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[Podfic] Puppy Dog Tales

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Download mp3
Download m4b (Made by the lovely rivers_bend!)
Archived at the audiofic archive here

Reader's Notes:

So at the beginning of the year, I got really annoyed that there was a severe lack of One Direction podfic, and endeavored to start doing some in my horrible American accent. And then I got really busy with work and didn't have any time to edit anything. But now I'm back at school and in dire need of something to distract me from schoolwork, so podfic it is!
Thank you to the lovely and wonderful lazy_daze for letting me podfic her work. (And also for not being like, "Wow, didn't you ask to do this like, 6 months ago? WHERE IS MY PODFIC?" because she certainly could have.) Also thank you to sophie_448 for beta listening and telling me that British slang in an American accent wasn't the worst thing in the world. Love you both!