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Rhonda Gets Broke

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She used to be the toast of the town. The cloche de balle... that's bell of the ball to you unsophisticates. It was all so perfect. Everyone was her commoner and she was the firm but fair princess... no, queen... that ruled over them. Now she lived in a one bedroom apartment with barely a dollar to her family name.

Rhonda let out an exasperated and frustrated gasp as her hands fell on the store window glass. The new Nancy Spumoni ambiguous boots that work both during winter and summer months! Oh she had to have them... but she couldn't. Rhonda rested her face against the display, leaving hot trails of her breath against it. She pulled her face off, not wanting to damage her perfect nose by smooshing it up against something for too long. She still had something they didn't: Her charming good looks.

"Hello girly." An unknown voice called out. Rhonda wasn't sure if she should look and see, as she didn't want to commit a social faux pas in case it was meant for someone else. Slowly anchoring her head, she searched for a second. Her vision found no one. Rhonda ultimately sighed, and as she lowered her head, she found him standing in his dark aviators, she could tell he was staring her down regardless with hands in the pockets of his svelt suit.

It was Big Gino.

Rhonda placed a hand on her chest. "Moi?"

His face didn't crack. "Yeah you." He took a step forward, his head fell, face out of view and he came up again, as if getting into character. "Are you window shopping, Rhonda dear?"

Rhonda was caught and she tried to search for an excuse. "I... no. I just am imagining them and how they'd look on me before I'd buy them!" Rhonda lifted both her feet up to get a quick look. "Nope! I just don't think they're for me!" Hopefully her desperation wasn't that obvious.

He sucked in his lower lip. "Looks to me like it's a no brainer. Considering the way your shoes are in such disrepair and all."

Rhonda looked at a nonexistent watch on her arm. "Oh look it's time for me to go. I've got badminton classes to attend. Ciao!" She weakly waved and attempted to speed walk away from him as fast as she could.

He called out again. "You know there's a way a pretty girl like you could get those boots." She paused. Rhonda wished this was one of those amazing stories of a model or an actress being found in a shopping mall, but she knew Big Gino. He didn't have those kind of connections.

Actually... what did his family do again?

The boy flipped his hand out of from his pocket, producing a card. Oh. My. God. He did! He was a modelling agent after all! Rhonda always knew she'd be perfect as somebody famous, and this would be a great story to tell one day! Well... after cleaning up the details of her status. Her smile and attitude changed however when she actually got a look at what he presented her

It was a credit card.

"A cute goily like you outta look cuter in real clothes." Rhonda hesitantly took it and looked intently at it, then flipped it over. A pin number was written: 0451. Her eyes still locked, her head raised up, about to ask him what it meant, but she got it eventually. Before she could even ask anything else, she realised he was a lot closer to her than she had realised. He was quite sneaky, but it didn't matter. "Go on." He said with a flick of his head towards the shop. "Enjoy yo'self."

Rhonda nearly squealed, but took it with a 'thank you' in her usual regal compose - like she didn't owe anyone.


"Her hairs a mess but I can't argue with those boots a' hers." Said Stinky in his backwoods accent. Rhonda had struck a pose in front of her adoring public. Her new mink coat said it all, with its light brown swirls, and as the yokel mentioned, you indeed can't mess with those scrumptious new boots of hers. If only Arnold's shabby little place had the proper facilities she needed to get herself looking her best. Oh well. It had been a whirlwind of emotions these past days, but this was the first time she felt like her old self again hearing those "oohs" and "ahs" of the crowd.

"Rhonda... where did you get those?" That little wormy Arnold, always sticking his nose somewhere it didn't belong. "You didn't steal them did you?"

She scoffed, raising the volume of her voice. "How... dare you, accuse me, ME! Rhonda Wellington Lloyd - of thievery."

"So what are they?"

Rhonda turned up her lip at the boy. "They are gifts, Arnold. Ever heard of the concept?"

Before she could ignore Arnold and regale the plebes in what else she had indulged in - the diamond earrings, the 22k necklace - the bell rang. As they scuttled off, Rhonda knew Nadine would at least appreciate it, and hoped to find her, but that's when an olympic white limo pulled up, parking close to the school yard. The automatic window scrolled down, before a hand jutted out, waving her over. Rhonda could only imagine it was Gino, and maybe he had wanted her to play hookey for today, and while he might have been of... 'diminutive stature' to say the least, it was clear he had the makings of a blue blood. Rhonda thought of running over, but instead chose to keep him in suspense with nice slow strides.

Leaning over the side, her coat bunching up around her neck as Rhonda's eyes sparkled at the boy. "Oh Geni, I can't thank you enough for this, I could just die-"

"$4,000." Gino coolly stated without even looking at Rhonda. "That's how much you owe me."

She froze. "W-what are you talking about?" She tried to laugh it off as a joke, but it was starting to get harder to hide her disbelief at that moment in the wake of Gino's silence. "I thought that was a gift, Gino. Tell me you're joking."

"There's no such as a free lunch, capisce?" Rhonda had heard the door slams, but didn't think much of it until she had been flanked by two of Gino's heavies. "And call me Big Gino."

Normally he'd feel sorry for the former Miss Moneybags as his big palookas fastened her arms - but he was about engage in new business opportunities, as such, change was in order and while Gino liked the chocolate suckers... today... his brand was cherry.


Her knees were starting to hurt, having been forced against the cold concrete - her nipples like diamonds - the only warmth being from the cocks shoved in her mouth. With her eyes covered in a blindfold, her senses were on full alert; yet her imagined fears created vivid images of penises of all shapes and sizes in her mind.

As the next in line of one of Gino's goons took his place in front of her, grabbing the soft of the back of her weakened neck, Rhonda coughed with rough, spit covered whoops from deep in her throat as he shoved his hardness down her mouth.

"You're gonna have to learn to love this Rhonda -- cause you're gonna be doin' a lot more soon enough." Gino zoomed in on Rhonda with his video camera, as she gurgled and choked from the horny man's raping of her mouth.