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A Lot of Red Leather and a Lot of Smoke

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Stiles looked up, pasting on a smile. “Yes, Mr. Queen?”

“Stiles, how many times have I told you that Oliver is fine,” Oliver said, smiling.

Oliver was really nice and Stiles felt momentarily guilty about the one-sided like-hate relationship he has with the man.

“Well, er, is there anything I can help you with, Mr… Oliver, er, sir?”

Oliver simply smiled. “Drinks for me and Derek, please? The usual pro–”

“Protein shake for you and Gatorade for Mr. Hale,” Stiles said. “I’ll get right on it, sir.”

Oliver smiled and seriously, what was up with him and smiling so much? It’s like the man was perpetually happy. Then again, if you were the heir to Queen Consolidated, one of the biggest companies in the world, you definitely have a lot of reasons to be happy. And they were all in the bank.

“Thank you.” Oliver walked back inside the gym.

Stiles had been working at the high-end HAO Gym for about half a year now as a member of their staff, along with being a part-time delivery boy for a burger joint. He much preferred this job though, because it was less stressful, he got to stay at the air-conditioned building, and he could ogle all the gorgeous people working out as he manned the front desk.

A few minutes later, he walked inside the gym with two drinks on hand and headed straight for the treadmills. The sound of laughter greeted him. Stiles sighed but he kept on a polite smile.

“Excuse me, sirs.”

They broke off the laughter and Stiles placed the drinks on the nearby table.

“Your protein shake, Mr. Queen,” Stiles said. “And here is your Gatorade, Mr. Hale.”

“Thanks, Stiles. And it’s Derek, not Mr. Hale.” Derek grinned and Stiles felt his heart stutter. Why was he so stupidly attractive?

Stiles nodded. “Um, I know you prefer the blue ones but we’re all out. It’s either pink or yellow. I hope pink is fine.”

“You remembered. Thanks.” Derek grinned.

Oliver suddenly laughed, slapping him on the arm. “Oh god, Der! Remember how you got Thea to drink the yellow one by accident when she was eleven and then she accidentally spat it right at Peter’s face after you told her it was…” He trailed off, snickering.

Derek chuckled, nudging his shoulder. “Thea didn’t talk to me for like a week. That was kind of horrible.”

Stiles sighed. Just Stiles’ luck that the one guy he was ridiculously attracted to already had an equally hot, rich, and insanely nice boyfriend. Stiles should really hate Oliver on principle if only the guy wasn’t so ridiculously nice to everybody, especially to Stiles who was Derek’s favorite among the staff.

Without a word, Stiles walked off, leaving the two lovebirds to whatever they were talking about.

“Stiles,” Derek called out.

“Yes, sir?” Stiles asked.

Derek pulled something out from his sports bag and tossed it at Stiles. It was a keychain of a kangaroo.

“Oh, neat!” Stiles couldn’t help grinning at the thing.

Derek grinned, looking pleased with himself. “Got it last week when I went to Australia on business.”

“So that’s why you weren’t…” Stiles trailed off. “So that’s why you… I mean, the two of you didn’t come in last week?”

Derek and Oliver usually came together. If one of them wasn’t available, the other one didn’t bother coming in. How was that for couple-y dedication?

If the presence of Oliver Queen wasn’t enough of a sign for Stiles to get over his mancrush on Derek, it was the fact that Derek was the successor of Hale Industries. That made him about a billion dollars out of Stiles’ league, not to mention the fact that he was also tall, dark, and ridiculously gorgeous in comparison to Stiles’ tall, lanky, not all that attractive self. At most, Stiles would probably call himself cute.

Derek looked at Stiles, a light in his eyes. “You noticed I was gone?”

“Of course. I always notice when you don’t come in.”

Derek looked pleased. Oliver was looking at them in interest.

Yes, Stiles said ‘you’. Just Derek and that does not include you, Oliver, you nice and stupidly good-looking man.

Stiles was going to go to hell for this.

Stiles smiled. “Thanks, Derek.”

As he walked off, he could hear them.

“You know, he always calls you Derek, but I’m still Mr. Queen.”

