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The Flowchart might have backfired

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The first time they kissed was on top of a floodlight overlooking an open air concert, their third date. They were sixteen and almost definitely misusing all the skills Master Splinter had taught them; but there was no way anyone would ever have let a bipedal mutated turtle into a concert even if they had bought tickets so really they’d just skipped the screaming and a few unnecessary bruises.


They’d also brought beer but Master Splinter did say you had to learn from your mistakes and you could hardly learn without making the mistakes first right? And it wasn’t as though either of them had known what it was going to taste like-


They’d both gagged on their drinks and April had laughed and they’d talked and listened to the music and gradually edged closer together. Somehow he’d ended up with his arm around her. She’d leaned into him and tilted her head up and it had just seemed so perfect and right and-


That was when they’d discovered that Donnie’s lips didn’t work that way.


He’d choked, April had lost her balance and half a six pack of truly awful beer had fallen down into the crowd below.