plan evolve in the black dot that was their center.

With the pupils, showing him, almost as a mirror of the mind, her brilliant idea, he started to laugh. The high-pitched sound merged together with the deeper tones Cora produced, and for a moment he felt his affection for her rise again.

He smiled and the gold flecks in his skin seemed to radiate their light even more as he nodded his agreement to the plan.