“He likes me better.”

“Oh, he likes you all right.”

Stiles flushed as he ducked out of the room. As much as he liked Derek to insane degrees, he had a feeling Oliver was getting wise to his attraction to him. Stiles was not about to be a homewrecker, especially between two billionaires who could probably buy his entire life out of existence.

Lydia was seated at the counter doing inventory when Stiles walked up. She raised an eyebrow at the keychain in his hand.

“What’d Derek get you this time?” she asked.

“Kangaroo keychain,” Stiles said as he fished his keys out of his pocket. It was the fifth keychain on there. He had an iguana, a snowman, a koala, and a bear. Back home, he had a few of Derek’s other gifts, like a picture frame, a snow globe, a postcard (no writing though), and lots more.

Lydia batted her eyelashes with a sigh. “I’m jealous. I wish I had a hunky billionaire giving me neat little trinkets.”

Stiles scoffed. “It’s just a souvenir. Derek and I are kind-of-friends.”

“Oh, sure, yeah.” Lydia rolled her eyes. “Because billionaires like Derek would totally spend time looking for cheesy souvenirs to give to some random staff member in his gym. Honey, if he’s giving you gifts, it means something.”

Stiles ignored her and continued on to work.

Later that afternoon, Stiles was on the phone when Derek and Oliver walked out, freshly showered and in their muscle tees and sweatpants, sports bag hanging from their shoulders. And they even had matching sports bags.

Derek approached Stiles at the counter, while Oliver talked to someone on the phone. Stiles motioned for him to wait and Derek nodded.

“Yes, ma’am,” Stiles said to the phone. He was already frustrated at this caller. “Well, ma’am, I can’t guarantee you losing that much weight if you only come in for an hour once a week for a month, ma’am. Er, with all due respect.” He ran a hand through his hair. Beside him, Derek was chuckling softly.

“Yes, ma’am. We have professional trainers for…” Stiles paused. “I’m pretty sure it’s against company policy for me to divulge their physical attributes and not their professional credentials. If you want, you can come in and we can coordinate a trainer for you that would fit your, um, preferences. Yes, thank you. Have a good day.”

Lydia laughed. “That’s like the third time, right?”

“The third time what?” Derek asked.

Lydia giggled. “This is the third time this week someone called asking about becoming a member, only to ask what our trainers look like and then decide not to bother just because Stiles refused to tell them who’s the hottest trainer we have.”

“And they’re suddenly not interested anymore when I invite them to get off their asses and come here in person,” Stiles scoffed. “Seriously. If they’re too lazy to get off the damn couch, then they really do need the exercise.”

Oliver walked up. “That’s mean, but kind of accurate.” He snickered.

“Sounds rough,” Derek commented. “Though I have to say kudos on you for not waxing poetic on Erica like everybody else.”

“And have her boyfriend Boyd kill me? I value my life,” Stiles said. “Erica’s the hottest, but she’s not my type.”

Lydia grinned. “Wrong gender?”

Derek and Oliver looked piqued at that. Stiles glared at Lydia, who merely grinned cheekily at him.

“Oh. And who is your type?” Oliver asked. “Isaac?”

“I love Isaac but he’s a puppy.” Stiles couldn’t help snickering, especially when Isaac once did try to flirt up Stiles during his first week here.

“Stiles prefers a wolf to a puppy,” Lydia commented, smirking.

Derek looked surprised and Stiles flushed.

“Interesting.” Oliver was grinning.

The door was pushed open and someone peeked in.

“Mr. Queen?”

“Diggle, there you are.” Oliver turned to Derek. “Come on, Derek. We’ll give you a ride.”

Derek nodded, though he looked like he was thinking about something. “See you next week, Stiles.”

“Sure, Derek,” Stiles said. Stiles waved at John, who returned a smile.

“Next week.” Oliver was grinning wide, for some reason. “Have a good afternoon.”

“You too, Mr. Queen.”

Oliver slung an arm around Derek’s shoulder, pulling him close and whispering something in his ear. Derek was looking embarrassed at whatever he was saying.

As soon as the two stepped out, Stiles hissed at Lydia, “That was so unprofessional! How could you say that in front of our clients?”

