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Sylvester Stallone and his friends were at a meadow, doing their thing, he was looking at the moon, it was night.

" hey, Sylv.", a voice said, Stallone turn at the source of the voice and saw Jason Statham running to him.

Sylvester replied," what is it Statham"?
" I found a mysterious mansion", Statham answered, Sylv. Gave a confusion look at his friend.
Vin came and said," a mysterious mansion, were?"
The others stopped what they were doing.
Jason answered", come on follow me". He run were he came, some look at each other and follow their friend, were they came where Jason found the mansion, they look around.

" I sense something bad about this ", Ray Ray said, he look at the mansion.
Ian answered," well, that is one scary looking mansion".
" Agreed", Johnny said

Liam went to Sylv. And asked", do we go in"?
" seems we have too", Stallone answered

We found a mansion, in a mysterious forest, I sense something bad.I have a journal on me, but the secrets only I and Dolph knows.
" come on guys let's check it out", Jason said, and went to the mansion.
Sylvester yelled", JASON! Agh, come on! Guys!" He follow, and then us.

What will happen, to them in the Mansion, never enter a mansion, don't enter. Will they die or will they survived?