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Acknowledgments, Dedication, ToC and Timelines

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Special thanks to those who have helped me make this project a reality, from those who line edited the drafts to those who helped with project development or who served as "test readers." I could not have done this without you!!!

(If you feel you should be here and you're not listed, please let me know... I have tried to list everyone, but it is possible that someone slipped my mind. It is not intentional!)

Since Behind the Gloves has been in the works for five years, some of the people listed below worked on the project long ago, and some more recently. Some folks advised from a distance, while others worked on it more substantively.  Thank you to everyone!

In alphabetical order:

Jaclyn Desiree Arceneaux
Marty Busse
Sueshep Daemark
Keith DeCandido
Terry Egan
Henry Finch
Ada Hoffmann
Micah and Laura Hollis-Symynkywicz
Sharone Horowit-Hendler
Suli and Fred Isaacs
Carter Meland
Leo X. Robertson
Mark Scheid
Bogi Takács
Scott Whitney

Behind the Gloves is an in-depth series exploring a different side of the Psi Corps from the one presented in canon. This collection of stories and essays presents readers with history, context, and slices of the lives of relatable protagonists covering 150 years of canon history, from the inception of laws that segregated telepaths through the aftermath of the Telepath War.

This project explores the origins and path of telepath "peoplehood" and quest for self-determination. Who are we? Who were we? How did we get here? What happened to us? And where are we going? Along the way, the project fills in gaps and answers questions that canon never fully or adequately addresses. Why was Dust developed, and by whom? What role did the Corps play in the Earth-Minbari War? How did EarthForce obtain hybrid Shadow ships? And what really happened in the Telepath War, anyway? Who, if anyone, really "won"?

At the end of the third book of the Psi Corps Trilogy (a 100% canon series according to JMS), Bester faces a war crimes trial in The Hague, and is convicted. This project stands as Bester's defense: legally, socially and historically. By providing readers with the "rest of the story," with a nuanced (and not "one-sided") presentation of facts and events, I demonstrate that canon is misleading, and the truth is not as it seems.

Readers who are interested in world-building may especially appreciate this project.

(I do not believe that knowledge of the canon books is necessary to understand this project, but it may be helpful.)

[A Table of Contents and recommended reading order will appear in this space as chapters are uploaded. Timelines will also appear here, separated as different "chapters."]