Lydia rolled her eyes. “You’re just freaked out because it’s Derek and Oliver. Stop being such a drama queen. It’s high time you do something about your massive crush on Derek. It’s bordering on pathetic.”

Stiles glared at her and walked off.

Stiles placed his helmet at the back of the counter and tossed his red leather jacket on his chair. He had just peeled off his leather gloves and tucked everything into his bag when Derek and Oliver walked in, deep in conversation.

“Good morning. You two are here early,” Stiles said.

The two abruptly stopped their conversation and Stiles noticed they both looked a bit ticked off.

“Um… are you two ok?” Stiles asked, looking at them curiously.

“Good morning, Stiles.” Oliver smiled pleasantly at Stiles. “If I may ask a favor, please tell Derek he’s being stupid and stubborn.”

Derek growled. “Stop it, Oliver. It’s none of your business.” He turned to Stiles. “Don’t listen to anything he has to say.”

Oliver glared at Derek and waved a hand, almost hitting Stiles. “Fine! Then stop beating around the bush and say something to him.”

Derek bared his teeth, kind of hot but also kind of menacing.

“Um…” Stiles looked at the both of them. This was the first time he’s seen Derek and Oliver fight. “I’m sorry, but can you please not have this fight in the middle of–”

Without a word, the two walked off in opposite directions.

Stiles watched them both leave.

This looked bad.

For the rest of the day, the dynamic duo went nowhere near each other. Everyone noticed the change and while some well-meaning gym friends tried to get them to talk, the two remained resolute and spent time in chilly silence. Their bad mood was putting a total damper on the usually easy aura around the gym. While part of Stiles was gleeful at the couple’s little disagreement, he didn’t really want things to go bad between them, especially because they were both making him crazy.

“Stiles, Gatorade,” Derek called out.

“Stiles, can I get a towel, please?” Oliver said.

“Um… sure, Mr. Queen, Mr. Hale,” Stiles scurried off.

“Stiles, treadmill.” Derek waved for him to come over.

“Stiles, can you help me set up the lift?” Oliver was also motioning for him.

“Um… I… well… of course, Mr. Queen, Mr. Hale,” Stiles said, running a hand through his hair.

Lydia let out a low whistle as Stiles threw a tray down on the counter and let out a deep sigh. “Wow. They’re certainly fighting over their favorite staff. I wonder who gets custody.”

“This is stupid! I’m not getting in the middle of their little couple’s spat,” Stiles growled. Lydia only laughed before disappearing off to the back room.

The door opened and Stiles pasted a smile on his face. “Good afternoon. How may we– Oh my god!”

There was a woman standing by the door, blonde hair tied into a ponytail and in a pink blouse and a black skirt. She was clutching her bag and her heels in one hand. One elbow was bleeding and so was her knee. She pushed her glasses higher up her nose, wincing as she stepped forward.

“Um… excuse me? Can I… um… Where’s the bathroom?”

“Oh my god! Are you ok?” Stiles walked over, kneeling down in front of her. “What happened?”

“Er… I’m fine, really. I just… ” She let out a laugh, embarrassed. “I kind of tripped… after I bumped against the, um… motorcycle out front.”

Stiles gaped. The motorcycle out front was his. Which was parked. And standing there. Where everybody else could see it. And walk around it like a normal person.

“…That’s mine.”

She blushed harder. “Oh my god. I am so, so, so, sorry. I didn’t mean to. I mean, of course I didn’t mean to. Who would mean to walk into a motorcycle? But I was distracted and I am so sorry and I’ll totally pay for any damages. I swear. My name’s Felicity Smoak. That’s S-M-O-A-K. You can totally have me arrested or something. Not that I want to get arrested, or I think you should have me arrested, but now you know my name just in case I run. Which I won’t. And I’m not planning to. I swear.”

Stiles swallowed a sigh. Oh god, his bike. He looked up at the woman, who was looking more and more frazzled by the moment.

“It’s all right. We’ll deal with that later,” Stiles said. He offered her his shoulder. “Come on. We have a first aid kit. Let’s get you cleaned up, Miss Smoak. And my name is Stiles.”

