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Back to Reality.

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“Hey bitches! I’ve brought pizza!” Lindsey shouted as she walked through Eliza’s front door to be greeted with a sloppy kiss off Chewy - Marie’s French Mastiff.

“Hey there gorgeous! How’s my favourite?!”

“I’m alright thanks Linds” Eliza laughed knowing she was talking to Chewy.

The three of them had decided to have a catch up seeing how they had seen less of each other after the show they were all working on had finished with success. It had been a blast but the show had done what it could with the story line.
“Whoah! What the hell is that Marie??” Lindsey’s jaw nearly hitting the floor as she spotted the huge diamond on her ring finger.

“Oh yeah, Ricky finally popped the question” Marie replied, smitten as a kitten. Her and Ricky had been together since they had started working on the show together. It was pretty obvious because their on screen chemistry was just so real.

“So Eliza, what’s been going on with you?”

“Hmm.. Not much... I’ve been busy renovating this place really.” Eliza had settled in LA for a while instead of going back to Melbourne. “Have any of you heard from Alycia? I’ve been wanted to text her but I bet she’s busy with Fear the Walking Dead... I really do miss her!”

“Maybe a little too much” Lindsey teased. “Is it her or making out with her on set that you miss?”

“Shut up you! You know she’s not on my boat…”

Eliza got her phone out and starred at her screen. Her background was one of the goofy pictures they’d took while filming a certain scene from episode 7 season 3. She smiled and started typing out a message.

“Ooooh Alycia, I miss you sooo much! Come see me so I can smack the lips on youuuu.” Lindsey teased with a huge smirk on her face. Marie high fived her and the pair started giggling.

Eliza threw daggers at Lindsey, who loved teasing her - or anyone for that matter. She was too witty for her own good sometimes. She must have written out about 5 messages and backspacing them each time not knowing what to say or how to say it without her sounding needy or weird… Why is this such a problem Eliza thought to herself… Alycia was her friend, it shouldn’t be this difficult to text her but for some reason, she always got nervous and giddy talking to her.

“AND CUT! That’s a wrap people! Well done everyone!”
Everyone cheered and high fives went all around the room. Alycia had finally finished filming the last of Fear the Walking Dead, another chapter of her acting career closed.
She headed to her trailer for a well earned sit down and started thinking about what the next step for her would be. She thought about what a certain blonde was doing and an involuntary smile formed. She got to her trailer and went straight to her phone to find she had a text. Her smile grew bigger when she seen the name of who it was.

Eliza<3: Hey stranger! How’s it going? Just wondering how the filming was going?

Leashy: Hey you! It’s been crazy here but I’ve finally finished! I’m going to have so much free time now. Fancy a catch up soon?

Eliza suddenly started getting butterflies thinking about seeing her again after so long but she had such a big smile on her face.

“That’s a smile I haven’t seen for a while! Must be a certain green eyed Heda!” Marie said nudging Lindsey giving her eyebrows.

The blonde hadn’t even noticed the snide remark as she was racking her brains with how to reply. She went with a simple ‘Yeah sure! I’d love to!’ not wanting to look too keen.

Leashy: Great! I’ll call you tomorrow when I’m back in the city.

Eliza had already started thinking about what she should wear and like usual she was over thinking this far too much… She hadn’t seen her in the past year except twice over facetime. She kept asking why this gave her butterflies…