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Dear Mulan

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She was never like any other girls in her town. While other girls drive down the rich streets, Mulan watched from her window as she took off her patrol cap and army combat boots. She watched the girls laughed inside the convertible.

While most of them spend their money on bags, clothes, shoes. She was fighting for her country.

Mulan changed out of her camo army uniform into something much better, more refreshing. The sound of her dog barking got louder as Little Brother came into the room, "Little Brother!" She exclaimed, "How have you been? You probably don't go out the house much anymore after I left huh? Why don't we go outside for a walk"

Mulan tied a leash on Little Brother, who was barking with excitement, "Father, I'll be back, I'm just going to take Little Brother out for a walk" Before Mulan's father, Hua Zhou, could even reply she was already outside.

Aurora shut her car door loudly, she had just received a horrible pop quiz from her professor. Just when she thought her grade was finally getting better, the pop quiz could ruin it.

A small dog ran up to Aurora, who disturbed her thoughts, instantly relieving Aurora's stress away as she saw the tiny dog.

Aurora sat down for Little Brother to come to her, once Little Brother had reached her, something was off, she was wearing a leash and she knows that Mister Hua wouldn't leave the house just to take Little Brother for a walk, she was usually the one who takes care of Little Brother.

"Hey there, Little Brother. Did you run out today?" Aurora grabbed hold of the leash to make sure the little dog does not run away.

"Little Brother!" Mulan called as she approached the two figures, "there you are, you little rascal" Mulan took hold of his face trying to talk to him. "Thanks for-"

"It's no problem, Little Brother must've sensed me, that's why he came running" Aurora petted Little Brother's fur as the two ladies conversed.

"You know Little Brother?" Mulan asked the stranger across the street, two houses away.

"Yes, I usually take care of Little Brother when Mister Hua is gone. I'm guessing you're taking care of Little Brother right now?"

"I'm his owner"

Aurora stared at the unfamiliar woman, "Are you... Mulan Hua?"

"Yes I am. And you are?"

"Aurora." The two women stood up and greeted each other properly by shaking hands. "Mister Hua had told me about you, an Army woman"

"Really? He talked about me?" Mulan received the leash from Aurora as she wondered.

"Yes, he's very proud of you."

"Doesn't seem like it." Mulan mumbled but Aurora heard. Aurora frowned as their conversation got dull and awkward talking about her father. "I'll see you around Aurora, it was really nice meeting you"

Mulan entered the house planning on speaking to her father but she decided not to, she greeted him good afternoon, saying she's home.

"Dinner is ready in 5 minutes" Hua Zhou told her daughter as she ran up the stairs to her room

"Yes, father" Mulan replied back in Chinese, she changed out of her sweaty clothes after a nice walk/run with Little Brother.

In a few minutes, Mulan made her way downstairs. She saw her father making a nice preparation on the table, "Let me help, father"

"No, no, it's okay. I can do this" Mulan let her father be, she sat down at her usual side of the table and waited for her father to finish the nice table setting.

Mulan was used to not having a table setting, she was used to eating messily with the boys, few women. Mulan didn't mind, she was sure her father just wanted to make her a nice dinner with her father in exchange for a messy one with her military family.

"I made you favorites. Honey Walnut Shrimp, stir fried noodles with tofu, dumplings" Hua Zhou sat down the dishes one by one, more than just the two of them could eat. Hua Zhou set down a cup of rice in front of them.

"Wow, father, you shouldn't have had. This all looks very delicious" Mulan grabbed her chopsticks bring the bowl of rice near her, she didn't know where to start.

"I have not seen you in two years, I believe my daughter deserves a delicious meal for two weeks after eating military for for two years"

Mulan smiled at her father's graceful thoughts.

Throughout dinner, Mulan had told stories to her father of the places she had been and the extraordinary things that she had done during her time in the military. Her father nodded and smiled at her stories, he had no stories to offer so he remained silent the whole time. Thought it was awkward between them, she wasn't afraid to tell stories.

Mulan noticed that her stories wasn't very relating to her father, she changed the subject quickly, "I noticed you garden is looking very well"

"Indeed, the blossoms I expected to bloom today have not bloomed yet though. I wanted you to see them bloom"

"It's fine, I'm sure I'll see them bloom before I leave again" Mulan smiled at her father who had finally related a story with him.

"I met a girl named Aurora today" Mulan ate the dumplings in front of her as she spoke.

"Did you? Very nice girl, helps me around the house and good company when she in not busy. Would you like me to invite her tomorrow for dinner?"


Right after eating, Mulan washed the plates, she saw her father open the backyard door, she already knows what he's going to do, go around his garden, make sure everything is in place.

Mulan retired in her room that night.

Aurora drove down the street , taking a right turn to enter the street her house is on. She saw a girl jogging with her music on, she slowed down the car right next to Mulan.

Mulan stopped and took off her earphone, she was breathing hard because of her run. "Hey there Army woman, how's the run?"

"Good. I'm just finishing up, you coming over later tonight?" Mulan placed her hands on her hips steadying her breathing.

"Yup, I'm just going to finish homework then I'll be there around 7:30?"

"Sounds perfect"