“Just Felicity, please. And I’m really sorry, Stiles,” Felicity said, hanging on to him as they hobbled over to grab a seat. “That was really not the way I pictured myself getting on a motorcycle. I always thought there’d be less injuries involved and more of like a guy in leather.”

Stiles couldn’t help the chuckle that came out as he grabbed the first aid kit behind the counter. “I totally agree.”

Felicity let out a high-pitched slightly nervous giggle. “Though in your case it would be probably a hot babe in biker gear.”

Stiles shook his head, amused. “No, I meant I completely agree with everything, though I already have my own leather jacket.”

“Oh,” Felicity said. He could see her trying to process that.

Stiles took out bandages, cotton, and a small bottle of rubbing alcohol. He grabbed his water bottle from the counter and soaked the cloth.

“Not that I mean anything by that!” Felicity suddenly exploded. “It’s totally cool. I mean, who am I to judge right? Love is love, no matter the gender. I’m Jewish by the way and I had a gay friend back in college, which shouldn’t mean anything, I know. But I’m like totally fine with it and you seem like a nice guy and… and… and I really need to stop babbling.” She took a deep breath. “3… 2… 1.”

Stiles laughed, leaning back on his heels. “It’s fine, Felicity.”

“I’m sorry,” Felicity mumbled, looking upset.

Stiles simply grinned. “It really is ok. I’m sad about my bike, but I know it was an accident.” He pointed at her knee. “May I?”

Felicity nodded, flushing. “You don’t have to, but thank you. Really.”

“Nah, I don’t mind. I’m used to getting banged up and bruised on a daily basis. I’m too uncoordinated even on my best days,” Stiles said as he cleaned up Felicity’s knees. They were both scratched up but her left knee was worse. He cleaned it up thoroughly.

“Sounds brutal,” Felicity said, hissing a little when Stiles applied rubbing alcohol. “I’m not usually this clumsy or anything – again, sorry about the bike – but I got a bit distracted on the way here.”

“So, who did you come to see?” Stiles asked as he leaned up and motioned to Felicity’s elbow. Felicity leaned towards him.

Felicity smiled. “Why? Don’t I look like a customer?”

Stiles chuckled as he cleaned up the blood. “For one thing, you’re not dressed for it. And second, I don’t think you need it.”

“Is that you complimenting my figure?” Felicity asked, gaping. “You’d be the first. Actually, not really, but you’re the first to do it in a not-lascivious way.”

Stiles raised an eyebrow. “Seriously?” When Felicity shrugged, he scoffed. “Clearly, some men are blind, stupid, and gross.”

“I think I love you.” Felicity laughed. Stiles grinned.

“So, again, who you here for?” Stiles asked as he put on a few band-aids on her. He chose some of the purple ones. It matched her blouse.

“Thanks. Ooh. I like purple,” Felicity said. “I’m here for Mr. –”


They were so shocked they both jumped up, Felicity accidentally stumbling against Stiles. Oliver was making his way towards them, looking furious as hell.

Oliver’s hands were on her in an instant, cupping her face and looking her in the eye. “Felicity! Are you ok? What happened to you?”

Oliver patted her down, from the shoulders to her arms, frowning at the band-aids. He placed his hand on her hips and glanced at her skinned knees.

Felicity pushed Oliver back, flushing so red Stiles thought she’d explode. “Oliver, I’m perfectly fine! I tripped, that’s all!”

“Tripped over what?” Oliver demanded, eyes narrowing as he continued looking over her body.

“Over… over…” Felicity huffed. “Over a motorcycle.”

Stiles snickered, not even stopping when Felicity glared at him.

Oliver looked at her in confusion. “A motorcycle?”

“Whatever, not a big deal,” Felicity said.

In all the months Stiles had known Oliver, he had never seen him this worried. Not even when Derek tripped over himself on the treadmill. Stiles had just gotten in that day, still in his red leather jacket and gloves and waved at them when he saw them running on the treadmill. Derek looked at him and next thing everyone knew he tripped and was thrown halfway across the room.

It looked so painful but kind of hilarious. Oliver had laughed so long and loud that he was gasping for breath at the end. Even now Stiles didn’t know what the hell made Derek trip.

Felicity grabbed her bag. “I’m here because I got the results of that thing you requested and the blueprints for that other thing you requested for that other thing you planned on doing tonight.”

“We can deal with that later,” Oliver said, pulling his phone out from his pocket.

“What’s going on? Felicity? What are you doing here?”

Stiles looked up to see Derek padding over to them. He looked between them. They knew each other?

“Felicity tripped over my bike,” Stiles explained.

Derek looked at her in concern. “Are you ok?”

“Hi, Mr. Hale,” Felicity sighed. “I’m fine. I swear.”

“Diggle’s on the way. Come on,” Oliver said, offering his shoulder. “Let’s go home so we can patch you up.”

“Stiles was doing a really good job of that,” Felicity said. “And I tripped, Oliver. I didn’t like, get shot or had my arm cut off or drown in a pool or anything that over the top. Chill out.” If anything, that just made Oliver’s demeanor darken but he smiled at Stiles.

“Thanks for looking after her, Stiles.”

“Not a problem, Mr. Queen,” Stiles said, grinning. “But Felicity’s fine. Just a few scratches.”

The door was opened and Diggle popped in. “Got your call. What’s up, Oliver?”

“Digg, Felicity’s hurt,” Oliver said. “She tripped over a motorcycle.”

“I’m not hurt!” Felicity stomped her foot and promptly winced. “Well, I’m a little hurt.”

Diggle looked concerned but amused. “Felicity, how do you trip over a motorcycle?”

“It just happened! I was on my tablet and it was there and we collided. Or like, you know, I collided against it.” Felicity floundered.

“You shouldn’t have been on your tablet while you were walking,” Derek said. He reared back when Felicity glared at him. Stiles snickered behind his hands.

“Anyway, I have made enough of a scene. Thanks for the help, Stiles. And sorry about your bike,” Felicity said as she grabbed her heels. “I swear I’ll pay–”

“I can pay for the damages, Stiles,” Oliver said.

Felicity glared at him. She started putting on her heels, Oliver holding her for support. “I can pay for it myself, Oliver. I know how insanely rich you are but I don’t–”

Everyone winced when the heel suddenly snapped.

“Oh, crackers.” Felicity groaned.

Stiles let out a snicker. He raised his hands in surrender when she glared at him. “I think my friend has an extra set of flip-flops. I can go borrow them for you.”

“No need,” Oliver said.

Stiles was shocked and Felicity suddenly let out a squeal when Oliver suddenly swept Felicity in his arms in a bridal carry.

“OLIVER!” Felicity shouted, tugging down her skirt. “PUT ME DOWN!”

“Isn’t that a bit too much, Oliver?” Diggle commented, though he was chuckling. He grabbed Felicity’s bag.

“Digg, my bag’s inside,” Oliver said. Diggle nodded and walked off. “Come on. I’m taking you home.” He didn’t even flinch as Felicity started pounding her fists at his chest.

“I am not a damsel in distress,” Felicity protested. “Stop acting like a caveman and put me down or I swear I will ruin your entire credit history, Oliver!”

Oliver was patient. “Felicity, your heels broke and you’re injured. This is faster. We don’t need to bother Stiles any longer.” He nodded at Stiles. “Thanks again, Stiles.”

Stiles was laughing to himself at the entire scene.

Felicity glared at him. “I retract my earlier statement. I don’t love you anymore, Stiles.”

“Oh, don’t be like that, Felicity. And like I said, you aren’t really my type, though you have a lovely figure,” Stiles said. Felicity cracked a small smile at that.

Oliver and Derek were looking at them in interest.

“I got your stuff, Oliver,” Diggle said. “I took yours as well, Mr. Hale. Will you be needing a ride?”

“Thanks, Diggle,” Derek said. He grabbed his bag from the man. “But no, I’m good. Ollie and I took my car in anyway.” Derek reached over, rubbing Oliver’s shoulder. “See you later, Ollie.”

“Let’s go. See you, Der,” Oliver said. The trio walked off, Felicity still protesting vehemently against being carried.

Stiles laughed. “I kind of love my job.”

Derek gave him a wry grin. “And here people thought working at a gym is boring.”

Stiles grinned. “Ah. Because they do not have clientele such as yourself and Mr. Queen… even if the two of them are being idiots and fighting over who knows what.”

Derek groaned. “Sorry about that. Ollie was just being stupid.”

“Just Mr. Queen?” Stiles said, raising an eyebrow.

Derek rubbed the back of his neck, sighing. “Fine, and me. We just… We rarely fight to be honest.”

That was kind of impressive, even though Stiles inwardly winced. Ahh, blissful couple life.

“Couples would kill for that kind of relationship,” Stiles commented, ignoring the little twist in his own heart. “What did you fight over? If I’m not being too nosy by asking.”

Derek tilted his head, confused. “I guess…” He then shrugged. “Oliver was just being pushy about something.” He frowned.

Stiles nudged him by the shoulder. “Ah, well, we all know you’re a stupidly stubborn, sourwolf. Oh, that’s all s-es.” He chuckled.


“Oh.” Stiles flushed. He and Lydia always called Derek that behind his back.

“It kinda fits.” Derek suddenly laughed. “Because I got you something.” He started fishing something out from his sports bag.

“Where did you go this time?” Stiles asked, curious. “I didn’t know you left.”

“I didn’t,” Derek said. He wrapped it in his hand. “I, er… Ollie helped me look for it.”


Derek pushed it into his hands. “I’ll… er, see you next week?”

Stiles nodded as Derek left. He looked at what Derek gave him.

It was a patch with a picture of a wolf on it.

Stiles wasn’t stupid. Derek gave him a wolf patch right after Lydia’s comment last week about his sexuality and wolves.

And Derek gave it to him.

But Oliver, Derek’s boyfriend, helped him look for it. So Oliver knew… but he was with… aren’t they…

Stiles was utterly confused.

Stiles walked inside the gym, his helmet tucked under one arm and in his red leather jacket and gloves. He was frowning at the wolf patch in his hand.

Since Derek gave it to him two days ago, he’s been contemplating what to do with it. He didn’t really want to think about why Derek gave it to him, with Oliver’s help to be specific. Stiles was tempted to patch it to his leather jacket, but Stiles wore his jacket all the time and that seemed a bit too… well.

Stiles sighed and pocketed the patch along with his keys. He had a few days to think about what the hell was going on with him and a guy who has a boyfriend but seems to be flirting with him through gifts and has now made a blatant declaration of… of… of something that definitely involved Stiles’ attraction to said guy.

Lydia had mentioned a threesome, and Stiles almost slapped her for it.

Maybe Stiles should just quit his job.

The door opened.

“Good morning. I’ll be with you in a sec– Oh, Felicity. Hi.”

Felicity walked in, her long hair down, and dressed in a black top and a white flared skirt with a poodle pattern. He could see the pink band-aid on her knees.

“Morning, Stiles.” She looked a little embarrassed but pleased to see him.

“You look very nice, and I see you changed the high heels.” Stiles motioned to the low ankle strap sandals on her feet.

“Ah, yes,” Felicity said. “So I can save myself some dollars on ruining those skyhighs and to avoid tripping on innocent motorcycles. Again, I am so, so sorry.”

“Good to know,” Stiles said. “And it’s ok. It’s not that banged up.”

“I’m still horribly embarrassed over it. And thank you, by the way, for patching me up and for all the compliments,” Felicity said, flushing a little as she adjusted her glasses. “You’re very sweet.”

Stiles laughed. “Thank you. So, what can I do for you? Mr. Queen and Derek aren’t scheduled to be here today.”

“I’m not here for Oliver,” she said, stepping forward. “I’m here for the bike. And I’m sorry I didn’t contact you earlier but Oliver was being stubborn about paying it for me. I know it’s my fault anyway and you were nice enough to patch me up and stuff, so I really want to make it up to you.”

“You don’t have to, Felicity. I checked it out and it’s just a scratch. My baby’s still fine.” He walked over to the counter to get ready. “We’ll treat it like a badge of honor. It’s not every day a beautiful girl falls all over my bike.”

Felicity smacked her lips, grinning. “Ah, but I bet you’d still prefer it if a hot guy in tight pants was the one who did the falling over?”

“Of course,” Stiles grinned as Felicity giggled. He liked Felicity. She was pretty, nice, sweet, and seemed to have the same sort of humor he did.

Stiles placed his helmet on the table when he noticed something sticking out from his letter tray. He pulled out the crisp white envelope with a looping ‘Stiles Stilinski – HAO Gym’ written on the back. He opened it.

“Holy crap!”

“What’s wrong?” Felicity asked.

It was a check of a ridiculous amount courtesy of… of Oliver Queen.

“Er, I am guessing this check is for the bike?” Stiles asked.

“What?” Felicity reached over, snatching the check from his hand. She gaped at it. “What amount is this? And why did he… I told him not to! Ooh, when I get my hands on him! He is so screwed!”

“Uh-uh. No way.” Stiles plucked the check and stashed it inside the envelope. “I don’t want to get in between you and Mr. Queen and your little spat but, Felicity, I can get a new bike for this cash. And not even second-hand. You can take it up with him but leave my check out of it.”

“You opportunist.” Felicity pouted.

Stiles snorted. “For this kind of money, fuck yeah.”

Felicity sighed and tapped her nails on the table, which Stiles noted were a rather nice purple shade with little white dots. They kind of look like the band-aids Stiles put on Felicity a few days ago.

“You should still let me make it up to you,” Felicity said.

Stiles smiled at her earnestness. “Well, I really think you should let it go, and besides we both have work. Shouldn’t you be at Mr. Queen’s office by now?”

“I’ve decided not to go. I’m rebelling,” Felicity said, shrugging.

“Against what?”

“Against Oliver, for being a total loser and going behind my back with this check and for being a caveman and carrying me off like a damsel in distress last time.” Felicity scoffed. “I appreciate the sentiment but I had imagined it would come with a declaration of love and roses before literally being swept off my feet.”

Stiles grinned. Oh. So that’s what this was about.

Stiles leaned back against the counter, trying to appear casual as he asked, “Doesn’t Mr. Queen have a girlfriend though… or boyfriend? I mean, I've seen all the tabloids.”

Felicity shook her head. “The billionaire playboy thing is just an act. Oliver’s a nice guy really, and no, he isn’t with anybody right now.”

Stiles felt his head spinning. Oliver is single?

“So, Derek is…”

“Oliver and Mr. Hale have been best friends for like ever. Mr. Hale drops by Queen Consolidated sometimes or Oliver spends a few hours over at Hale Industries. That’s how Mr. Hale and I know each other,” Felicity said. She then narrowed her eyes and looked at him. “And Mr. Hale is single, if you also want to know.”

“Hm, interesting,” Stiles said, narrowing his eyes back at her. “You’d think two attractive billionaire playboys like them would have women… men falling all over their feet.”

“Yeah.” Felicity nodded slowly.

There was silence.

“You totally have a thing for Derek Hale.”

“And you have the hots for Oliver Queen.”

They burst out laughing.

Stiles grinned. “Well, this is interesting.”

Felicity giggled. “Wow. What are the odds? And the two of us meeting?”

“I thought they were together though,” Stiles admitted. “I mean, they’re really close and they’re kind of really touchy and stuff.”

Felicity nodded. “You should see them in the office. They hug all the time, knock shoulders, touch one another, and stuff like that all the time. But I think they’re just really close. After Oliver came back from that five-year sabbatical trip he did, he and Derek haven’t been apart since. Hence the gym dates.”

“I asked though,” Stiles said, pouting. “I like dropped a lot of hints about them being a couple or being touchy and Derek didn’t say a thing.”

“Maybe Mr. Hale thought you were joking?” Felicity shrugged. “I’ve always thought he was a straight-laced kind of guy like you have to be blunt with him. I know Oliver’s like that. Maybe it goes with them being friends.” She pursed her lips. “Does Mr. Hale even know you like guys?”

Stiles ran a hand through his hair. “About two weeks ago, a friend of mine kind of spilled the beans about it.” He sighed. “But then again, Derek’s about a billion dollars out of my league.”

Felicity scoffed. “So am I, not with Derek of course, but you know.”

“You’re really hot though, Felicity,” Stiles said. “You’d think Oliver had eyes.”

Felicity smiled. “Thanks, Stiles, and I could say the same to you.”

Stiles looked at the desk. He bit his thumb nail.

“Why not?”

“Why not what?” Felicity asked.

“I’ll rebel with you,” Stiles said, grinning. “It’s early but I know some place that makes mean hash browns and blueberry pancakes. Join me.”

“Like on a date?” Felicity asked, slipping an arm through his. “Of course. And it’ll be my treat. Don’t complain.”

Stiles chuckled. “I would be honored to go on a date with a lovely woman such as yourself.”

Felicity giggled as Stiles grabbed his helmet and pulled out his keys from his pocket.

“Oh hey, you have a kangaroo keychain,” Felicity said as they walked out of the gym. “I’ve always wanted to go to Australia. I have this thing about kangaroos. More of a phobia, really. They wig me out. They look evil and I’m sure their picture’s up on like everything in that country.”

Stiles gaped. “But kangaroos are cute! See? This one even has a little joey in the pouch.” He dangled it in front of her face.

Felicity pushed his hands away with a grin. “You’re awful.”

“By the way, it's a good thing you knew I’m here today,” Stiles said, as he led her to his bike.

“I saw your schedule,” Felicity said, before pausing. “Er…”

Stiles was confused. “You saw my schedule? How?”

“Er, I may have accessed the gym’s website, saw their email, and checked their info on staff. And I’m, er, really, really good with computers?” Felicity waved a hand.

“Smart and attractive,” Stiles said, handing her the helmet. “Should I be freaked out about you ruining my virtual life?”

Felicity grinned. “Nope. You’re in luck because I like you.” Stiles laughed as he put down the footrest. He had given Lydia a few rides so he decided to splurge on putting in one so she could sit side saddle while wearing a skirt.

There was the sound of a phone ringing and Felicity paused.

“Wait, sorry. It’s probably Oliver.” She answered. “I don’t want to talk to you, Oliver.” She grinned at Stiles. “I have a date.”

She hung up and hopped on. Stiles laughed, driving off.

Next week came and when Derek and Oliver walked in, Stiles was at the front desk and was in a tight grey shirt, gloves, and boots.

“Good morning, Mr. Queen and Mr. Hale,” Stiles said. He noted that Derek was giving him a once-over.

Oliver was grinning. “Good morning, Stiles. Did you just get in?”

“Yep. And I’m on my way out actually.”

“You’re not staying?” Derek asked, surprised. “But you always stay.”

“Nope.” Stiles grinned. “Not today.”

The door opened.

“Stiles, I’m here! I told you I’m not going to be late.”

Oliver’s eyes widened. “Felicity?”

Felicity walked in wearing a denim jacket, black top, and jeans. Her hair was down and she wasn’t wearing her glasses.

“Hi Oliver. Hi Mr. Hale.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be at work?” Oliver asked. He looked down. “And you’re wearing jeans.”

“Of course I wear jeans, especially when I’m not working,” Felicity said. “Like today.”

“You look good, Felicity,” Stile said. “And yes, you’re not late this time.”

Felicity sighed. “I really was stuck in traffic last Saturday. Get over it, Stiles.”

“Last Saturday?” Derek looked at Stiles. “You two… Are you two dating?” Oliver jerked in surprise at that.

Stiles grabbed his red leather jacket and put it on. He could see the way Derek’s eyes completely zeroed in on the wolf patch stitched to the front.

“Well, nobody wants to go out with us so we decided to just go out with each other.” Stiles shrugged. He walked over to Felicity, offering an arm. “My treat this time?”

Felicity pursed her lips. “Sixth date, even number, so yep. It’s your turn.”

The two walked off, arm in arm and talking, leaving the two billionaires shocked and gaping at their backs.